Wednesday, February 26, 2020

That damnable DNC!

Apparently, Bernie is now claiming that, during the debate, he was booed by DNC "plants."

Really? I could be a plant? Where do I sign up? I could use some extra cash, and I'd love to earn it by doing what I wanna do anyways.

The dolts who promote these anti-DNC conspiracy theories never festoon them with anything so gauche as evidence. Just a couple of weeks ago, a Bernie cultist charged that the DNC was part of a conspiracy to help Trump. This BernieBro blames a conspiracy of the DNC, Bloomberg, and the all-powerful Hillary Clinton. I've even see Sandernistas fall for Trump's bizarre theory about the mythical "DNC server" in Ukraine.

The fact is that the DNC is far, FAR less powerful than the sicko Bernie cultists imagine it to be.
The DNC, just like the Republican National Committee, is an impotent organization with very little power. It is composed of the chair and vice chair of the Democratic parties of each state, along with over 200 members elected by Democrats. What it does is fundraise, organize the Democratic National Convention and put together the party platform. It handles some organizational activity but tries to hold down its expenditures during the primaries; it has no authority to coordinate spending with any candidate until the party's nominee is selected. This was why then-President Richard Nixon reacted with incredulity when he heard that some of his people had ordered a break-in at the DNC offices at the Watergate; he couldn't figure out what information anyone would want out of such a toothless organization.
If the DNC helped anyone in 2016 -- and in 2020 -- it helped Bernie. Why not propose a rule forbidding non-Democrats from running for President? These guys have the right idea. And why not try to end open primaries, which invite crossover votes from Republicans (who clearly want Bernie to win)? Note that Jane Sanders loves open primaries -- she once praised these "rig-able" primaries on RUSSIA TODAY!

This eye-opening report
will give you an idea as to what kind of nutcases -- elitist nutcases -- we are dealing with...
I went and saw the Jimmy Dore Show last weekend cause a friend had a free ticket and I don't get out much, so I figured ... what the hell.

It was a sold-out Bernie/Tulsi crowd, and they were absolutely HORRIBLE (as was Jimmy Dore of course). I got my 2 drink minimum out the way, and I couldn't sign my check fast enough and GTFO long before it ended.

The Democratic Party, Hillary, Nancy, Pete, Joe, Obama, Liz, Amy, Bloomberg, Rachel ... you name 'em, they all came up ... but when he talked about anyone who wasn't Bernie, Tulsi, Nina Turner, etc, they were LOUDLY booed by the boisterous crowd.

Some other tidbits ... The Russia Investigation was ridiculed, and Hillary mocked for mentioning that Russia's efforts had ANYthing to do with her losing the election. Assange is a fucking HERO. The parties were called 'two sides of the same coin' over and over. Democrats are just as big of warmongers as Republicans, in fact, Hillary is more of one than Trump. 'Blue No Matter Who' was ridiculed, to much mirth among the throng. Nancy was ridiculed for tearing up Trumps speech, as was Michael Moore for having the temerity to applaud Nancy for doing so.

Oh, and get this ... Tulsi is such a brave soul that she mentioned in an interview (which Jimmy proudly put on screen) that it was terrible that the US is spending $5B/month in Afghanistan while people are still drinking bottled water in Flint, or something to that effect.

To hear Jimmy tell it, this was like something no Democrat had previously ever hinted at (them being warmongers and all), but that NOW you're seeing the other candidates 'catching up' with Tulsi's bold, pioneering, trendsetting sentiments about how waging war takes away money that could be used for people back home.

No, this crowd is for real, I saw 'em w/my own eyes and ears. If it weren't for their singing along to a song called 'If You Ain't Been Called A Red' (which was actually the best part of the show, song was clever), I'd have sworn it was a Far Right crowd.
Tulsi, of course, is a big fan of India's fascist leader Modi. If Bernie gets the nomination, I expect him to pick Tulsi as his running mate.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: Hitler could never have attained power in Germany without the aid of the left-wing KPD and its leader, Ernst Thälmann, who decided to join the Nazis in attacking the center. The lefties told themselves "After Hitler, our turn." Many of them ended up joining the Nazi party. They were called "Beefsteak Nazis" -- brown on the outside, red on the inside.

Sounds like Jimmy was serving up a whole lotta beefsteak at that party. The guy's as freaky as Alex Jones.

Typical. This shit doesn't even surprise me anymore...
A handful of democratic socialists who support Senator Bernie Sanders for president stalked Democrat Betsy Dirksen Londrigan outside of a campaign event in Champaign on Monday night and attempted to block her car from leaving the event.
At last, some good news. The Palmetto Poll is well-regarded in South Carolina. Their numbers:
- Joe Biden 35%

- Tom Steyer 17%

- Bernie Sanders 13%

- Elizabeth Warren 8%
I'd prefer to see Warren and Biden trade places, but the good news here is Bernie's big drop. Is this poll an outlier? Dare I hope?

Nah. This is Despair Central. We don't do hope here.
The DNC should grow a pair and do what they are accusing them of doing. Their whining isn't going to be more damaging than now, but it may help the Democrats.
Off topic: I saw a suggestion on another blog that we should start calling the coronavirus "TRUMP FLU".

Back on topic: If Sanders does win the nomination, he’s going to have to put the frat-rat portion of his supporters on Double Secret Probation, if he wants to get those Moderate Mom votes he’ll need to beat Benedict Donald.

Note: “Frat Rat” here refers to attitudes and behavior, not necessarily to membership in a fraternity, or even to attending or having attended college.
What about those who have problems with the leader not the followers? Behaving followers doesn't win elections. The question is why those types of people idolize him.
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