Wednesday, January 20, 2021


Like the (temporary) new graphic? The idea first popped into my head on January 20, 2017. I've waited four years for the chance to use this image to decorate this blog. 
(The drawing of Cap and Bucky is by the great Jim Steranko, an artist whom I've discussed in these pages before.) 

I'm being uncharacteristically optimistic, putting this celebratory graphic online at midnight, twelve hours before Biden takes the oath. But...what the hell. We've been through four years of fascist hell, and for this one day, I'm going to allow myself to feel good. Yes: I, Cannon, the World's Grouchiest Blogger, have actually allowed a smile to contort his perpetually-dour face into something strange and unrecognizable. 

It feels weird. 

There's still plenty to grouse about. Steve Bannon -- who helped plan the events that led to the Capitol Building attack -- was just pardoned. After the things Bannon told Michael Wolff, I find this turn of events quite extraordinary. MSNBC just reported that Eliot Broidy also got a pardon. By the time you read these words, you may know of even worse outrages.


Anonymous said...

There’s a superstition in the news business that you should never say “knock on wood” or even mention out loud that it’s a slow news day.

Point is, I won’t relax until it’s noon and Trump is physically off the White House grounds. The next 12 hours are /the/ most dangerous period. It’ll finally be sinking in for Trump that he’s stepping out into financial and legal hell. Lindell and Flynn will be making their last, most aggressive pitch. “Mr. President, with all due respect, the deep state will eat you alive unless you declare martial law NOW.”

CambridgeKnitter said...

Yes, I like it. It will soon be dimmed by reality, but today is for this kind of joy.

Anonymous said...

We have a new President and a new Vice-President and they are already hard at work.


(Yes, we still have lot to do.)

Marc McKenzie said...

I was wondering who did the Cap/Bucky didn't look like Kirby, but hell, it was Steranko? Wow! Yep, I also am a fan of the legend himself, even spotted him at a couple of cons I went to years ago...but of course, never had the courage to approach him.

Joseph Cannon said...

Marc: It was Steranko indeed, inked by Tom Palmer -- the best inker JS ever had -- for the final issue in Steranko's three-issue run on Captain America.

You may be interested in my previous essays on Jim Steranko's Big Secret:

The claim may sound crazy at first, but I've come up with some additional pieces of evidence. In fact, I've made a short video on this topic, which I will probably upload to YouTube one of these days.

Parapolitical coincidence: I had Strange Tales 159 in my hands on the day I met Susan Atkins as a boy. (I THINK it was her. I've told that story in another post.)

a female Faust said...

a little bird told me that Donnie Boy may regret having been in too much of a rush on that last day, what with auctioning off pardons & all; the bird went on to say that as a consequence of this, Steve-O's lil ol' get-out of-jail-free card may not have been up to snuff, exactly.

now of course everyone knows how he intended to word it, just as everyone knows the outcome his final (&, i hope, feverishly freaked- & stressed-out) acts as President was supposed to have.

but that's not the way the law works, now is it.

not last i checked.

suppose i should check up on the veracity of that birdie....

a female Faust said...

ps i sure hope your bonnet gets a visit from that same bee that's been buzzing mine, about the sudden rash of no-details suicides... one Capitol insurrectionist, one Capitol Police Officer, one Metro Police Officer... one, two, or all three by shotgun -- to the chest --

--or perhaps more importantly (!), about that meeting that everyone was at on the 5th at the Trump Hotel....

for the former, i have only the links i have myself collected, contradictory and inconsistent & unforthcommming as they may be. (they all agree on one thing though -- we are not going to be getting any more info -- thoughts & prayers.) but for the latter, may i introduce or reacquaint you with someone who has unfortunately had occasion to be rather busy of late, a Mr. Seth Abramson.

January 5 Meeting at Trump International Hotel
Could Hold the Key to the January 6 Insurrection

The night before the insurrection, a large group of Trump family and advisers held an urgent meeting with January 6 organizers at the president's private residence in DC....

by Seth Abramson
posted on Jan 26

well worth yr time.... happy new year BTW!