Friday, July 24, 2020

Person. Woman. Man. Camera. TV.

This video is my favorite response to the president's bizarre boast.

My other favorite response: "That's how you activate the Winter Soldier."

My other other favorite response: "That's what Putin thought as he watched the pee tape."

Trump has challenged Biden to take the same test. I think Biden should challenge Trump to take the bar exam. This writer sums it up as well as anyone:
That Trump even took the cognitive test suggests that he, or his doctor, was concerned about his mental decline, as the neurologist who created it, Dr. Ziad Nasreddine, told the Washington Post this week. It’s hard to imagine a candidate in full command of his faculties who would make a point of publicly inviting comment on his mental capacity to do the job.
The president bragged about having "aced" a test that is a humiliation to have to take.

Here's a fairly serious question: Apparently, part of the test involves counting down from 100 in increments of 7. I had no problem accomplishing that feat. Did it in seconds. ACED IT! They said it was incredible, like nobody can do that, but I'm like a really good counter-downer. And I can do it by sixes and eights, too. But now I'm wondering: Is this challenge more difficult for younger people than for people of my generation? Trump and I both grew up in the pre-calculator era, when kids were trained to do simple math equations mentally.

I hereby challenge Trump to another contest: Counting down from 100 in increments of Pi (rounded down). 100...96.86...93.72...90.58...brain hurts...
I think you are making the same mistake as Trump (doubling down).
Democrats for the most part are sufficiently cautious about the November election after the body blow we suffered in 2016. But there are several indications that bode well for a reversal of the 2016 results that have now indured for months.
You need to Let Up a little on the pessimism.
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