Sunday, August 16, 2020


The post office has a board of governors. Here they are:

And here's how to reach them:

These six men must make public proclamations that DeJoy is up to no good. Principled resignations may be necessary.

It is against the law to interrupt the mail. DeJoy should be prosecuted if Biden wins. And if any members of the Board of Governors aided in this crime, they too deserve prosecution.

Write to Nancy Pelosi and urge her to bring back all House members. This is no time for a vacay. 
One option would be to vote on a modified version of a bill introduced by House Oversight Chair Carolyn Maloney (D-N.Y.) earlier this week that would prohibit USPS from implementing a planned organizational overhaul that critics maintain would handicap mail-in voting.

Other top Democrats also floated addressing other issues, including expired federal unemployment benefits and voting rights. But Democratic sources said the immediate focus — at least for now — is preserving the Postal Service ahead of the election.
I would never have predicted that there would be an issue more important than unemployment benefits. But here we are.

It's not enough to preserve the Post Office. We need investigations. Hearings.

More than that: The House must use the power of Inherent Contempt to force DeJoy (and others) to testify. For years, we've been begging House members to use this power -- and for years, we've been told: "But that power hasn't been used since the 1930s."


The good guys must use whatever power they can use. Don't be afraid of drama. Trump isn't.

What does Inherent Contempt mean? It means that the House Sergeant at Arms can arrest DeJoy and put the sunvabitch IN JAIL if he refuses to testify.

Here's a damned good idea:
We need to hear from average citizens affected by this move. Seniors in danger of not receiving medicine or Social Security checks. Business owners who ship via USPS. Lawyers and judges who rely on the mail to make court work. Ordinary people who pay bills by mail. We need dozens of stories like this:
For Ms. Brownworth, who was paralyzed four years ago, the mail is her lifeline, delivering prescriptions and checks and mail-in ballots to her Philadelphia home. But that lifeline has snapped. She said she had received mail just twice in the past three weeks, and she dreaded November’s election, worried that her ballot would suffer the same fate as the oxygen tube that she ordered three weeks ago — and that had still not arrived.
Natasha Bertrand has more good ideas...
Beware. The Trump campaign is making a huge ad buy during the Democratic campaign. Maybe these ads will feature the usual campaign-season BS -- if so, fine. But I suspect that the Trumpists may premiere some truly shocking smears. Maybe the BIG Smear.

Speaking of the Big Smear: Everyone has suddenly awakened to the fact that Newsweek is the new Fox. They've been promoting Virginia Giuffre as if she were the Virgin Mary. I wouldn't be surprised if Team Trump uses Newsweek to showcase the upcoming Big Smear: The accusation that an Epstein Girl serviced Joe Biden during one of Biden's many trips to the Virgin Islands.

Why Newsweek? Because many Americans still recall the days when it was a credible source read by both Democrats and Republicans.

I'm well aware that nobody likes my "Big Smear" posts, but I've sounded this alarm for months and so far, nobody has said "You're wrong and here's why." I get it: Anti-Trumpers love that warm-n-fuzzy "We're gonna win" feeling, and they don't want to hear from a perpetual buzz-kill like yours truly. But the only way to deal with a baseball bat blow to the skull is to know that the blow is coming. Being forewarned is key to survival. Maybe you can duck or deflect.

The Durham probe. Is Durham compromised? Well, here's Marcy on the Clinesmith affair -- a misleading business that has what she calls "the frothy right" feeling particularly frothy.
By pretending that every investigation into Trump’s flunkies (including the ongoing Money Laundering investigation into Paul Manafort) got opened by Crossfire Hurricane, Durham creates a narrative that is every bit as dishonest as the worst stories about Crossfire Hurricane.

Durham is doing precisely what he is tasked with investigating others for.

But Durham’s mischaracterization of the investigation as a “FARA” investigation is far more troubling. Either he doesn’t know what he’s doing — replicating an error that DOJ IG had to fix in its Carter Page investigation — or he’s deliberately misrepresenting what was a counterintelligence investigation that, at the start, envisioned the possibility that Page was unwittingly being cultivated.
At this point, the only interesting question is not "What does Durham have?" but "What do they have on Durham?"

We're living in kompromat kountry. Have been since 2016. Durham is a puppet; Barr is the puppeteer.

Final note: Russia, Russia, Russia. The Dems have foolishly allowed Team Trump to convince the country that the Russian probe came up goose eggs -- a false impression conveyed through sheer repetition. In fact, Mueller found definite proof of obstruction and lying to Congress. You don't cover up a crime if there is no crime. One of Marcy's correspondents has put the matter very succinctly:
The Mueller Report documented 101 contacts between the Trump campaign and Russia. The Center for American Progress Moscow Project has documented “272 contacts between Trump’s team and Russia-linked operatives.”

GOP: Nothing to see here.


Alessandro Machi said...

If you can handle the truth, the truth is Republican Socialism is superior to Democrat Socialism. If Republicans higher ups are cognizant enough to go with this meme they will win in November.

gadfly said...

Sending a message to Postal Board Chairman Robert "Mike" Duncan is a waste of time since Trump appointed him to the Board but he also runs the GOP Senate Super Pac for Mitch McConnell. He also maneuvered to have an original National GOP Finance Committee member, Louis DeJoy, appointed as Postmaster General. All of the original Trump Finance folks are in jail except for DeJoy according to Maddow.

When and most definitely if the House returns to address the USPS problem, they might want to liberate some cash by expanding franking privileges to permit all members to mail ballots to registered voters in their district - with prepaid return envelopes of course. Let Trump and the Senate know that no franking money or approval of emergency funds for the postal service already passed by the House means the defense spending bill won't pass. We certainly do not need more F-35s (guaranteed to crash) that will embarrass us when used in defense of the country.

Anonymous said...

In my opinion if the smear is anything to do with sex no one would care. It's a different time, if it's anything else or a completely newer thing it may work.

OTE admin said...

Why should we wait until Biden is elected to prosecute DeJoy? I just don't get it. NOBODY is above being arrested for tampering with the mail. Impeachment hearings are a complete waste of time given how close it is to the election. This is a matter for prosecutors and law enforcement, not of a bunch of grandstanding politicians.

Ivory Bill Woodpecker said...

Good News: Benedict Donald and the Treason Party can only win the White House and keep their Senate majority by cheating.

Bad News: That's how they did the same things in 2016.

alibe said...

Why can’t a temporary injunction be given to USPS to prohibit removal of any boxes, sorting machines.