Friday, December 11, 2020

"Sex slave"

Check out the new Daily Mail sub-head: "Prince Andrew's sex slave alibi falls apart."
Sex slave? 
Apparently, this is a reference to the night he allegedly spent with Virginia Giuffre (Roberts), whose lies (including those told under oath) are documented here. Even if we take her story about Andrew seriously, what does it come to? She was of age on the night in question. According to her own book manuscript -- which I've read, and which you almost certainly have not read -- she did everything she possibly could to seduce the man. It was only years later that she found it in her interest to pretend to be shocked and affronted: "How dare he fuck me?"

She can't even be called Epstein's sex slave. She had her own apartment and her own boyfriend throughout this period. She was miffed when Epstein stopped paying attention to her in 2002, because she needed money for drugs. To support her habits and to stay in his orbit, she recruited new underaged girls for Epstein. (Virginia herself was an adult at this time.) In other words, she was guilty of the same sins ascribed to Ghislaine Maxwell.
Yes, Epstein did pay a lot of underaged girls to give him "massages." That vile obsession does not confer truthfulness on Virginia, who -- arguably -- was his co-conspirator.
Read Patterson's book Filthy Rich, which offers an accurate account of the Florida investigation. At this point, I mistrust any claim about Epstein which does not appear in that book.

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