Friday, August 14, 2020

When traitors strike

Wanna see more proof that Russia seeks to destabilize and destroy the United States? To the left, you'll find an example of the new line being pushed by Putin's trolls. Russia wants this country to become ungovernable -- to fall apart at the seams.

The ultimate act of treason is the destruction of our mail service when we need it most. The outrageous obviousness of this treachery is what galls me.
Even if people follow all of their state’s election rules, the pace of Postal Service delivery may disqualify their votes.

The Postal Service’s warnings of potential disenfranchisement came as the agency undergoes a sweeping organizational and policy overhaul amid dire financial conditions. Cost-cutting moves have already delayed mail delivery by as much as a week in some places, and a new decision to decommission 10 percent of the Postal Service’s sorting machines sparked widespread concern the slowdowns will only worsen.
This will go down in history as the most brazen act of political criminality since the murder of RFK. Can't the bastards at least try to be subtle? The post office is a necessary part of government, specifically mentioned in the Constitution, and Trump is murdering it -- in plain sight, with a rusty ax.
The United States Postal Service proposed removing 20 percent of letter sorting machines it uses around the country before revising the plan weeks later to closer to 15 percent of all machines, meaning 502 will be taken out of service, according to documents obtained by Motherboard outlining the agency’s plans. USPS workers told Motherboard this will slow their ability to sort mail.

Trump's Postmaster General, Louis DeJoy, is impeachable. So why aren't the Dems on it? Like, right freakin' now? DeJoy should be tried for breaking THIS LAW.

And why won't Congress impeach Trump again for this flagrant illegality? Hearings could prove very instructive. Trump also broke THIS LAW.

And why aren't more lawyers concerned about the attack on the USPS? Courts rely heavily on the mail.

Actually, a whole lotta lawyers are plenty pissed.
“Tampering with the mail and federal elections are crimes no matter who does it,” federal criminal defense attorney Tor Ekeland told Law&Crime. “Just because you run the bank doesn’t mean you get to steal the money. This reeks of mail and election fraud–the scheme to defraud using the removal of mail sorting machines without reason as a means to inhibit mail in voting. These are felonies and should be investigated and prosecuted appropriately.”
I know why Trump wants everyone to vote in person: Our elections are rigged. Absentee ballots provide a paper trail and make a proper recount possible. What we're seeing right now proves what I've been saying about election fraud since 2004.

Many wonder how Trump took complete control of the GOP. I'm convinced that he threatened to reveal the party's darkest secret: For years, they've been subtly manipulating the voting tabulators. Revelation of that truth would end the Republican party.

Nowadays, the Russians are the riggers. See here and here. The latter link goes to this headline: "Russia Targeted Election Systems in All 50 States, Report Finds."
The Senate Intelligence Committee concluded Thursday that election systems in all 50 states were targeted by Russia in 2016, an effort more far-reaching than previously acknowledged and one largely undetected by the states and federal officials at the time.

But while the bipartisan report’s warning that the United States remains vulnerable in the next election is clear, its findings were so heavily redacted at the insistence of American intelligence agencies that even some key recommendations for 2020 were blacked out.
Of course, the DU Dummies think that mindlessly repeating the letters "GOTV! GOTV!" can compensate for this attack on democracy. We need hearings. Investigations. Journalism. Mass protest. NOW.

The Durham smear. Until now, most people thought that Durham and Barr were going to go after former CIA head John Brennan, whom the Trumpers hate. Maybe not.
After NBC News reported Thursday that Brennan agreed to do an interview with Durham, signaling that his investigation is nearing its end, a lawyer familiar with the situation told NPR that the Obama-era CIA director has been told he is not a target of prosecutors. Instead, this source said, the interview will mainly consist of technical questions.
Perhaps the charges will come at the very end of the process? These guys are really out to get Brennan.

Senator Ron Johnson is, as you know, heading up his own probe into Joe Biden. Yes, it's the Ukraine smear all over again: Hunter Biden, Burisma, yada yada. The whole thing is, of course, another exercise in Russian disinformation. I recommend this piece by Ryan Goodman and Asha Rangappa...
There are three channels of Russian disinformation that have apparently affected Sen. Johnson’s Ukraine-related investigations.

Channel 1. Russian-linked Ukrainian operatives communicating directly with Sen. Johnson and his staff.

Channel 2. Russian-linked Ukrainian operatives spreading disinformation via media outlets, which have been picked up and expressly relied upon by Sen. Johnson.

Channel 3. Russian-linked Ukrainian operatives providing information via “Team [Rudy] Giuliani.”
If the Dems win in November (but how can they?), they should investigate Johnson for this treason. He's relying on disinfo from a PutinPal named Andrii Telizhenko.
In March 2020, the FBI specifically alerted Sen. Johnson and his committee about the counterintelligence threat posed by Telizhenko. According to the New York Times and Politico., the FBI “warned lawmakers in a briefing that it had concerns that Mr. Telizhenko was a conduit for Russian disinformation about the Bidens and claims that Ukraine conspired to help Democrats in the 2016 election,” the Times wrote.
After first taking interest in the Politico article which quotes Telizhenko at length, Sen. Johnson personally met with Telizhenko as captured in a photograph that Telizhenko posted on social media in July 2019. Johnson’s staff then met with the Ukrainian for over five hours, according to Telizhenko. An individual close to Johnson confirmed the meeting with committee staff. Telizhenko told Politico that he continued to remain in contact with the committee’s investigators and sent them documents well into 2020...”
And so on. Jesus. Never thought I'd live long enough to see any senator stoop so low.

Does the Johnson/Telizhenko waltz meet the Constitutional definition of "treason"? Yes, if we allow enough elasticity in our definition of the term "enemies."

As for Team Giuliani: They're dealing with two more Putin Pals, Oleksandr Onyshchenko and Andrii Derkach.
This is especially damning given that Derkach has been identified by William R. Evanina the Director of the United States National Counterintelligence and Security Center, as part of the Kremlin’s interference campaign in the 2020 election.
Rudy is another traitor who should be tried and placed behind bars.


Ivory Bill Woodpecker said...

Could this backfire on Benedict Donald and the Treason Party (fka GOP)?

Specifically, might it spur people to vote as early as possible, hence blunting the impact of any October Surprises from the Treason Party or its Russian masters?

Ivory Bill Woodpecker said...

Off topic:

8 PM – 9 PM (Central) Friday nights: “The Magical Mystery Tour” spends an hour exploring one or another aspect of the Beatles. Tom Wood is the regular host, but I hear he’s sick this week, and so the show is recorded this week.

9 PM – 12 AM (Central) Friday nights: The legendary “Beaker Street” has returned. Iconic host Clyde Clifford is undergoing medical treatment now, but he hopes to return to the show August 28.
Meanwhile, Arkansas radio veteran Mark Wallace will host the show this week.

Both can be found at

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I would expect that tonight’s show would become available some time tomorrow.

OTE admin said...

Instead of impeachment hearings, why not call the police and just get to the point of arresting and prosecuting Trump and his henchman at the USPS? This is a criminal matter, not a matter of Congress and impeachment. Why should the USPS even FOLLOW the illegal directives? Crying out loud, it isn't that hard.

Anonymous said...

off topic: Dr Bandy Lee interviews Dr Mary Trump. things get interesting after about the 15:00 mark.

Anonymous said...

A testimonial.

The Guardian has a piece up on Rick Perlstein’s new book. The article head is:

“Rick Perlstein: 'If you're not writing about the berserk, you're not writing about America'”

That’s Why I Read Cannon!

(Though I have somewhat mixed feelings about Perlstein, he is careful to pay attention to such characters, infamous and obscure, who illuminate the political landscape we now inhabit. Link:)


Joseph Cannon said...

Thanks for the link!

I am ashamed to admit that I have never read Perlstein, but obviously, I must. I've long been of the opinion that the "marginal" is often more important than the mainstream. QAnon is a perfect example.

Anonymous said...

@OTE— If only it would be so easy to arrest Trump. But the way he escaped consequences for being impeached can serve as a template for seeing how he’s gotten away with everything so far. Not a lawyer, but here’s my understanding.

Historian Nancy MacLean (whose book about, among other things, the Koch empire) pointed out the the Koch Brothers were very careful to hire many smart lawyers to insure that everything they did would be legal. So with much of what Trump has done. The many violations of norms and “gentlemen’s agreements” were not really illegal accordingly to the laws on the books. Me bet is that he’s following a roadmap worked out by some right wing think tank.

Especially since Barr became AG, Trump has even less to worry about. When he brazenly does, or directs to be done, something illegal, there is no prosecutor who will bring charges. Just as there is only one Republican in the Senate to vote for the impeachment of the obviously guilty and traitorous Trump.

In a reply to one of my previous posts, where I said, “ all we can do is hope.” That’s too weak a statement of goal and action.

We must continue, or start, to RESIST. Protest, write letters.donate to effective groups.

And keep up the good work, Joseph.

Anonymous said...

Russia, Russia, Russia... RUSSIA. Russia, Russia, Russia... Russia, Russia, Russia...

Anonymous said...

in re: Testimonial, above.

It was meant to be a testimonial to this blog, Joseph.

And the efforts you have devoted to getting out there, diving into that muck in berserk land, and reporting back.