Saturday, September 20, 2008

A lying leader and his thug followers (PLUS: Win Free money!)

First, the rules of our new contest.

The truth is, I fully expect to have to pay up, even though I honestly cannot think of three examples. Way I see it, even if I lose, I win -- since the debate should demonstrate just how often Obama has lied. If yours is the winning entry, you'll get the money before the end of the year, after the Google AdSense check hits my mailbox.

Remember, we're talking about important issues -- NAFTA, FISA, the war, that sort of thing. And before you say it: No, Obama has not been consistent on the Iraq war. In fact, he has been all over the map.

Who shall judge? I'll let the group mind on this blog -- and other blogs, if any take an interest -- thrash out the question of whether or not I must empty out my perpetually-thin wallet. The email address is just north of these words.

Now, on to today's post: Finally, Barack Obama drops the petticoat and shows what's underneath. Before a rally in San Francisco, he admitted what we already knew: He wants his followers to intimidate and to annoy anyone who won't vote for him.
"I need you to go out and talk to your friends and talk to your neighbors. I want you to talk to them whether they are independent or whether they are Republican. I want you to argue with them and get in their face..."
The Lightbringer still does not comprehend that the disgusting behavior of his zombie followers has done his cause much more harm than good.

Here's a measure of Obama's honesty:
Obama also is running new Spanish-language advertising. One commercial airing in Nevada, New Mexico and Colorado links McCain to comments apparently hostile to immigrants made by conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh.
The ad is a complete lie.
Limbaugh opposed McCain on that issue. Vociferously. And in a larger sense, it’s unfair to link McCain to Limbaugh on a host of issues since Limbaugh, as any even occasional listener of his knows, doesn’t particularly care for McCain.
Also see here.

Actually, the text of Obama's ad (directed at Hispanics) is pretty telling:
"They want us to forget the insults we’ve put up with...the intolerance..."
There's truth in this. Some insults should never be forgotten.

And Team Obama lobbed plenty of 'em during the primaries. For months, the Lightbringer did nothing -- nothing -- to stop the daily insults shouted at Hillary voters.

Hillary voters were repeatedly called racists. They were told to get out of the party. Hillary was called a "cunt" and a "bitch" and a "corporatist" and a "Republican." On a daily -- hourly -- minute-by-minute basis, the progressives called the Clintons liars and racists and murderers and criminals.

Donna Brazile herself haughtily claimed that the mighty Obama coalition no longer needed the Clinton voters. Over and over, Obama's acolytes told anyone who supported Hillary Clinton to get out of the party: "Don't let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya!"

Obots routinely hurl death threats at anyone who attacks their Messiah in public. One Obot hacked into Sarah Palin's email. Other Obots still argue that she deserved it:
SHE DESERVED IT. What she's buried under her double-wide would be interesting.
wonder where she was the day Kennedy was shot...
She isn't even elected yet and she's dabbling in conspiracy, ohhhhh shit......
That's what Sarah Palin gets for being sneaky!
lol, she deserved it.
It was not just some Obots who have said these things and acted in an unconscionable fashion -- all of them did. Since silence equals approval, all are responsible.

Your ad has one thing right, Mr. Obama. Some insults should never be forgotten or forgiven.

Added note:
Scroll down to the post titled "I love her!" Check out the comments. You'll see the two ugliest responses ever published on this blog, and perhaps on any other.


Anonymous said...

Obama will speak up to denounce his followers - after they burn you at the stake.

As in comedy, timing is everything.

Anonymous said...

Good luck to Obama if he hopes to convince undecideds to vote against McCain. Ain't gonna happen, 'specially after the Hillary evisceration. Republicans are perceived to be much friendlier to Latino/Hispanic voters and to immigrants than the Democrats.

Lee said...

....and why should they not be perceived that way Nibbles? I mean Republicans have just been soooooo great to Latinos. Soooo great to Latin America (even when they don't speak latin). And now Soooo great to South America.... I can't imagine why anyone wouldn't want the friendliness of say, Ronnie Reagan to Torrijos, or his palsy cute love for Ortega, or HW Bush to Noriega, or well, pick any Repug and pick any Latino place (especially if the Repug overlords of Bechtel or KBR have any interest).

Sure why wouldn't they be seen as the friendlier of the two? Especially when Obama lies!!!!!! And we know NO president has ever lied before. Never.

Not to mention the (paid) pseudo-obot blog commenters --and of course ALL Dems now, since they didn't stand up and speak out ...Of course that logic also means that every American is responsible for ALL the Empire's death and destruction carried out in our names and for our cushy lifestyles (even the working class ones with waitress moms in Brentwood). Like Carlin said, we all have phones that make waffles now, so we don't care (and save the poor me my mom was a waitress cause that pales in comparison to whats going on to get columbite-tantalite for all of our cellphones to to keep our gas cheaper than $10 a gallon).

If silence equals consent, then we all got bloody hands. But that don't mean the repugs are better than the Dems when it comes to our neighbors.

Joseph Cannon said...

litlecatalyst, yours is the most surreal text I've seen on these pages for quite a while.

In response, I can only say that my scotch-plaid stuffed puppybear really likes penguins and refers to Halloween as "Christmas number one." Salvador Dali's moustache was extremely pointy and but not as impressive as David Lynch's hair. Both were used to communicate with the nipples of a giant anthropomorphic puffin known to loiter through the wilds of west Geneva, and whose pornography collection remains unmatched on the continent.

Have I answered all your questions?

Anonymous said...


Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but a person named Ron Polank has recently posted part 1 of his cracking of the Obama COLB fraud at

Could not find anything on Google about this guy (a little tedious from my smartphone) but I alsays appreciate your debunking missions if you are game.

Anonymous said...

Also on the topic of your post - I think this is an innapropriate assignment for most readers of your work. I mean it HURTS my brain just to contemplate! THREE things he hasn't lied about?

This is worser than the Republican students must have felt when their college instructor assigned students to write negative analysis of Sarah Palin.

What do you think fellow readers - a psycological abuse class action suit against Joe? ;)

Lee said...

no joe you didn't answer any questions, and I didn't really ask any. i just called you & nibbles on your myopic balderdash.

Sure Obi is a liar, (so is McC&P) but as for "nibbles" to say that McC&P fare better with latino vote is what i say is a joke. unless latinos in Amerika have no sense of history... And sorry you read my shorthand as surrealism (André Breton would not be impressed with such broadstrokes), I aim for DaDa.

Especially when you refuse to look at context. or does the past no longer matter when faced with such an evil as Ariannahuff?

Because the repugs most certainly did Torrijos in, the second cowboy Ronnie got into office (apparently Pinanpple-face Manuel was one of the bombers), and the repugs fucked the rest of central america so hard its asshole bled. Nicaragua much (even when you say Gary's folks said the 2-shot was still suicide)? 20,000 died in Panama to erase pics of W doing coke and having sex with little boys on Contadora Island ....and Bechtel makes no sense to you? Is there anything but repugs on their B.O.D? Did they (Bechtel, through SEMAPA) not try but a few years ago to make it illegal for Bolivians to even drink rainwater, FFS??

If there is any justice, latinos will know that the party of McSame&Pain is the party who has been treating them about as well as did the conquistadors...

but of course OBI LIED!!!!!! (the last time a US President has really said the truth was Jan 17, 1961) still this was about the latino vote, come Mr Tally-man, tally me banana....

Joseph Cannon said...

Fascinating, littlecatalyst. In the same surreal vein, may I add the following?

Manuel Noriega's relationship with New Testament scholar John Crossan has been insufficiently researched by the dissatisfied horses of Lancaster County, PA. Just the other day, Mothman informed me of Cary Grant's resemblance to a magenta suitcase. There are dishes, and there are dishes. Literally. Indeed, if you carefully examine frame 9,199 of David Lynch's Eraserhead, you will clearly see the word SAMIZDAT scratched into the emulsion. Although I'm not sure what that means, I do know that the very best version of Gounod's Faust ever put on record is the one conducted by Andre Cluyens with Victoria de los Angeles as Marguerite. Like most other right-thinking Americans, I was extremely saddened when the divine Ms. de los Angeles was transformed into an antelope, and during my time in the House of Representatives, I proposed legislation to prevent such occurrences in the future.

If there's anything else you would like to know, drop me a line.

Anonymous said...

Where do I send my list of 3 things the big -0- never flipped or flopped on? I cannot find an email address. How do I enter the contest?

I have found three things BTW.

BTW, I do not support Obama. But if someone offers me $50 I will try and win it.

Bert in Ohio

Joseph Cannon said...

bert, you sound like the kind of guy I would not mind paying. Eyes up. The cannon. It's there.