Monday, April 23, 2018

This censored video exposes a vile Alex Jones lie

As most of you know, a couple of Sandy Hook parents have finally decided to sue Alex Jones, the despicable lout who spread the theory that the massacre was a massive fake involving "crisis actors." Jones now pretends that he never said such a thing. In response, Media Matters created a video compilation which demonstrates Jones' actual record.

Oddly, the Media Matters video was removed from YouTube, on the grounds that the presentation violated community guidelines. Meanwhile, there has been no censorship of AJ's own productions.

After an outcry, the Media Matters expose was reinstated. I've embedded the video above.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: The best way to handle creatures like Alex Jones comes down to three words -- SUE TO KILL.

The neo-fascist right depends on conspiracy theory. I know something about the conspiracy buff mindset, having studied the subculture closely throughout the 1990s. In that world, there is constant pressure to produce ever-more-outlandish narratives. The buffs despise anyone who moderates a wild claim with qualifiers like if and perhaps or the dreaded I could be wrong. As a result, everyone in that milieu is continually engaged in a game of "Can you top this?"

Fear-junkies are like heroin junkies: They demand an ever-stronger fix.

If you want to defeat the right, focus on their great weakness: Their addiction to the extremes. This addiction often compels them to commit libel -- to make statements that are legally actionable.

Not only that. Most right-wing conspiracy buffs have an overwhelming fear of losing face. Their egomania prevents them from ever admitting that they might be wrong -- about anything. Thus, the right-wing conspiracy buffs are constitutionally incapable of moderating their views, or demanding that their fellow buffs recognize higher standards of evidence, or considering alternative points of view, or offering a simple "I'm sorry." (If Alex Jones could say those words without prodding from lawyers, he'd be in a lot less trouble today.)

This hyper-macho attitude (which is actually the result of deep insecurity) means that the buffs will never stop lying. They will always double down on their slanders and libels, even when doing so insures self-destruction.

We should use that psychological defect against them. So: Sue to kill. SUE TO KILL.
If there is anything we learned from 2016 the hight road is a wast of time. People don't loath cowards, and that what democrats came across as. I hope they learned their lesson. One more thing the only person who heard Hillary's deplorable comment and took as she was talking about him/her, probably bc the shoe fit. So please democrats stop adding that to Hillary's imagery sins.
The answer is people canceling their Facebook and Google Accounts but Americans are addicted to their 15 minutes of Warhol.
people do loath cowards. sorry
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