Wednesday, February 26, 2020

As predicted: They're going after Obama

Told ya.

This blog predicted that a hidden quid pro quo lay behind Trump's pardon of Blagojevich: Blago will now reward the president by leveling scandalous charges against Barack Obama, with whom he was once closely allied. Well, this piece in American Thinker prepares the way for the new smears that Blago will soon "verify."

The hell of it is, some of the allegations in that piece have a basis in reality. The Rezko connection was discussed in these pages throughout 2008. Though we should not forget the corruptions attributed to Barack and Michelle Obama during their Chicago years, their sins were miniscule compared to the major-league skullduggery that has become a Trump family specialty.

The right-wing propagandists don't care about any of that Matthew 7:5 stuff. Their goal is to sully the Democratic brand -- nothing else.

Needless to say, the afore-cited article quickly segues from real concerns to absolute bullshit. The piece alleges, without citing any evidence, that Obama somehow profited from the General Motors bailout. We also get this evidence-free nugget:
Then he stole taxpayer money out of the stimulus bill to reward political bundlers. He had learned very well in Illinois.
Notice the absence of citation? I mean, this is the internet age; it's not that difficult to link to your sources.
Then he used the IRS to target and shut up political opponents.
Oh, good Christ. Not THAT old canard again...! The great IRS smear was a typical right-wing Big Lie, and only rubes ever believed it.
The reason to revisit this issue now is that the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) issued a report last week that showed that the supposedly scandalous behavior never happened. In other words, the central lie behind this non-scandal has been definitively undermined.
Y'see? I didn't just make a claim; I cited evidence. That's how you do it, American Thinker.

Nobody was "shut up" by the IRS. Throughout the Obama years, Donald Trump, Roger Ailes, Alex Jones, Steve Bannon, Rush, Hannity, and a whole lotta other scoundrels kept blabbing and blabbing like an army of auctioneers on meth.

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