Tuesday, April 24, 2018

A mystery -- and my red face (updated)

Here's an interesting tweet. While at National Airport, the fellow who tweeted that particular tweet ran into -- and photographed -- John Bolton.
He pulled out two phones and proceeded to loudly talk about how they all needed to be on the same page,Jay and he and Rudy. He didn’t even try to talk quietly
As often happens, the responses to this tweet discuss everything but the most important question: Why would John Bolton need to be "on the same page" as Trump's lawyers? Why would the National Security Adviser be linked up with the effort to protect Trump from the Mueller and Cohen probes?

The more I try to puzzle out that poser, the less I like it.

My red face: As a reader just pointed out, the mustachioed personage in question is obviously Ty Cobb, not Bolton. I glanced at the pic, saw a grey mustache, and -- without looking twice -- made a giant leap to a foolish conclusion.

(Y'see, whenever I think of Cobb, my mind flashes to this widely-reproduced image, in which he sports a beard. He should go back to that look. The Bolton 'stache is much more mundane than the Cobb handlebar, so I really have no excuse for the confusion.)

My first instinct was to delete this post. But, having recently castigated Alex Jones for his refusal to apologize for anything, I feel obligated to wear my egg facial out in public for all to see. I bow humbly to the audience and beg forgiveness.

Liberals can do that. We are not haunted by the fear that an apology shrinks penis size.

That said, we've heard many times that Cobb is the White House lawyer, not Trump's personal attorney. Cobb is supposed to protect the institution, not the man. So the "same page" remark is still irksome.
I do believe that's Ty Cobb, not John Bolton. And it would make absolute sense for him to, uh, collude with Sekulow and Giuliani.
I agree with the first sentence of Anonymous's comment but disagree with the second. The White House counsel's office does not, repeat does not, represent any particular person but rather the institution. If you and I are paying this guy through our taxes, which we are, he does not represent the private interests of any person. Thus, I do not think that he and any private person's personal lawyers would necessarily be on the same page, and there may indeed be issues about whether such discussions would be proper or privileged, depending on their content.
Of course he didn't talk quietly. No asshole who pulls out a cell phone in an airport to make an actual phone call ever talks quietly. (And he always sits within 6 feet of me.)
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