Thursday, July 02, 2020

Ghislaine caught. Election over. Trump wins.

Predicting the future is easy. It's a two-step process: 1. Imagine the worst. 2. Watch it happen.

Nearly a year ago, in several badly-organized posts -- written in the state of emotional turmoil traditionally associated with prophecy -- I predicted this turn of events. I foretold that, in the run up to the election, the Epstein case would turn the nation's attention squarely on Bill Clinton. Very soon, seemingly incontrovertible "evidence" and "testimony" will place the former president at the center of horrific imaginary crimes. Combined with Barr's upcoming smear of Obama, these allegations will be used to destroy the entire Democratic party.

Result: Trump will win, and the GOP will establish firm control of all three branches of government.

In those old posts, I called it the Big Smear.

Jeffrey Epstein's partner in crime, Ghislaine Maxwell, has been caught in New Hampshire. She is a woman of means, she's connected, and many people think that she's spooky as hell. Obviously, if her capture were not part of some long-standing plan, she would not have been in this country. She intended to be taken. Any other conclusion is risible.

Added note (written after this post's original publication):  She was living on a 156 acre property in Bradford, New Hampshire. She paid for it in cash. As Asha Rangappa (formerly of the FBI) notes:
Everyone knows the way to avoid detection from the FBI is to buy a 156-acre property in cash

(Guarantee the FBI was surveilling her the whole time and she should know that??)
I know what many of you are about to say: "But the Epstein scandal involves Trump...!" Indeed it does. But that truth will disappear when the Big Smear clobbers us.

For many months, William Barr (a lifelong covert operator who brought BCCI to America) has proclaimed his determination to do justice in the Epstein case. He would not have focused on Epstein if there were any chance that this thing could hurt Trump.

This is the real reason why Geoffrey Berman of SDNY had to go. He was handling the Epstein case, and he was not controlled. District Attorney Cyrus Vance is a Trump toady.

I direct your attention to this tweet:

That "public official" is not Donald John Trump. It will be Bill Clinton. Hell, they may even gin up charges against Joe Biden. Anything is possible.

So far, the Epstein case has been used to hurt only Democrats. It has also been used to tar former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak, a thorn in the side of Bibi Netanyahu.

Ghislaine is almost certainly a Mossad operative, or at least a sayan, as was her father, publishing magnate Robert Maxwell. ("Sayan" means "helper." Mossad, which has surprisingly few full-time agents, relies on an extensive network of helpers.) Thus, Ghislaine knows that she has no choice but to do what Bibi wants -- and Bibi has no reason to want Trump out of office. When she has smeared enough Democrats to insure Trump's re-election, she will either be pardoned or her "death" in prison will be staged.

(I'm now starting to wonder if Robert Maxwell really died.)

If there were any serious chance that this thing could hurt Trump, right-wing media would be downplaying this story. Is that happening? No, it is not: See here and here and here.

For ages, the Alex Jonesians and the QAnon crowd have focused on Epstein with laser-beam intensity. A massive propaganda campaign has convinced the conspiratorial right that every liberal and every RINO longs to rape the underaged, perhaps while shouting "Hail Satan!" The conspiracy freaks have been obsessed with Epstein's island.

If you spend time on the right side of the internet, you must have noticed the increasing amount of anti-Hillary propaganda. This campaign doesn't make sense unless you understand it as a prelude to the Big Smear. In the absence of the Big Smear, these anti-Clinton ads simply serve to remind Trump voters that their hero has controlled the justice system without delivering any charges against the person they consider Mankind's Greatest Enemy. Even the dullest Trump-lover must sense that the absence of a criminal case signifies the groundlessness of all of that anti-Clinton propaganda. At some point, Trump's Justice Department simply must bring a charge of some sort against Bill or Hillary or both.

That day is coming soon. Here's what we should expect to see...

1. We will be shown seemingly damning photographic or video evidence culled from Epstein's mansions. The FBI's raids did not come as a surprise. Any evidence they found was meant to be found.

2. We will hear or read a shocking "confession" from Ghislaine Maxwell, who will play the Whittaker Chambers role in this melodrama. She will point the finger at Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, and perhaps (if the Trumpers are feeling desperate) Joe Biden.

3. One or more of Epstein's victims will offer tearful "he raped me" stories targeting one or more famous Democrats. It will be spectacular TV. And it will be every bit as phony as the "baby incubator" yarn we heard shortly before the first Iraq invasion.

4. Feminists will incessantly remind us to Believe All Women. Rebecca Traitor (did I spell that right?), Virginia Heffernan, Sarah Kendzior, and every harpy who hounded Al Franken will all scream in unison: "Clinton is GUILTY GUILTY GUILTY!" Because Bill Barr's Justice Department is just sooooooo trustworthy.

5. Dozens of thoughtful-seeming liberal journalists will write anti-Clinton opinion pieces. The argument: "He got a BJ from Monica. Therefore, he rapes children." And millions of people will mistake that argument for logic.

Here are a few more predictions:

No-one is going to force Virginia Roberts/Giuffre to explain why she went to such lengths to keep Trump out of her original Complaint. Her dad worked for Trump, and she herself was working for Trump at Mar-A-Lago when she was recruited by Ghislaine Maxwell. Virginia has tried very hard to keep those facts secret. In fact, she continues to do so. Why?

Nobody will ask why Virginia is represented by spooked-up lawyer J. Stanley Pottinger, who helped to give us the 1980 October Surprise -- the covert op that led to the election of Ronald Reagan. 

Virginia may change her testimony. She'll be pressured to get with the program: Exonerate Dershowitz; target Clinton. I used to trust Virginia, but now I don't.

Nobody is going to ask why Australia's 60 Minutes covered up for Trump in the Epstein case.

Nobody will look into the strong possibility -- the near-certainty, in my opinion -- that Epstein laundered money for Russian oligarchs. That stuff won't come out unless it can be weaponized against the Dems.

Nobody will look into the coterie of "eastern European" girls who continually surrounded Epstein (as noted by journalist Vicky Ward and others). The only possible source for those girls was Russian master criminal Semion Mogilevich, who controlled the Eastern European sex trade, and who has often used underaged prostitutes in stings and honeytraps. He can be tied to Trump in any number of ways, as detailed in previous Cannonfire posts.

When a woman claiming to be an Epstein victim goes on camera, turns on the waterworks, and screams "BILL RAPED ME!," few will ask why she came forward only now.

Nobody will remind the public that a woman was offered $20,000 to bring false charges against Robert Mueller -- and that she came that close to taking such a paltry pay-off. Imagine how much false testimony can be purchased with a billion dollar budget. Putin has that kind of money to spend.

The election is over. Trump won.

I am so certain of the Big Smear, I feel as though I am writing history, not prophecy. I'm reminded of General Buford's great day-before-the-battle speech in Gettysburg:
I've led a soldier's life, and I've never seen anything as brutally clear as this. It's as if I can actually see the blue troops in one long, bloody moment, going up the long slope to the stony top. As if it were already done. Already a memory. An odd, set, stony quality to it. As if tomorrow has already happened and there's nothin' you can do about it. The way you sometimes feel before an ill-considered attack, knowing it'll fail, but you cannot stop it. You must even take part, and help it fail.
For Trump to win, he has to attack Biden.

Trump is not getting things all his way, so there's hope.

What's this stuff I keep reading about the GOP giving Trump "until Labor Day"? Is that coming from Team Trump? Better for Never Trump Republicans to get him out by the time of, or at, the RNC, surely?

The Brits - meaning those in that country who can yank on strings and fuck the usual procedures, also known as the network centred on the royal family - will not like it one bit if Epstein makes big news. It wouldn't surprise me if they had a hand in offing him in his cell. And that family has Russian business connections too...

Last, is Netanyahu as strong as he was?
I don't think so. The innuendo has been out there on Bill Clinton for years, and it has been refuted by official records of Clinton's travels. The only thing he did was use a plane of Epstein's to promote his foundation's projects.

I am not buying this prediction of yours. You are sounding more like Mark Taylor by the day, only purportedly on the other side of the political spectrum. You really need to either stop blogging or take a long break because your depression is way overtaking you. I can sense you are suffering from serious depression, and it makes your blog tough to slog through anymore. It is all negative, and that is a result of suffering from depression, not from being upset with current events. I don't say Trump won't be re-elected, but it isn't a sure thing. Besides, you have been wrong on a lot of things, such as the JFK assassination and COVID-19, for starters.
You’re probably correct that Barr and Co. will sling as much mud as possible at any Dem, Biden and Bill and Hilary as leading targets.

But from a legal standpoint, not one of them is a public official at this time. Or is SDNY Living in the Past? Going after Bill for pre-2000 activities?

Good to have you back on the beat, Joseph.
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