Saturday, February 22, 2020

Further proof that Bernie Sanders is a Russian agent

Here's a follow up to the preceding post. The brilliant Natasha Bertrand tells the uncomfortable truth about Bernie's month-long silence about Russia's aid to his campaign. The following summary comes from a DU poster:
Natasha Bertrand, just now on Weekends w/ Alex Witt, re: source says IC would *not* have objected to the Sanders campaign speaking publicly about efforts to meddle in campaign, indicating he had no such directive *not* to speak. FYI. (I was wrong in other replies since this news broke).

Sanders folks, If Bernie knew and sat on this info for a month *for whatever reason*, it was wrong to do so. We *needed* to know a month ago (before Iowa).

She also said IC wouldn't tell the campaign to keep it quiet because that, in itself, would help the Russian efforts.
Silence = complicity.

Bernie was silent; ergo, Bernie was complicit. It's obvious that Bernie was hoping that Russia's aid would go unnoticed until after he secured the nomination -- with Russia's help. Yet many people still refuse to consider the possibility that he's consciously working for Putin. Maybe they'll wake up when he picks Tulsi as his running mate.

(By the way: Not only is Natasha Bertrand brilliant, she's also really pretty. Am I a sexist pig to mention that fact? And if I am, what about the many female commentators on liberal blogs who gushed about the looks of Michael Avenatti and Patrick Fitzgerald?)

Sanders is already helping Republicans regain control of the House and expand their numbers in the Senate.

As you know, Bernie tweeted his disgust at the Democratic establishment whose support he will need. Here are some responses:

What I'm about to say will sound strange to some of you, but I'll say it anyways. BernieBros who attack the Dem "establishment" reminds me of the Postmodernist philosophers who attack the Enlightenment. (That's what the label "Postmodern" means: Post-Enlightenment.) The postmodernist argument comes to this: "The Enlightenment didn't usher in utopia. Racism and other ills persisted. Therefore, let's undo the Enlightenment. Let's get rid of science, reason, democracy, individuality, liberty and the rights of man. Let's go back to an age of superstition and authoritarianism." The BernieBro argument against the Democratic party is just as pernicious and dangerous.

Here's another important Bertrand scoop. Trump's new Director of National Intelligence, Richard Grenell, has been described as a staunch Trump loyalist. And so he is.

But it turns out that he was once a staunch Trump critic. In fact, he supported John Kasich (for whom I would gladly vote if Bernie gets the nomination). A sample Grenell sentiment from 2016:
“Trump is dangerous. Wake up. He’s reckless,” he replied on another occasion to a user who had written “vote Trump.”
How many Never Trumpers have turned into zealous MAGAts? Sorry to sound a paranoid note, but kompromat remains the simplest, easiest-to-believe explanation for Graham/Grenell Syndrome. LBJ used to say "I don't trust a man unless I have his pecker in my pocket." Trump has amassed one hell of a pecker collection.
I don't think Benedict Donald is smart enough to have amassed that collection himself.

More likely, Putin has one hell of a pecker collection, of which Benedict Donald's diminutive mushroom is the most valuable to Putin. Therefore, Putin gives Don Donald the kompromat he needs.
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