Sunday, January 10, 2021

Trump's left-wing allies

I can't believe it. I can't believe what I just heard.
On MSNBC just now, one of the prog guests decried the fact that the Capitol Police were hopelessly outnumbered. She also suggested that there were pro-Trumpers among the cops. 
Obviously, I agree with these concerns. (Ironically, Officer Brian Sicknick was a QAnon follower.) 

But then this idiot on MSNBC went on to say that what happened on January 6 exemplifies why we must DEFUND THE POLICE.

Seriously. She said those three words, knowing full well how politically toxic they are.

Actually, she said that we must have a "conversation" about defunding the police. Whenever an idiot prog uses the word "conversation," he or she is about to say something helpful to the Trumpist cause. 
Progs, try to understand: You are not popular. You do not have the magic words that will suddenly turn people around. You will never have those words. Sorry, but you simply do not possess the powers of persuasion that you think you possess. 
You have not been squelched. Do not pretend that you have not been given a chance to express yourselves. You have spoken and spoken -- yet your position remains unpopular.
The polls are clear: The public hates the words "Defund the police." Republicans love it whenever a prog utters that repellent phrase in front of a camera or microphone.

Progs, do not assume that I am unfamiliar with your spiel. I've already heard it, thank you very much: "When we say 'defund the police,' what we really mean is..."

Try to understand: We have already had the "DEFUND THE POLICE" conversation. Your side lost. Permanently. Deal with that fact.

Joe Biden won only because he denounced those three words. And may I remind you: Joe Biden was the (very wise) choice of the overwhelming majority of African Americans. 
Actual black Americans are nothing like the asshole progs who pretend to represent them on MSNBC. The vast majority of African Americans do not want the police defunded: See here and here and here

It should be obvious to everyone who reads this story that we need more funding for the police, especially in DC. There are millions of right-wing kooks and Nazis running rampant in this country, and they are dying for a fight. Only the cops stand between us and them. That's why the Boogalooers and the Proud Boys hate the police. 
Nazis and black BernieBros are united in their love for the slogan "Defund the police." Normal Americans hate those words.
Obviously, we need to make sure that all law enforcement agencies are fascism-free. But the answer is better cops, not fewer cops. 
I’m a communist and your blog’s resident Stalin defender. I’d like to clarify two things. I think left solidarity is a sacred thing (Stalin eventually realized that; hence the Popular Front). And I want nothing to do with the fundamentally anarchist belief that the police should be defunded. Instead, they should be purged of thugs and right-wingers, and put under the strictest supervision.
Stalin???!! Seriously
"Clean up the Police"

There, that's the new slogan to use.
Arguing that dirty cops should be allowed to propagate is not a winning argument, as the best part is "cleaning up" the police is so generic that every side will put their own filter on it to make it acceptable.

"I support getting White Supremacist and racist attitudes out of the police".

"I support getting corruption and revenue raising out of the police".

"I support getting psychopaths and other anti social dangers and bullies out of the police".

…"I support getting namby pamby liberals and the lower races out of the police"…
'umm, so you're against cleaning up the police?' …
"No, I just said I'm in favour of it, that's why I'll support the policy - that's what it's about right?" … …
'Ah, okay then, welcome aboard… I think? So you won't be paying attention to any FOX News scare stories about cleaning up the police?'
"What? Those traitors to Trump, no way. [Chants] Support cleaning up the police!"
'[mutters to self] Well…at least there won't be any RW attack ads'.
Joe - Coolest recommendation I’ve seen on my blogs this morning “SHUT THE FUCK UP.” If even African Americans don’t want it why do we keep saying it?
So, why do we?
I've been asking myself why I published a comment from a self-avowed Stalinist, even though I would probably block a remark from an open admirer of Adolf Hitler. The answer, I think, has to do with rarity. Hitler-lovers seem to be rather plentiful these days, unfortunately. But I've never met an actual Stalinist. I've met plenty of people who called themselves Marxists, but even THEY felt repelled and embarrassed by Stalin.

It's a little like encountering Bigfoot in the forest. I wouldn't want to shoot such an unusual specimen, even if he posed a potential threat to me. But I'd want to get a good photo, just to prove that such a creature exists.
I have been blown away about the number of people who are Trump supporters over the last 4 years the way you are amazed to find a Stalinist. For the life of me, I can't believe that so many people would fall on their knees worshiping the ground this con man walks on. I know, I know, about racism's deep roots, he speaks their language, right wing media and bubbles. But holey cow, we have this many sheep or worse, wolves?
I've been saying holy shit about every hour since Wednesday everytime I hear an update on the incident or watch a new video. This is so unbelievable. so deep rooted and so real, no conspiracy theory comes close to it. My respect for the likes of Heinlein is renewed.
you’d be wishing for a Stalin right now if the Capitol rabble had actually decapitated American government and imposed totalitarian right-wing dictatorship, undoubtedly with death camps. How many Soviets collaborated with the Nazis? One percent? How many Americans have collaborated with Trump and would still do so if he seized all power? 50 percent?
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