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The end of Elizabeth Warren's campaign hit me harder than I thought it would. This day has been coming for weeks. So why does it hurt so much?

This Mother Jones piece tells part of the story, but only part.
With each new plan, Warren hammered home the message that America’s problems—sky-high hospital bills, unaffordable childcare costs, exploding student debt, meager savings accounts, Pentagon corruption—are not a forgone conclusion, but a choice made for us by a government that has put corporate profits and personal gain before the common good. And Warren, a gifted storyteller, could prove it, often sourcing anecdotes from her own life.
There's much more; I urge you to read it all. For me, the injustice of this situation comes down to one question:

Does anyone truly think that Bernie Sanders is smarter than Elizabeth Warren?

Bernie is not a reading man. He has that characteristic in common with the current occupant of the Oval Office. Bernie's vocabulary is certainly wider than Trump's -- and Sanders possesses a far greater ability to formulate comprehensible sentences. My guess is that Sanders did a fair amount of reading at an earlier stage of life. By no means would I ever call the man dumb.

But he's not really bright, is he? I mean, not BRIGHT bright.

Think twice before calling Bernie Sanders a Marxist, because the guy probably never had the patience to read Marx -- at least not any of the longer works. Hell, I doubt that Sanders ever got more than a couple of chapters into To the Finland Station, Edmund Wilson's gripping history of socialism (which Bill Clinton did read as a young man).

Bernie Sanders proves the existence of the Middle-Brow Socialist.

Yet he has large army of fanatics, and Elizabeth Warren does not.

Maybe America is not bigoted against women. Maybe America is bigoted against brains.
so you don't care about stolen valor
that she advanced her career by calling herself a Native American
think about the deserving Native American who newer went to college because Liz Warren stole there place.
How about claiming she was fired for being pregnant when there is proof that she wasn't.
she advanced her career by claiming to be a native american,
stole a faculty position at Harvard by this same claim
I recall when Adlai Stevenson was derided as an "egghead", so maybe you are right about antipathy to brains.
That's not true, trolls.
Added note: See here, trolls...
It is a sad situation. The trolls come out. Stickler brings up a relevant point.

And here we are, with the sad truth that the cause of Fascism (which is misogynistic to its core) has advanced far enough in the US that by far the most competent and intelligent candidate had no chance.

However, Elizabeth Warren should not be counted out. The US is approaching a turning point. She has a long future ahead of her.if we’re lucky, we do too.

In the meantime, Joseph, I’m with you.

"Maybe" Amurka is bigoted against both women and brains.
@Tsar Vladimir:

You need to demand a greater degree of literacy in your trolls. ;)
Since Warren is 70, this in fact was her sole shot at the White House. Given the drubbing she got in the Massachusetts primary, which Biden won spending a mere 11 grand in the state, she should focus on being re-elected if she chooses to run for the Senate again. My problem with her is while she is right on most issues, the pandering to the trans activists was a huge turnoff for me and other women. She embarrassed herself reading off the names of these "trans women" who were murdered, under 30, in the past year while of course ignoring the 1600 women who are killed as a result of domestic violence each year. It doesn't make sense, and it made her look like an idiot. She clearly doesn't care about women in terms of preserving their hard-won sex-based rights and protections necessary for participation in the public sphere, only about men in dresses (so-called "trans women"--actually crossdressing men with or without surgical treatment) going into women's prisons, women's sports, and other places where they do not belong. You'd think with her education, she would have taken a biology course and realize nobody changes sex, but she was too busy pandering to this GARBAGE. It am sure she was taking Pritzker money to go out of her way to pander to it. This pandering would have damaged her if she had won the nomination. Oh, my gosh, would it have been a gift to Trump. Note that many states, mostly red states, are attempting to crack down on men and boys infiltrating women's sports under the guise of "gender identity" and stealing from women and girls scholarships and medals in direct violation of Title IX, and they are also looking closely at the pushing of mutilation and hormone treatments of young children, far too young to consent. This nonsense of "inclusivity" and "intersectionality" are turning into dirty words designed to undermine the rights of half the human race, and Warren was more than any other candidate pandering to it. Pete Buttigieg NEVER did this, and you'd think he would be the one who would. He didn't. He was smart. Warren is stupid on this issue.

Another problem is she DID outright lie about the circumstances of why she left her teaching job as a first-year sped teacher. She was not fired or non-renewed; she voluntarily left to stay home with her baby, SOP back in those days. She didn't have to make it up. She forgot school districts keep records for years and why her lie caught up with her; for example, my former school district keeps its personnel records for a century.
I was a Warren supporter, faults and all (no candidate is immune from some fault, gaffe or wrong strategy).
If I was Warren, I would not endorse Biden or Sanders now that she has dropped out. I would wait till after the convention and then support the nominee.
Her policies do not align at all with Biden's and if she did endorse Biden, she will be accused of hurting Sanders chances eventhough her supporters liked her precisely because she wasn't Sanders and the second choice for most of her supporters was never Sanders. Nonetheless, that is how her support for Biden will be portrayed.
She has a lot in common with Sanders when it comes to policies, but not much in common with him regarding strategy.
She is a Democrat who wants to change the party and Sanders is an Independent who wants to destroy the Democratic party. This is a huge issue that most pundits that lump her with Sanders usually ignore. She would also be accused of fracturing the Democratic party and harming unity if she were to back Sanders.
I have no idea what she will do, but her decision would carry a lot of weight in my assessment of her going forward and I may not be alone not only among her supporters, but the public at large.
"The end of Elizabeth Warren's campaign hit me harder than I thought it would." this is why I love you, Joseph, no matter what.
I supported Elizabeth Warren, and I think Joseph's assessment of Bernie Sanders' reading habits is probably correct. I doubt he's read any Marx since college.

But I'm horrified by the hateful and bigoted remarks posted by "OTE admin." Can't we just live and let live?
Apparently you and I are not alone judging from the media reaction to Warren dropping out. I think she did not have the establishment's support nor a cult of personality. She was however, a perfectly qualified candidate that would have become an excellent president who also happened to be a woman (with all the cultural baggage a woman carries). She could have bridged the progressive/establishment gap and pushed the country into a post capitalism era. I think she had the potential of being remembered as a JFK or an Obama had she been given a chance.
We will never know now. She is 70 and her trajectory is headed south. I am sad and profoundly disappointed. I will vote for a Democrat, but I feel no joy in doing so if it is Biden or Bernie.
Regarding WTF Adenoid's hate-screed--it's been said that a picture is worth a thousand words.
Trump refuses to halt his rallies eventhough public gatherings can increase the chances of spreading the coronavirus.
In Iran the authorities refuse to close a particular religious site eventhough the virus has spread from that site by all evidence.
The explanation is that people believe that going to this site and praying will cure them of whatever ails them.
Could it be that Trump supporters believe that going to a Trump rally will keep them from contracting the coronavirus?
It will be interesting to see events unfold. What interesting times we live in.
Crowds are fickle. I won't be surprised if Trump is toast even before the Republican convention which lies five and half long months in the future. The degree to which the guy is making a sick arsehole of himself is almost unbelievable.

"I like this stuff. I really get it," he boasted to reporters during a tour of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, where he met with medics and scientists who are fighting the spread of the coronavirus. Citing a "great, super-genius uncle" who taught at MIT, Trump continued "People are really surprised I understand this stuff. Every one of these doctors said, 'How do you know so much about this?' Maybe I have a natural ability."

Trump thinks the epidemic is about him.

Say you are on the Republican National Committee. The Democrats are running a 77-year-old candidate against your man, but your man, the incumbent is such a narcissistic buffoon - even when mortuaries are experiencing problems coping with their throughput, even when half the population can't find toilet paper to wipe their arses because of the extra purchasing brought on by the epidemic - that Joe Biden is leading the polls by a mile. Then you think of a guy like Paul Ryan, aged 50. What will you do next?

Note: the uncle that Trump is talking about is John G Trump, the official who got hold of Nikola Tesla's papers after Tesla died in NYC in 1943. (And that's not a joke!)
The Treason Party (fka GOP) will get rid of Benedict Donald only if the Treason Party's new master, Tsar Vladimir, wants BD replaced.
@ Ivory Bill: You're on a roll.

Yeah, you've got to wonder at what point Trump becomes so big a liability that his masters dump him.

Although, he seems to be wrecking ever wider areas of what we used to call "our American Democracy." In other words, he's still doing the job they want done.
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