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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Rear Admiral Ronny Jackson, YOU ARE A PROVEN LIAR

Admiral Jackson wrote a report on Trump's health that was definitely not written in medical-ese. It reads as though Trump himself wrote it. The adjectives and the superlatives are surefire indicators of Trump's style.

Odd isn't it? All of Trump's doctors seem to write that way -- but only when writing about Trump. No other doctors write in that INCREDIBLE and TREMENDOUS fashion.

Jackson says that Trump is 6'3" even though he does not appear to be as tall as Barack Obama, who is 6'1".

And the reported weight of 239 pounds is ridiculous. Sports Illustrated has offered conclusive photographic proof that Jackson has signed his name to a lie.

Everyone knows that Trump got out of Vietnam by paying a doctor to come up with a fake "bone spur" diagnosis, which never stopped Trump from functioning (by his own report) as an athlete. Ever since, Trump has paid doctors to write pleasing fictions.

Why did Admiral Jackson make himself party to this lie? I don't know what sort of pressure, payment or blackmail was used on this man. I know only that he is lying. I'll call him a liar in public. I'll call him a liar to his face. I'll call him a liar in front of his family. I'll call him a liar in any court in this land. Jackson is a liar. I need no further proof beyond the photos reproduced above.

Jackson's lie ties in with a larger issue. Why did Lindsay Graham change his tune? Why do previously anti-Trump Republicans now defend him so assiduously? Why did those Republican senators morph their memories of the "shithole" remark -- but only after it became clear that the comment would hurt Trump more than it would help him?

Welcome to kompromat country.

Of course he lied. And Trump probably shopped around for one that would.
He has to keep the fantasy alive. In his fantasy, he is the healthiest, the smartest, the most capable, the most informed.
The rest of the GOP is using him before he expiration date which looks closer by the day.
The minute Trump expires which he will, all these people will grow a continuous.

A Rear Admiral who'd like a promotion and continue in his role of POTUS Doc rather than to be shuttled over to do autopsies?

A bunch of stinking politicians who've gotten the donor class message that Trump is what they want?

Pretty clear.

I agree with Margie, we're stuck with him until some ... uh, thing, uh, unthinkable happens, or is finally revealed, that causes his expiration date to be seen, suddenly, as immediately due.

At which time the Kochs and the Mercers will pick the least damaged scumbag to be the next shithole in chief.
The height is clearly the same as Obama. The weight, on the other hand, seems entirely plausible, remembering that Trump is probably as weak as a kitten due to his aversion to exercise, unlike those steroid abusers he's pictured with.
I saw snippets from Dr. Jackson’s press conference. As a gay man, I can say with near certainty that Jackson is gay. That’s probably your blackmail.
Anon, I dunno. I'm not convinced that gaydar is always accurate, and even if you're right, I'm not convinced that this is sufficient for blackmail in the modern world.
For any man who’s built his entire life on appearing straight, on being straight, it’s sufficient.

By the way, remember how Lindsey Graham’s emails were hacked and stolen a while back?
My mom had a saying, "Tall enough to eat soup off his head" used when my kid brother dated a girl who stood close to 6 feet.
At one time the Great White Dope could have been 6'3" but like me has lost it as the spine and joints compress with age. Being a hot house flower Trump could have been hunched due to the cold. As to any motive, naval brass like FBI agents are White Bread WASPs, remember all the leaks damaging to Hillary Clinton attributed to the New York office aka Trumpland.
I cannot recall (because I wasn't paying attention), but . . . how was St. Ronnie's annual physical handled? Though there was an intra-family argument over Ronald Reagan's fitness post-presidency between Ron and Michael Reagan, I distinctly remember others saying that Reagan was slipping into dementia in his second term.

Did he receive the same sort of glowing medical reports? Of course, any mention of Ronald Reagan's fitness at the time was considered a taboo subject. But still.

I think in the Trumpster's case, we need to believe our lying eyes and ears. Do I believe the report? No. But at least it removes the possibility of a medical excuse in any legal sense.

One other thing. Did I hear correctly? Did the good doctor take responsibility for the Trumpster's slurred speech? I haven't read anyone commenting on that. Or was that the Ambien usage that presumably affected The Donald's language?

Just one more chink in our national reputation. Even the doctors are falsifying their reports in service to the Mad King.


Let's watch him keep shoving Mac-cheeseburgers and KFC fake chicken down his gullet and see what happens.

NPR, for what it's worth, said the Doctor was also GWB's and Obama's Doctor.
Stephen Morgan, don't be too sure about Trump's height. first of all, there's the stupid hairpiece to account for, which clearly adds loft if not substance. Plus, he probably wears boosters.

Then there is the fact that after age 50 or so, men lose height ¼ to ½ inch per decade. That becomes noticeable after the late 60's. Just another losing battle for Donald.
Stephen Morgan, while I would agree with you, that still means the doctor lied (or signed his name to something he didn't write that was a blatant lie). The weight issue, I think you are probably also correct........those guys have a lot of muscle, which is heavy. I wouldn't be surprised if fat ass Trump does weigh the same as them, based on the fact that they are bulky with muscle and he is bulky with pure fat. In truth, we will never really know how much Trump weighs, as he would never allow the actual true number to be released in any fashion.
Btw, according to CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta, the numbers released on Trump's physical report indicate that the man has heart disease. Curious that the good doctor (Jackson} didn't mention that.

Or was he sending us a coded message: Help! I'm a prisoner. :o)

One thing to keep in mind. when using a golf cart, does the Trumpster literally ride from hole to hole, or does he park the Cart and actually walk a few paces to the hole? Why does it matter? Because if Trump is walking 50 feet to each for his tee shot, that is a total of 100 feet per hole, plus his putting on the same hole would mean another 50 feet to and 50 feet back to his cart. So per hole Trump may actually be walking 200 feet, times 18 holes is 3600 feet, which is around 7 tenths of a mile. While not a huge amount, add in the getting in and out of his cart 36 times per 18 holes and suddenly he actually has a minimal workout routine that is actually better than nothing.

And just adjust all those number a tiny bit in terms of distance and he could actually be reaching one mile of walking even while using a golf cart. And the getting in and out of the cart 36 times is significant as well.
The explanation about Trump vs Tom Brady both being around 6 foot three and 235 to 240 pounds tries to explain the difference in look by stating that Brady has denser muscle tone than Trump. I am not convinced that anyone is denser than Mr. Trump.
Allesandro, I seem to recall reading that he sometimes drives the cart up onto the green. He takes a keen interest in saving steps.

In further Trump health news:

Trump Health Exam:
President Still Taking Hair Loss Drug Even After Research Revealed It Causes Erectile Dysfunction and Depression
@Peggysue - Yes, I think Jackson may have been sending us a coded message. The idea that Trump could have lived to be 200 if only he hadn't spent decades stuffing shitty fast food down his cakehole struck me that way. (Perhaps he could have grown himself wings and flown through the air too?)

Jackson could be hedging his bets. If Trump sinks and goes down in history as an insane criminal whose team used blackmail and other thuggish and illegal methods to force officials to kowtow to his craziness, the "aged 200" reference could be used in an attempt to exonerate its utterer. "I just said what I had to, to protect my family, but I left a message to show what was going on".

Something similar has been done before. Recall the US military prisoner who, when forced to make a recorded statement by North Korea [*], deliberately mispronounced a common word without his captors realising. (I can't remember which word.) I suspect that the same motivation explains why (the civilian) Otto Warmbier repeatedly said "the DPR Korea", stressing the first syllable of the word "Korea", in his (terrifying) press conference last year.

That said, Jackson doesn't have a home country other than the US, so the parallel isn't exact. His message may be for the future.

(*) I have to add a note here to say that I do not believe that all statements made by US military prisoners in Korea during the Korean war of 1950-53 were the result of brainwashing. But this is by the by in the present context.

Which is why I've been saying that Trump is on testosterone replacement therapy. And given his antics, an uncontrolled dosage.
Meanwhile...those who are interested in other cases involving the Kremlin and the far right should pay attention to current manipulations in Germany.

If there's a grand coalition ("Groko" - i.e. the social democrats join the Christian conservative CDU in government), then the largest opposition party in the German parliament becomes the far-right populist AfD.

It doesn't seem to me that Greece or whichever countries may leapfrog over it in the "failure" league will get bailed out next time - not if there's a Groko, not if there isn't; not if the AfD get the chairmanship of the Bundestag's budget committee, not if they don't.

Those next countries may include Britain. The principal aim of the British government in Brexit negotiations is to protect and advance the international financial interests that are concentrated in the City of London.

What might they sacrifice in order to protect those interests?

The rest of the country, that's what. There is a very serious danger that major problems will arise later this year with getting the harvest in. The Tory internet commentariat pooh-poohs the idea (while salivating at the thought of culling the lower orders, as Tories have done since Malthus) and opines that the free market will sort everything out. So farmers will attract the needed labour-power by raising wages? Those who believe that will believe anything. What will they do? Put up notices in job centres? And young workers from London and other British cities will rush to the fields? Or maybe they will give out free coach tickets in Poland? You wonder whether people who believe this crap have ever encountered a farmer.
Is Kevin Kühnert, leader of the SPD youth, nash?

For a man who finds himself in such a pivotal position in Germany and Europe at the moment, there seems to be remarkably little online about his background and how he got where he is.

The above should not be taken as support for a grand coalition. I'm anti-Groko and in favour of a "NO" vote at Sunday's SPD conference. That the conservative noblepersons Ursula von der Leyen and Thomas de Maizière - either of whom may soon replace Angela Merkel as the German chancellor - probably have similar wishes doesn't change my mind.

I am not espousing a "no united front" policy that was famously disastrous in the face of the rise of the Nazis. The CDU and their pals the Bavarian CSU are rightwing arseholes and they are not comparable to the SPD of the early 1930s. The neo-Nazis and the AfD would love the crystallisation of a CDU-SPD coalition. Fuck that. Hopes should focus on the anti-CDU left taking over the SPD and agreeing an electoral alliance with Die Linke. Do it right and they could win a plurality in the Bundestag. And get Jean-Luc Mélenchon onside!
Parade rain warning:

While I like the idea that morse code was being sent with blinking eyelids, probably not.

Old-line, often lower quality docs have had such patter as "live to be 200..." for I don't know how long. Sometimes it's simple reassurance and meant to reduce anxiety, sometimes obvious bs to cover butt, to relieve guilt, to appease a disgruntled person, or obviously, all of the above.

Especially when coupled with the "good genes" meme, it could be translated as: Through continuous sloth and gluttony, you're a fowled up mess, but you're not dead yet (which you should be, so relatively speaking), due to your really good genes, you're doing great. Simply mah-velous.

Of course, the advanced age cited used to be 100 or 110, so 200 does seem inflationary. Maybe a sign? Or a sign of disgust?
joseph, Heh, now we've got another reason to call him Mr. T.

This would fit Trump's razor (regarding Trump, the stupidest explanation is probably the right one).
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