Sunday, January 24, 2021

The home of Trump's new party. Plus: Is Q into kiddie porn?

Donald Trump has started a new political party -- the Patriot Party. The good news is that he plans to run candidates to challenge Republicans Trump considers his enemies. The bad news is that some of these "Patriots" may win. 
The immediate purpose of the party seems to be to put pressure on Republican senators who may be considering voting against Trump in his upcoming impeachment trial. He is also planning to run again
The listed headquarters of the Patriot Party is 4004 Rosedale Place, Grovetown, GA. Google Street View gives us a chance to see what Trumpism Central looks like.
Nice place! I'm being quite sincere when I say this: This is the only Trump "home" I've seen that looks like the person who lives there has good taste. If Donnie had had a hand in the decor, there would be golden Solomonic columns flanking the garage door and a fake "Renoir" hanging in the living room. 
The Quest for Q: Late as I am to the party, I've become fascinated by the search for the origins of Q.  Until now, I've been hesitant to get into the weeds. Doing so requires an immersion in the culture of the image boards, or "the chans,"  and that prospect always seemed icky.

For now, let us pause to savor an irony: Q -- the alleged anti-pedophile crusader -- became famous via 4chan and 8chan, boards which have offered a home to pedophiles around the world (although 4chan now has a zero tolerance policey). See here and here and here. Jim Watkins -- the man whom many believe to be Q -- may be the best friend pedophiles ever had

But that irony may have a darker, deeper layer: Mother Jones has uncovered that Jim Watkins, the owner of 8chan and its successor site, 8kun, controls a company that hosted scores of domains whose names suggest they are connected to child pornography.

While Mother Jones did not visit the domains because of strict laws related to viewing child sex abuse material, internet registration and hosting data suggest at a minimum that Watkins profited from domains with names explicitly related to pedophilia—the very thing that QAnon followers say that they’re motivated to end. The domains’ names include terms such as “preteen,” “schoolgirl,” and “child” alongside graphic terms for genitalia and words like “rape” and “love.” It’s unclear what, if anything, is currently being served at the domains. However, an analysis of metadata collected years ago from one by shows dozens of filenames and links containing highly suggestive terms, including “xxxpreteen,” “children,” and sexual references to girls aged 12 to 15. 

Some of the domains date back to the late 1990s and may no longer be active, while others currently resolve to IP addresses controlled by Watkins’ company, N.T. Technology, according to records compiled by Farsight Security, a cybersecurity company that archives historical routing data detailing relationships among domain names, IP addresses, name servers, and other digital assets.

One domain created in 1998 and hosted by N.T. Technology, which bills itself as “a powerhouse in the internet world, [s]upporting some of the largest sites on Earth,” lists Watkins as its administrator and names a separate holding company he owns, Is It Wet Yet Inc., as the administration organization. According to historical domain and web archive records, the domain has, over the years, been associated with dozens of subdomains—more specific and focused offshoots of the main domain—whose names combine terms like “preteen,” “kidnap,” and “rape.” They include a comprehensive system of subdomains referencing age ranges as young as 10. When asked about the specific domain, Watkins said “I have really no idea about” it.
Beyond owning the company that hosted them, Watkins said he has no direct link to any of the domains, despite his companies’ email and his name showing up on registrations for several of them. There’s probably 30 or 40,000 domain names associated with my name. Very few of them I have had anything to do with,” he said. Watkins speculated that he “would have been arrested long ago,” if he were involved in distributing child porn. 
Right now, Watkins seems to be our strongest Q candidate. That said, I'm not among those willing to make the simplistic statement that Q and Watkins are one and the same.
Let's put it this way: It's fair to state that there is more than person behind the Q phenomenon, and that Watkins is undoubtedly one of those persons. Although I doubt that he has authored most of the actual Q drops, he may be most important person playing a behind-the-scenes role in the propagation of that mythos. We may compare him to David O. Selznick, who neither wrote nor directed Gone With the Wind; nevertheless, everyone refers to GWTW as a Selznick film.
Watkins is a very odd duck. Like Trump, he is one of those "poor impulse control" fellows who sometimes says more than he should. His reference to being arrested may tell us more than he intended. Speaking generally, it seems to me that a "radical free speech" advocate facing a possible kiddie porn charge could be manipulated by an intelligence agency, or by a faction thereof. Or maybe by some other parapolitical actor.
Just sayin'.
Allow me to do a little free association. There's another Trumpworld personality associated with the exploitation of children: Lebanese-American political fixer George Nader. Wonder if he and the Watkins family ever crossed paths? 
It's odd that Trumpworld has such obvious overlaps with the pedophile demimonde. Yet Trump supporters accuse everyone else of being child abusers.
Although Watkinis has strong links to Japan -- and, it is said, to the Japanese far right -- the Watkins "empire" is located in the Philippines. I read Sterling Seagrave's The Marcos Dynasty a long, long time ago, so my memory is imperfect -- but as I recall, that book portrays the Philippines as a cesspool of child sexual exploitation. Maybe a reader can tell me if the situation has improved.
I'm honestly not sure where this investigative trail will lead. But if the Q folk can engage if wild conspiracy fantasias, we are justified in subjecting them to a reasonable degree of conspiracy research.


Anonymous said...

This has already been mentioned before here but is worth mentioning again, since this post omits it completely. Coleman Rogers, a 4Chan administrator (or moderator? Past or present? You tell me), was seen signing into a Q's 4Chan account during a Patriot's Soapbox livestream. The feed was cut upon realizing this faux pas.


A. Coleman Rogers is Q, period. If this is the case, federal authorities ("Hello FBI, are you reading this? Are you listening? Do your fuckin' job.") should raid whatever domicile Mr. Rogers lives at, arrest him and the federal Attorney General should pursue a life sentence (without the possibility of parole) on treason, sedition, conspiracy and terrorism charges. It really is that fucking simple

B. If Coleman Rogers is not "Q", then "Q" is not one individual but a group of conspirators. If this is the case, Coleman Rogers is still a terrorist and the federal authorities should act as in option A.

In either case, Coleman Rogers needs to be jailed for life. The guy is a goddamn terrorist and is responsible for every incident re: PizzaGate & QAnon. Be it the Hoover Dam incident or the Capitol Siege.

My question is, why are law enforcement agencies doing fuck all about it?

joseph said...

Trump wants to start the Patriot Party because there is money in it for him. Money raised doesn't have to be shared with the Republican Party.

Joseph Cannon said...
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Joseph Cannon said...

Well, I have to admit that I've not yet researched Mr. Rogers as I should, and thus I have no idea if he has done anything to justify talk of jail. I must remind our anonymous commenter that I have to be careful when it comes to making accusations.

That said, the Rogers research trail is one that needs to be explored thoroughly.

Anonymous said...

I would be very surprised if Putin did not have a hand in making the Q pie.

And if he did not, I am sure he'd be jealous of the idea.

Anonymous said...

Joe & Cannonfire readers,

Check out this new short documentary from Vice News:

Vice is searching for "Q". Whether Q is one person or a cabal of conspirators, he/they pose the greatest security risk to the United States today. The People's Republic, under the leadership of the Chinese Communist Party, or the Russian Federation, under the control of the Putinist-Chekist regime, cannot fell the United States. However, America can destroy itself. The Q-cult (or "Trump cult", some of who believe Donald Trump is the reincarnation of Jesus Christ), if it makes up even as much as 5% of the total US population, could rip America apart and cause an internal collapse.

Chairman Xi Jinping (who, I will note, is more powerful than Mao was at the pinnacle of power) has told veteran marshals that sit on the CMC (Central Military Commission - the institution that the Communist Party uses to control the PLA, Police, Militia, and other security forces) that, "We don't need to worry about America. America will take care of itself [ie. collapse internally]."

The Q-cult, Trump-cult, Proud Boys, Boogaloo Boys, Sovereign Citizens, etc. are exactly the phenomena that could collapse our way of live and overthrow the government.

They are an existential threat. That is why I say Jim Watkins, Ron Watkins, Coleman Rogers or whoever the hell Q is, deserves to life imprisonment without the remotest possibility of ever being paroled.

President Biden and the so called "radical centrist" bureaucratic, careerist class are not equipped to deal with these threats.

Gus said...

fred said...

As Anon@5.11 has noted, the enemy has not been defeated. Ex-Republican Steve Schmidt says a number of GOP state parties have officially been turned over to the Q Party.

Anonymous said...

I don't get why the question is always "Who is Q?" Not to single you out, it's pretty ubiquitous. Why isn't it clear that Q is a fictional persona? It's Deep Throat, it's the Cigarette Smoking Man. It's a stock character.

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gavan said...

New evidence -- the Jan 5 meeting at Trump's Hotel private residence. This is the insurrection planning committee.