Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Trump's doctor: Kompromat? Character flaw? Or...what?

Many have posited that Team Trump uses kompromat to enforce compliance. One particularly suspicious situation occurred when Rear Admiral Ronny Jackson offered a demonstrably false report on Donald Trump's health. As noted in that earlier post, Jackson spewed the kind of adjectives and superlatives that Trump himself favors. Odd, isn't it? All of of Trump's doctors tend to forget how to use medical-ese.
No other doctors write in that INCREDIBLE and TREMENDOUS fashion.

Jackson says that Trump is 6'3" even though he does not appear to be as tall as Barack Obama, who is 6'1".
That earlier post offers conclusive photographic evidence that Jackson lied about Trump's weight. I honestly believe that there is no "wriggle room" here. Jackson fibbed.
Jackson's lie ties in with a larger issue. Why did Lindsay Graham change his tune? Why do previously anti-Trump Republicans now defend him so assiduously? Why did those Republican senators morph their memories of the "shithole" remark -- but only after it became clear that the comment would hurt Trump more than it would help him?

Welcome to kompromat country.
We now learn that Admiral Jackson -- by all reports, an affable and intelligent fellow -- may not become the head of the Veteran's Administration due to some as-yet unspecified sins in his past:
Committee members have been told about allegations related to improper conduct in various stages of his career, two sources said.
None of the senators would publicly detail the specifics of the allegations. A White House spokesman did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Two Republican sources with direct knowledge of the situation say the White House is aware that both Democratic and Republican lawmakers are looking into potential problems.
CBS published a story about improperly-dispensed medications, alcohol use and a "hostile work environment." The first of these accusations seems very serious. Of course, we must never ignore the possibility that the Trumpers have spread a false story about Jackson, with the ultimate goal of making Democrats look bad.

Here is an interesting question: Just how did Jackson's skeletons become de-closeted?

Remember, the great goal here is the privatization of the VA -- a move opposed by many, and not just by liberals.
Here is an interesting question: Just how did Jackson's skeletons become de-closeted?

That's not only an interesting question, it's the only question. I think you're onto something, Joe. The power behind the Trump throne want/demand/are hell bent to privatize the VA. Anyone standing in the way will be removed. Possible that the Trumpster released this information himself. The good doctor has served his purpose with the idiotic health report, so there's no reason not to kick him to the curb, particularly since he publicly said he was not in favor of privatization.

The thing that mystifies me? From what I've read the man served three presidents. If these stories are 100% accurate, why weren't they reported earlier? Or is there something else we have yet to hear about?

This seems to suggest that it has to do with some kind of a power struggle going back to at least 2012:


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