Thursday, July 09, 2020

How they'll frame Biden

I'm a big fan of Linus Tech Tips, a YouTube series featuring fascinating new kit I can't afford. Linus Sebastian has invented a new trope: The NON-arrogant computer expert.

In his latest, Linus explores Deep Fake video technology. We've all heard about it, but this is the most detailed (yet fun to watch) exploration you've probably seen.

For some time now, I've been sounding the alarm that a video fake -- backed by other "evidence" -- will be used to implicate Joe Biden in the Epstein scandal. The video embedded above should give you some idea of the possibilities.

Although Linus is backed by an excellent team, I would not say that this particular Deep Fake is 100 percent persuasive. The (Black Cube?) spooks putting together the Biden smear are specialists, and their hoaxing will probably be undetectable.

Keep one thing in mind: The Biden smear will be made to look like surveillance footage from twelve-or-so years ago. If you enjoy watching fake "ghost" videos on YouTube, you know that one way to cover up flawed CGI is to degrade the image -- to make it look as though it was taken by a lesser-quality camera, such as a small surveillance camera. The most common technique is to re-photograph the video as it plays on a big monitor.

The forthcoming Big Smear video will be backed up by testimony from Ghislaine Maxwell -- a probable Mossad operative, as her father provably was. In all likelihood, we will also hear from a weepy "rape victim." I've learned the hard way that a woman's tears are more powerful than an atom bomb. Once this lachrymorose thespian goes on camera and points the finger at Joe Biden ("He robbed me of my CHILDHOOD!"), critical thinking will disappear.

For a long time, I predicted that the Big Smear would target Bill Clinton, but my current understanding is that Secret Service records confirm that he never went to Epstein's island, even though two people claim to have seen him there. As Vice President (and perhaps as a senator), Joe Biden vacationed regularly on St. Croix, fifty miles south of Epstein's island. Apparently, the Biden family liked the Virgin Islands so much, they bought a tiny island of their own, just off of St. Croix.

Thus, copious and accurate records will place Joe Biden in the right part of the world at the right time.

The culture war is another danger for Biden. I've been warning about this for a while now. Finally, some important writers are starting to sound the same alarm.
Whatever Trump is not in terms of presidential performance, he has proved over and over his Machiavellian talent for prodding Democratic weak spots, just as he did so effectively against his Republican rivals in the 2016 primaries.

Trump is already hard at work on that strategy. Consider his Independence Day speech at Mount Rushmore last Friday, in which he denounced protesters’ defacing of statues and demands to tear down other monuments to the country’s past. In the speech, Trump targeted what he called “a merciless campaign to wipe out our history, defame our heroes, erase our values, and indoctrinate our children.” So-called cancel culture, Trump said, “is the very definition of totalitarianism, and it is completely alien to our culture and our values. … Make no mistake: This left-wing cultural revolution is designed to overthrow the American Revolution.”
Progressives arrogantly refuse to understand that most Americans abhor "cancel culture" and left-wing McCarthyism.

I have always opposed Pat Buchanan, and I always will -- but if you study this passage in the correct light, you'll understand that he has a certain talent for Machiavellian insight.
So the lines are drawn for 2020.

On one side are those who believe America is a good country, the greatest the world has ever seen, and that the men who created this miracle should be respected, revered and remembered.

That is not the view of the left wing of the Democratic Party.

For even as the fireworks were exploding on the Mall, a Baltimore mob was tearing down, smashing up and dumping into the Inner Harbor a landmark statue of Christopher Columbus.

That statue stood next to the Baltimore neighborhood of Little Italy and had been dedicated in 1984 by President Ronald Reagan.

Do the haters of Columbus think that destroying Columbus’ statues across America will not anger and alienate Americans of Italian descent who revere the explorer? Does Biden think Italian-Americans will reward a candidate and party that will not renounce the mob that did this?

As the left wing of the Democratic Party embraces the “defund the police” movement, how long will it hold onto voters who are today watching murder rates climb to new records?

During Independence Day weekend in Chicago, 80 people were shot, and 17 of them killed.

In New York City, the number of shooting victims has risen this year by 50 percent. In June, there were 250 shootings, an increase of 150 over June 2019. Mayor Bill de Blasio’s response: cutting $1 billion from the NYPD budget.
Let's not get mired in a debate over any one of Buchanan's points. If you fall into that trap, you'll miss the larger picture.

Progressives always hallucinate that they are more popular than they actually are. Progressives always overestimate their ability to sway through rhetoric. Progressives always overplay their hand. Progressives always sneer at compromise. Progressives always haughtily insult the very people they should try to woo. (Current example: Calling all white women "Karen.") Progressives always prefer losing a revolution to winning an election. 

I've said it before and I'll say it again: If anyone but the supremely-odious Donald Trump were running, the GOP candidate would win all 50 states. That's how badly the left has effed up.

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Jsteed2020 said...

I think it’s difficult to distinguish between the left and Russian Trolls or bots sometimes. But you’re missing the point that the whole country watched us put the “left” in its place during the primaries. People know that the Bernie left and defund the police ppl or whoever aren’t in charge, their insurgency failed. What prevailed was mainstream Democrats.

If there was anyone running besides Trump, we also wouldn’t be headed for a Democratic trifecta, either, imagine the left blaming Hillary for Mitch McConnell’s blockade of legislation right about now and headed for a GOP landslide maybe?

I think a lot of the supposedly leftist extremes are staged right now anyways, defund the police seems very staged and propagandized, inevitably some are gonna latch onto it And push for it but you saw the first thing Biden said was he didn’t support that. Those little details Matter in an election still. I think when we get control of the Senate & WH we can begin to address the fundamental problems in our country and it will defang the left but also energize the real progressives, Democrats and any American who wants us to succeed as a nation