Thursday, August 13, 2020

Pirro and the Big Smear. Plus: Who is Q?

Yesterday's most important news had nothing to do with Kamala Harris. The real newsmaker was Jeanine Pirro:
The Fox News opinion host Jeanine Pirro baselessly suggested on Wednesday evening that "something's going to happen" to the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, Joe Biden, and that it would cause the former vice president to be removed from the ballot during the presidential election in November.

"For some reason, I just have this feeling that Joe Biden isn't going to be on the ticket," Pirro said during a Fox News segment.

"I have a sense that something's going to happen before the election and he's not even going to be on the ticket, so don't even ask me if he's going to make the four years," she added.

As Pirro continued with her analysis on Biden's newly announced running mate, Sen. Kamala Harris, the Fox News commentator Jesse Watters could be heard in the background expressing caution.
Listen closely to the video. You can almost hear Watters say "Don't let the cat out of the bag!"

Of course Pirro has advanced knowledge of the upcoming Big Smear. At some point after he formally gets the nomination, an Epstein girl will claim that Joe Biden is a child abuser who "raped" her during one of his frequent visits to the Virgin Islands. We may even hear terrifying tales involving that other island -- the one owned by Biden's brother, located just ten miles away from Epstein's.

This smear has been years in the planning. That's why QAnon has promulgated the myth of "elite pedophilia." (See below.) At the right moment, feminists will push the same mythos on the left. Watch it happen.

Pirro is probably right: Biden will abandon the race. Kamala Harris will be the new nominee -- and she will lose, due to the tarnished Democratic brand. A re-elected Donald Trump will then use this continuing smear as an excuse to go after other Democrats.

We are in for one hell of a ride. Well-paid Epstein girls can offer an endless series of "recovered memories." It'll be the Satanic Ritual Abuse scare of the 1990s, times a million. It'll be the Harvey Matusow story times a billion. You think 2020 is bad? What scares me is the thought of 2021.

If you travel down the right-hand corridors of the internet, you'll see numerous indicators that the Big Smear is not far off. Before a political earthquake hits, there are always a few preliminary tremors.

Here's an example. Here is another.
Baxter Dmitry reports for Newspunch, April 3, 2019, that according to Paul Tatchell, a roommate of Joe Biden at the Syracuse University College of Law, Biden admitted he was sexually attracted to children.
You want to hear more about this Tatchell business? This YouTube video went up not long ago. Here is the fake news article that started it all. So far as I can tell, this blog post is the only effort to debunk the story. Even though "Paul Tatchell" seems to be imaginary, the smear-merchants continue to tell and re-tell this fable.

A Big Smear is a dragon with a million mouths. One lone debunker cannot slay such a beast.

Here we have an accusation from someone named Jessica Leigh Collins, who says that she was raped by both Biden and Epstein. She also says that she was "abducted" by the late DC Madam Deborah Jeane Palfrey.

What bullshit! I spoke at length with Palfrey, and I feel certain that the only violent act she ever committed was the taking of her own life. Why would she want to "abduct" anyone? She had no shortage of perfectly willing women who wanted to join her operation. If she had money and a criminal network at her command, she would have relocated to a foreign country without an extradition treaty.

Again: The Collins story and the Tatchell story are just tremors. The earthquake will come when one of the Epstein Girls -- some of whom have proven that they will say anything for money -- gets in front of a camera and weepily claims "Joe raped me!" The accusation will be confirmed by Ghislaine Maxwell. That's why Trump came that close to dangling a pardon in front of her. No other scenario explains why Trump said what he said.

Pirro's outburst is just the latest indicator that a lot of people on the right know all about the coming Big Smear. Only the left remains ignorant. It's an enforced ignorance: If you try to warn about the Big Smear on Kos or D.U., you'll be cancelled.

The "elite pedophilia" myth. The far-rightists and the Russians have spent years whipping up mass hysteria over "elite pedophilia." According to this myth, anyone who has a lot of money -- and who doesn't support Trump -- gets a pup tent whenever a toddler toddles into view. Even worse, these affluent Evil Libruls want to devour children.

Why does this ridiculous myth keep gaining adherents? Because rational people do nothing to counter it.

I've been trying to argue against Epstein-mania in various online forums, and lemme tell ya -- it's frustrating. After an hour or so, I felt like Mickey Mouse trying to bail out the castle in Fantasia. The task is hopeless.

Q is spreading canards which recapitulate all of the lies once leveled against Jews: Rape, cannibalism, Satanism, dark rituals, banking conspiracies, Hollywood. Take old-school Nazi propaganda, erase the word "Jew" and scrawl in the word "Democrat." That's Q. That's his act.

Q fanboys even talk about a magic elixer which uses the blood of children to extend life. Obviously, this yarn is a variant of the ancient anti-Semitic legend that Jews use the blood of children to make Matzah bread.

Millions of people actually believe this shit. As the NYT has finally admitted, we can no longer use the term "fringe" to describe this weltanschauung.

Although not every Q connoisseur has promoted Blood Libel 2.0, a staggering number of people accept the idea that wealthy Dems want to rape your kids. Question: If rich "elites" are so very obsessed with raping children, why don't we have more examples from history?

Think about it. If the "elite pedophilia" mythos had any validity, those well-produced BBC historical documentaries would be brimming with tales of well-heeled child-molesting diabolists. In fact, historians offer only a few examples which might (kind of, sort of) fit this template. Offhand, I can think of Tiberius and his "little fishes"...and then there's Gilles de Rais, Joan of Arc's general turned Very Naughty Person...and maybe King Herod (although we don't know Salome's age)...and...


...and that's the point. There just aren't many examples. The few social scientists who have looked into pedophilia say that it is actually more common among commoners. Among the poor. Your average Alex Jones listener is more likely to rape a child than is your average country club member. Even Epstein, monster that he was, was addicted to ephebophilia, not pedophilia.

Who is Q? I remain persuaded that the Q mythos began with a group of writers linked to The Barnes Review, a journal devoted to Holocaust denialism and revisionist history. This publication sprang out of the "empire" headed by neo-Nazi magnate Willis Carto.

During the Dubya years, The Barnes Review published a column called "The Voice of the White House," which allegedly offered an insider's view of Bushian perfidy and conspiracy. Since this column was anti-Bush, naive liberals occasionally cited it. I warned against "The Voice" fairly often in the early days of this blog.

Q has always reminded me of "The Voice." Both QAnon and the Voice offer contemporary versions of the "fake insider" ploy -- a disinformation tactic which traces back to the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. The Protocols proved that this gambit can literally change history.

One still wants a name. Who is Q?

In the past, I have suggested that Q might be a remarkably prolific hoaxer named Peter Stahl. He's an American Nazi-lover whose name has been mentioned in the eldritch realm of high-end art forgery; apparently, his name also came up during investigations into the infamous "Hitler's diaries" hoax. (Long story.) Stahl uses many pseudonyms, the best-known of which is Gregory Douglas. Under that name, he wrote a deceptive book called Regicide, his contribution to the JFK assassination literature. My one-word review: Bullshit.

Interestingly, David Irving wrote a noteworthy takedown of Stahl. Rightwingers do fall out with each other -- and when they do, outsiders can learn a lot.

I once saw a Russian YouTube video which treated "Douglas" as though he were a legitimate historian. In all likelihood, The Barnes Review writers now have Russian funds at their disposal.

Stahl/Douglas/whoever is a master hoaxer, no doubt about it. But he is also elderly. Thus, I now lean toward the theory that most Q communications were concocted by some other happy Hitlerite who used to nestle at The Barnes Review.

There are a number of candidates. One interesting possibility: Christopher Bollyn, the man who claims to have "solved" 9/11. Spoiler alert: Jews did it.

(Are you suddenly tempted to write in with your own 9/11 theory? Feel free to waste your time. I won't publish you or even read you.)

Bollyn used to be a bigwig at the American Free Press (another Willis Carto publication), although Bollyn was ousted in one of those internal spats that have hit the far right from time to time. American Free Press is also a big advocate of QAnon. Worth noting: AFP has expressed interest in conspiracy theories involving the late John F. Kennedy Jr., who plays a role in the ever-growing Q mythos.

Bollyn's great rival in the world of conspiratorial surrealism was a fellow named Victor Thorn, whose real name, it seems, was Scott Makufka. Thorn would be an excellent Q candidate, if he were still alive.

Allow me to suggest -- tentatively -- another candidate: A very strange and prolific writer who calls himself Frank Joseph. Back in the day, he was notorious Nazi leader Frank Collin, mastermind of the infamous march through Skokie, Illinois. In the TV movie Skokie, which you can probably still find on YouTube, Collin is played by a little-known actor named George Dzundza, who is terrific.

After Skokie, Joseph/Collin contributed to -- you guessed it -- The Barnes Review. That journal may be visualized as a giant machine that spews out fake history the way Lawrence Welk's bubble machine blew bubbles.

Here's a fun fact: Collin was found guilty of child molestation. Would you really be surprised to learn that Q has a "kid-friendly" record, just like Frank Collin?

Eventually, Joseph/Collin switched to Forteana (the study of weirdness), which has long had an overlap with Fascism. His books have explored the theory that -- thousands of years ago -- white people built an advanced civilization in North America, which dark-skinned barbarians destroyed. In other words, Indians committed genocide against the whites, not the other way round. This theory is not new; Andrew Jackson believed in a version of it.

The works of Frank Joseph are glowingly reviewed in the latest episode of the Fortean podcast Mysterious Universe. Good luck trying to tell the hosts of that show about the previous adventures of "Frank Joseph" as Frank Collin. On weirdo websites of that sort, the Forteana/fascism connection is the unmentionable topic; you'll be persona non grata if you bring it up.

For more on Joseph/Collin, I direct your attention to the work of a marvelous writer named Jason Colavito. See, specifically, here and here. The latter piece references QAnon. Colavito has uncovered a "set of rules" observed by writers for Q-related forums:
Avoid: 1) Aliens, 2) "Energy" fields, 3) Hollow earth, 4) Metaphysics, 5) Religions pantheons, 6) Moloch / Satan / Saturn, 7) Chemtrails, 8) Crop circles, 9) Detoxing / Cleansing Pineal Gland, 10) Chakras, 11) Reptiloids because normies will take one look at any of those and dismiss you as a nutcase.
We may draw one obvious conclusion from this list: Contributors to the Q mythos are the sort of people who usually love to talk about aliens and chakras and pineal glands. But they know that they have to restrain themselves if they want to re-elect Trump.

Here's a sample of Colavito's insights into Frank Joseph/Collins:
Later, Joseph rejects the argument that hyper-diffusionism is racist because he claims that Native Americans admit in their oral traditions that superior Celtic people came to America and wowed the Natives with their sophisticated technology, remembered in myth as white sorcerers. He attributes that mounds and earthworks of the United States to the Celts, repeating at great length Mound Builder myths and claims that were fabricated in the 1700s and 1800s. “We can say with a great deal of certainty that the first Mound Builders, whom archaeologists refer to as the Adena, were Celts. They were Celtic refugees from Europe.” And yet these Celtic Europeans left behind no trace of their material culture, no European artifacts, nothing. The warrant for this claim? Joseph can’t believe that the Native Americans could have piled dirt in great heaps without white people to show them how.
Let's be clear: Colavito does not endorse my suggestion that Joseph/Collin might be Q. I freely admit that the post you are reading right now contains a certain amount of blue-sky conjecture. This is my damned blog and I reserve the right to offer the occasional eccentric idea, because eccentricity-free blogging is fun-free blogging. Sometimes my off-the-wall theories turns out to be right; often, they turn out to be wrong. Either way, you must assign credit or blame to me, not to anyone else.

Could Collin be Q? Perhaps; probably not. Like Stahl, Collin (born in 1944) may now be too old for games of this sort. But even though I can't prove that either Collin or Bollyn has contributed to the Q mythos, I'd bet the last dollar in my pocket that the original Q was one of the fake history peddlers at The Barnes Review. Why am I so sure? Because it's the same damn shtick.

Added note. Media Matters has looked into QAnon-friendly House candidate Marjorie Taylor Greene.
In previously unreported remarks, Greene discussed the September 11 attacks and said that there was “the so-called plane that crashed into the Pentagon. It's odd there's never any evidence shown for a plane in the Pentagon.”
Bollyn would be proud of her.

She also denounces "chain migration." You mean like Melania's family, Marjorie?


Anonymous said...

Bollyn's research methodology is simplicity itself. Look into any evil event or institution and shake the trees until a Jew falls out, and there's your mastermind. And of course by the six degrees of separation, all Jews are connected to all the other Jews and of course they're all in cahoots.

Remember Ptech? It was a software company doing cutting-edge work in interoperability and data-mining between large-scale computer systems for clients including the FAA, USAF, and the Secret Service.

According to Dr. Nafeez Ahmed, Ptech "appears to have close ties to well- known suspected terrorists . . . . [One of them was] listed as a leading financial supporter of al Qaeda . . . . [while another was] suspected of funding the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, which targets Israeli civilians with suicide bombers."

Bollyn proposes that Ptech was a Mossad front on the basis that he doesn't understand why one Jewish employee had left his law firm and gone to work (as a temp) for Ptech, and later went to work for a security company Bollyn believes to be Mossad-funded. Does the Mossad control the multimillionaires that Dr. Ahmed calls "the apparent financial architects of al-Qaeda terrorism" and the funders of suicide bombings and can keep them around like tchotchkes for decorative effect?

Joseph Cannon said...

Anon: I welcome your comment. So, as long as we're shooting the shit on a little-read blog, what do you think of my suspicion that Bollyn could be Q?

Another neo-Nazi tactic is to haul out all of the old anti-Semitic conspiracy tropes, cut out the word "Jews" and replace it with some other word. Back in the '90s, the word was "aliens." In an earlier time, the word was "cosmopolitans" or "international bankers."

Joseph Cannon said...

Despite my clear warning, someone STILL tried to sucker me into a discussion of 911. Whens I visualize my blogging life, I see a scene which resembles the last few shots of Hitchcock's "The Birds" -- but instead of birds, there are thousands of "controlled demolition" freakazoids gathered outside my door, looking for ANY opportunity to get in.

Why ME? Seriously, why have the 911 buffs spent the past fifteen-or-so years focused on ME? Why do they consider me an important "get"?

They know that I hate them. They know that I refuse to engage with them. They know that I will NEVER give them the satisfaction. They know that they will never get a foot in the door. They also know that they have a big damned internet in which they can root and snort and have a grand old time.

So why do they still come HERE? Seriously, hardly anyone reads this blog anymore. But THEY do. They'll never fucking leave me alone!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry you're regretful about our interaction. I'm sorry I was slow to respond but I do have a life and not all of it is my own.

I don't know anything about Q. I try not to waste my time. I read Bollyn's book to give the devil his due, and attended one of his presentations in San Francisco that was attended entirely by sad sacks in dirty flannel shirts and one KPFA journalist who probably did not get the story she was looking for.

I was in Manhattan on 9/11, so I come to my interest in that honestly. I don't think that my comment constituted any offensive conspiracy theories.

But to answer your question, though he writes pretty well, Bollyn seems to be a one-trick pony. So I'd be surprised if he's as versatile as Q probably is. It appears that his degree from Santa Cruz was basically in anti-Israel studies.

Some of my Jewish friends think that the anti-semitic "Veterans Today" website may be a Mossad honey pot. Possibly Bollyn is the same.

Joseph Cannon said...

Thank you, anon. I genuinely value your insights here, and I hope you contribute again. In fact, if you want to take over the entire site, I'd consider it.

I'm not saying (at the moment) that Bollyn is Q. I think that Q is a group effort. However, he may have been the O.G. Q.

That "theory" of Veteran's Today is absolutely fascinating. Every time I flatter myself with the delusion that I'm as cynical as they come, I run into someone much MORE cynical. And yet the idea makes a kind of sense.

On third thought...nah. I don't buy it. Interesting theory, but I don't buy it.

Joseph Cannon said...

By the way, remarks about the 911 enthusiast were directed at someone else.