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Operation Chaos. Plus: Why is Malcolm Nance no longer on MSNBC?

And here is why I think Joe Biden's victory in South Carolina will not be as resounding as he hopes...

Dems are such dummies. The Republicans are pushing Sanders, while Trump was willing to take an impeachment in order to smear Biden. Democrats, what does that tell you?

My heart still belongs to Warren -- who, they say, is in danger of losing her home state on Super Tuesday. Damn. No matter what happens, she remains my choice. At least she came up with an easy-to-understand way to pay for Medicare For All without raising taxes on the ordinary person: Employers would continue to pay for workers' health care, albeit at a slightly reduced rate, while the extra money in the workers' paychecks would be taxed. Those two measures alone would cover the bulk of all costs. (Removing the cut taken by the insurance industry would save a lot.)

The Crapo Thap House crowd is still saying that Bernie won Iowa. No, he did not. Sanders also received only 34 percent of the vote in Nevada, although corrupt caucus rules made it appear that he took home a larger share.

The Crapo kids are also saying that Buttigieg is a deep cover CIA agent -- because, as everyone knows, the Agency likes to plant super-spies as mayors of mid-sized midwestern towns.
"It's the old secret-agent-running-for-mayor-in-Indiana trick. That's the second time I've fallen for it this month!"

-- M. Smart, esteemed espionage historian
The Bernie cult can never take in more than 30 percent of the Democratic electorate. Other Dems may go along grudgingly, in response to incessant calls for unity, but they will never actually like him. If your followers desperately plead for unity at this stage of the game, you've already lost November.

Independents? Forget it. They'll vote Trump.

Why don't we see Malcolm Nance on MSNBC? Nance has argued for Biden and against Sanders.

When the DU crowd discussed this tweet a while back, they wondered why Nance no longer appears on MSNBC.
I respect Malcom Nance And I think it’s a shame he isn’t invited in MSNBC any more. We should be able to hear him.
Apparently, Nance mentioned on an Al Franken podcast (which I have not heard) that he is no longer welcome on MSNBC. Mediaite suggested that the frosty relations had something to do with the Mueller report, although -- frankly -- this article is confusingly written.

I think I know the real reason. Nance's book The Plot to Destroy Democracy (which is definitely worth rearing) contains this passage:
Trump did not limit himself to insulting Hillary Clinton. He has similarly insulted Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, John McCain, Senator Lindsey Graham, his own Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, his National Security Advisor, General H.R. McMaster, the entirety of the FBI, the CIA, the Democratic Party, 65% of America, the Pope, and Oprah Winfrey. In his estimation, they are all “haters and losers.” On the other hand, he did not dare criticize two people on this planet: Vladimir Putin...and MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow.
The last four words, which follow a melodramatic ellipsis, indicate Nance's belief that Trump must have some sinister purpose in granting a kind of "immunity" to Maddow. The clear implication: Nance views Maddow with suspicion. In his eyes, she and Putin have something in common.

Malcolm Nance is, first and foremost, a veteran of Spookworld. (Yes, I know that he's black. Yes, I know that the term "spook" has more than one meaning. I'm not going to let any snooty young postmodern asshole tell me that I cannot use "spook" as a slang word for "spy," and I don't care who we're talking about.) In the past, Nance has glowingly cited Pete Bagley, the lieutenant to James Jesus Angleton, the powerful CIA counterintelligence chief who went crazy. The Angleton episode taught the Agency that paranoia is an occupational hazard faced by anyone who does that kind of work. "Sick think" was the in-house term for Angleton's disease.

Maybe Nance came down with a case of sick think. Maybe he has been thinking sick thoughts about Rachel Maddow. Except for that one paragraph, Nance has kept his sick thoughts out of his public commentary. But behind the scenes -- well, who knows what he said, or to whom he said it?

So why hasn't Trump ever said any unkind words about Rachel Maddow? I'm not sure. Maybe, for once in his life, he has exercised a degree of impulse control. If he allowed his natural inclinations to take hold of him, he would make cruel and childish remarks about lesbianism.

And finally....

No wonder Trump is president. If this doesn't make your jaw drop, it must be wired in place.
Americans are avoiding Corona beer amid coronavirus outbreak, survey finds
A surprising 38 percent of beer drinkers insisted that they would not, under any circumstances, buy Corona as the deadly virus spreads across the globe, according to the survey conducted by 5W Public Relations.
For what it's worth: "Corona" means "crown." When seen through a microscope, the virus looks a bit like a crown, hence the name.

Not long ago, a friend to this blog wrote in about his attempts to communicate with the other side: "The Trump supporters I encountered online recently believed the second amendment was called "second" because it was 'the second most important'."

Just about every problem we face would go away if America implemented one simple rule: Disenfranchise everyone too stupid to understand the meaning of the word "disenfranchise" in this sentence.
When Bernie's $60 Trillion Medicare for All pipe-dream, the same one that Lizzie has signed onto, there are not enough rich people in the entire world, let alone the USA, that could pay enough wealth tax to make a dent - even if the wealth tax did not violate the constitution.

What everyone has to understand is that an entire Medicare option cannot work - simply because the government now pays only about 10% of medical billings through Medicare and Medicaid, so private plans and uninsured patients solve the problem of keeping the healthcare industry afloat. Put the other insurance plans out of business and you can say bye-bye to our advanced medical techniques and abandonment of medicine by many of our expert caregivers. Reductions in healthcare services undoubtedly will stretch wait-times and will impose stricter triage rules.

We need to remember the Obama promise not kept: "If you like the plan you have, you can keep it. If you like the doctor you have, you can keep your doctor, too. The only change you’ll see are falling costs as our reforms take hold."
I like Malcolm Nance too and I was wondering where he had been.
MSNBC definitely has thin skin and long grudges - one of the best political commentators in the country, Markos of Daily Kos, made a stupid swipe at Joe Scarborough almost two decades ago, and he's never been on since (though I must admit his apology for what he said was half-hearted at best.)

You are a liar. And a trolling asshole.

National health insurance works in every other developed country on Earth. Canada is a good example. The dreaded red tide on our northern border? No.

It would seem that the billionaire class that now owns the US, lock, stock, and leaky barrel, has a different plan. Their way, and apparently yours, gadfly you liar fuck, is to fix it so that the US is no longer a developed country.

I prefer to get my information on complex economic issues from actual economists (rather than the fake ones who are employed by the Republicans). Here’s a link to Paul Krugman, there are others but it’s too late at night:
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anon, gadfly has been here for quite a while, and I wish you had spoken a lot more temperately.

That said, I certainly disagree with gadfly -- who, I suspect, did not actually read this post, and may not have paid attention to the words that Warren said.

Simple logic is our friend, here.

Look -- we are SOMEHOW able to pay for the health care system we already have. Right? Thus, logic tells us that we can tap into the same sources of revenue to pay for M4A. We'll save money two ways:

1. We'll cut out the insurance industry, which adds nothing to the process -- basically, they are a bunch of tics.

2. The burden borne by workers (not employers) can be partially shifted toward the wealthier taxpayers.

Not that it matters: M4A is a pipe dream, given this congress and Supreme Court.
As of South Carolina Democratic presidential preference poll morning, the Operation Chaos 2020 website reports that the vote for the easiest Democrat for Trump to defeat in November has 2,236,487 votes for Sanders and 573 for Biden.

No way to know how many of those votes came from Russia, but I used an email from a Russian site so I could see the results.
"Disenfranchise everyone too stupid ..." Reminds me of what William F Buckley Jr. said when he was interrupted during a debate over in England with James Baldwin back in the 60s. A member of the audience yelled out - "why don't you let black people vote in Mississippi!" WFB replied -"The problem in Mississippi is NOT that not enough black people vote, it's that too white people vote." !!
@gadfly @Joseph — yes, I should have been civil, and the logical and factual method is actually an argument, rather than just name calling. Sorry.

I see that Bret Stephens has begun the great onslaught on Bernie in the Times today:

Plus, Bret promises “future columns on the subject.”

Also at the Times is this, on the Trap House:
Trump is a coward at heart. I think he won't go after Rachael Maddow because he's afraid she'd eviscerate him. Also, The Donald doesn't make a habit of directly attacking other people for their sexuality. In his misspent youth he frequented the New York sex clubs enough to give a whole lot of people a clear view of his own proclivities. He may realize that in this regard he's in a glass house and shouldn't be throwing stones. Or maybe he just feels kinship with those who push sexual boundaries... Roger Stone would be an example here.
I read the Times article on the "Dirtbag Left".

Actually, I prefer to call them "Cheapo Crap House" and the "Douchebag Left".

Senator Sanders had better take these brats to the woodshed, if he wins the nomination, or they will cost him some, perhaps too many, of the Mainstream Moderate Mom votes he will need to win the general election.
Biden's South Carolina blowout suggests that Operation Chaos was a bust.
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