Wednesday, July 22, 2020

A pardon for Ghislaine

By now, you probably know all about Trump's instantly-infamous "I wish her well" response, in answer to a question about Ghislaine Maxwell. This remark came as a surprise to most people, but not to me.

Here's how NOT to interpret Trump's words:

No no no no. No.

Look, if there were any possibility Ghislaine Maxwell might say something to incriminate Trump, right wing media would be pre-emptively discrediting her. QAnon and the conspiracy crazies would shun the story. The pro-Russsian pseudoleft (here's looking at you, Krystal Ball) would tell us to look away.

But that's not what's going on. It's all-Epstein-all-the-time over on the right side of the web.

Trump's seemingly-bizarre comment makes perfect sense in light of my "Big Smear" theory. Here is Trump's message to Maxwell: "Stick to the script, smear Biden, and you'll walk out of prison and into a comfortable retirement."

Trump is not telling her "Keep quiet." He's telling her "Talk."

But when the time comes, she won't be the only talker.

In several preceding posts, I have predicted that a weepy "victim" will come out with a "Joe raped me on St. Croix" story. But just which Epstein girl will be the lachrymose liar?

That role may fall to former Epstein aide Sarah Kellen, who goes by the names Sarah Kensington and Sarah Vickers. I don't have any evidence that she will take the stage -- it's more of a gut feeling. Twitter hates Sarah right now (to the extent that Twitter takes note of her), but that situation could change once the cameras roll and the tears start flowing.

The "rape victim" role could also go to Nadia Marcinko. I really don't know what she's up to these days.

The important point to understand is that, back in the day, Nadia and Sarah were young women (not girls) who procured girls (not young women) for Jeffrey Epstein. In other words, they are co-conspirators, just like Ghislaine Maxwell and Virginia Roberts Giuffre. They are not victims.

In the future, however, they may pretend to be victims. That was Virginia's trick, and she has done well with it.

A woman's tears are a powerful weapon. Trust me. Back in the '90s, I dealt with a number of blubbering self-proclaimed victims of Satanic Ritual Abuse. Don't make the mistake I made so often. The moment any woman turns on the waterworks, you must become as cold and logical as Mr. Spock.

God, I wish the Big Smear would just hit us already! I know what's gonna happen -- it's as if I had Merlin Sickness -- but the wait is a killer.

But wait we must. There are strategic considerations: The Big Smear must be unveiled at the proper time -- after Biden becomes the official nominee. Question: Will the smear-meisters strike just after (or during) the convention, or will they wait until just before the election? Timing is all: The trick may seem too obvious if the blow hits just before voting day -- however, striking the blow directly after the convention gives the Dems a chance to ditch Joe and to make Tammy Duckworth the nominee.

(Duckworth seems the likeliest candidate to get the vice presidential nomination. The pro-Trump manipulators are trying to force Biden to pick someone less popular.)

Incidentally, there's precedent for the Big Smear tactic. Do you know the story of Harvey Matusow? I may tell it at length one of these days, but in brief: Back in the heyday of McCarthyism, Harvey Matusow was an actor hired by Roy Cohn (Roger Stone's mentor) to offer false testimony against labor leaders and anyone else who ever annoyed a big capitalist. Matusow smeared them as members of the Communist Party. The scam fell apart when the actor grew a conscience.

That's a big problem with the Big Smear strategy: The actor may grow a conscience.

Roger Pebble. I honestly have no idea what to make of the story that Ghislaine Maxwell hired Jacob Wohl. I call him Roger Pebble, because he's the teensy-tiny version of Roger Stone.

Here's Wikipedia's description of Wohl:
Jacob Wohl (born December 12, 1997 in Greater Los Angeles) is an American far-right conspiracy theorist, fraudster, and internet troll.
By Wikipedia standards, that's pretty damned harsh. The fact that Wohl's name came up in this context indicates that my Big Smear theory is the right way to bet. I'm not sure what role Wohl may play when the Smear hits -- but his name will be kept hidden from the public, since his rep is lower than cockroach crap.

Here's an Epstein/Maxwell mystery few have discussed: Why did they allow themselves to be arrested?

Jeffrey Epstein had been staying in his incredibly posh pad on Avenue Foch in Paris. If he had remained there, he could have lived like a king for the rest of his life without fear of extradition. Some say that he didn't know he'd be arrested. How could that possibility not have occurred to him...?

The same question applies to Maxwell, who probably inherited that same Parisian pad. If she had taken up residence there, she would have gone untouched. And if she hates Paris -- well, there were plenty of other places a woman of her resources could have gone. I must therefore conclude that she stayed within reach of the FBI because she intended to be arrested.

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