Sunday, December 15, 2019

Malcolm Nance gets it

I often complain about Malcolm Nance because he's a spookworld apologist who continually ignores the fact that a segment of the American intelligence community aided Trump's rise to power. To prove my contention, I need only mention the name of Michael Flynn, former head of the DIA. I could also mention William Barr, who is CIA through-and-through. And let's not forget Cambridge Analytica, which has done a lot of work for both British and American intelligence services.

Because Nance refuses to criticize our intelligence services, he can't bring himself to admit that what Putin is doing to us now is simply an extension of what the CIA did to Guatemala in the '50s and Chile in the '60s.

That said, I do recognize the value of Nance's books, which I recommend -- as long as you understand the constraints of his worldview. And I applaud this tweet...
WARNING: I cannot stress how much danger the nation is in. Russia will be dangling FSB/SVR spy-made fake documents & fake witnesses in front of Giuliani. Trump & Republicans will take it to facilitate the ultimate cheat. It’s an espionage case now. Hunt for Rudy’s Moscow agents.
Who is going to conduct that hunt?  CIA won't do it. NSA won't do it. MI6 won't do it. GCHQ won't do it. ASIS won't do it. They have all done nothing -- nothing, nothing, nothing -- to expose Trump's many crimes.

Nance has yet to come to grips with the fact that Zelensky is beholden to the criminal oligarch Ihor Kolomoisky, who is under investigation by our FBI. Barr is the one who decides whether to prosecute. Thus, Barr has leverage over Kolomoisky and Kolomoisky has leverage over Zelensky.

And that means that Zelensky himself will vouch for the smears that will soon destroy Joe Biden and the Democratic brand.

Barr is going to prosecute Joe Biden. Don't be surprised to see Biden go to jail.

It will be the greatest frame-up in history. Of course, the fucking progs will take the lies at face value. They won't come to Biden's defense; instead, they'll use the debacle as an excuse to damn Democratic centrism and to promote the cause of Bernie J.C. Sanders. (The J.C. stands for "Jeremy Corbyn.")

When the Biden smear hits, support for the impeachment of Trump will drop to 40 percent or lower. Current polls, such as this one, are meaningless.

Why won't the Democrats acknowledge Zelensky's corrupt relationship with Kolomoisky (who met with Giuiliani and has been hobnobbing with Dmitry Firtash)? Probably because the Dems believe that alienating Zelesnky would place him firmly in Trump's corner.

From the moment Biden got into the race, the Democrats were doomed. And I say that as a long-time Biden admirer who always felt that he would make a great president.

I can almost literally see what's going to happen. Why can't everyone else? All day long, I've been thinking of that speech Sam Elliott gives in Gettysburg:
I've led a soldier's life, and I've never seen anything as brutally clear as this. It's as if I can actually see the blue troops in one long, bloody moment, goin' up the long slope to the stony top. As if it were already done... already a memory. An odd... set... stony quality to it. As if tomorrow has already happened and there's nothin' you can do about it. The way you sometimes feel before an ill-considered attack, knowin' it'll fail, but you cannot stop it. You must even take part, and help it fail.
Speaking of Michael Flynn and Malcolm Nance, I thought you might enjoy this excerpt from The Plot to Betray America:
While director of the DIA, Flynn traveled to the headquarters of his Russian counterparts at the GRU. The first American military leader to visit, he toured the GRU’s facilities and spoke with leaders and personnel. In a New Yorker article, Steven Hall, the former head of the CIA’s Office of Russian and European Analysis and one of the savviest minds on Russia, called the trip “quaint and naïve.” Though it appeared the Russians were open to such a visit from a military official, it was also a chance to perhaps recruit an American spy. To many in US intelligence, Flynn’s goodwill went a bit too far. Several months after he returned, Flynn wanted GRU officials to tour the DIA headquarters at Bolling Air Force Base in Washington, DC. DIA senior staff flipped out, and the idea died a quick death. Inside the DIA, members of the Russian counterintelligence section had concerns that the Russians had “turned” Flynn because he was pushing so hard for cooperation with the GRU despite literally decades of experience that cautioned against it.

The flashing lights were not just in the DIA. Former director of National Intelligence James Clapper told NBC News in June 2018 that he had warned Flynn of cooperating with the GRU. He worried that Flynn “may have succumbed” to the friendliness of Russian intelligence officers when Flynn ignored this advice.3 Still, Flynn persisted in expanding cooperation with Moscow. Following his trip, he asked for more sharing of information with Russia and specifically came to the DIA Counterterrorism Center (formerly JIATF-CT) to produce some reports and briefings at the “releasable to Russia” (REL RUS) level. DIA staffers collectively rolled their eyes. They turned to their computers, put together open source information gathered from TV and news reports, stamped it REL RUS, and sent it forward to the foreign dissemination division for review. In that way, the DIA provided the information according to Flynn’s wishes but gave nothing of real significance to the GRU.

General Flynn had a history of breaking protocol and rules, especially those around classified information and personal security. The most glaring was installing a private computer connection in his Pentagon office and sharing confidential information with uncleared foreign nationals in Afghanistan. These security red flags suggested someone who was willing to meet in secret with intelligence officers if he believed he was in the right and everyone else was in the wrong, as many had warned him about with the Russians.
Remember when Flynn led the chant "Lock her up"?

And what was the charge against Hillary? Insecure communications. Supposedly, she ran the risk that her personal server might be compromised by the Russians. Of course, the classified material (the stuff marked classified at the time) was handled through the State Department's own system.

Flynn was the one who used insecure communications.

One reason he lost his job was his closeness to a Russian woman who practically has the initials FSB stamped on her forehead. Shortly thereafter, the head of the DIA acted more like a member of the GRU.

And yet most of the country thinks that Hillary was the one with a problem! Such is the power of propaganda.
What makes you think that no other Democrat would be arrested under your scenario? There isn't any other Democratic candidate running who has a chance in hell of beating Trump. NONE. It was always, always going to be Biden as much you think he is "terrible" for the "brand." The other candidates except for Sanders, Gabbard, and the non-politicians are all running for the running mate slot. THAT is evident and always was. THIS is why Trump and company are targeting Biden so much. They KNOW he will be the nominee unless they can gin up lies in order to torpedo his campaign. Nixon's henchmen did it with Ed Muskie back in 1972, so this is nothing new just more extreme. If not Biden, it would be some other candidate. This is why you need to pay close attention to the RWW YouTube channel and the "Jim Bakker Show." You don't need Malcolm Nance to tell you what is really going on. The agenda is clear. The Democrats are not considered a legitimate political party by Trump's base, mostly made up of your beloved white, racist, sexist males, and there is nothing, nothing that will ever change their minds. They are beyond hope, but they are being stoked by this nonstop propaganda trying to create a civil war in this country. You should watch the RWW YouTube channel and Bakker. It is terrifying how close they are to advocating for the murder of public officials. This crap started with the destruction of the Fairness Doctrine, and it has been downhill ever since for this country.
Appreciate your bringing Flynn back to mind. He was, at the time, so spectacularly, visibly, strange and horrible.

Even Chris Matthews described Flynn as dancing around “like Trump’s monkey;” more like Putin’s monkey we now see.

It’s not just propaganda but also the uselessness of the Dems, and of The Press. The Times with all those stories on Hilary’s emails. All that crap on Whitewater. Decades. And now, friggin Brooks and Stephens. And the band played on, or in other words, business as usual.

Oh well, Fifteen years ago, I found W Bush’s brand of cynical nihilism shocking. When asked about whether he might worry about how history would judge his catastrophic decisions to destroy Iraq and begin a war that will prove very difficult to end. “We’ll all be dead...”

Yet that has become the standard by which not just the idiot in the White House views policy, but pretty much the entire class of enablers throughout the system.

Apparently Kolomoisky was funneling bags of cash to Heinz-Christian Strache and the Austrian FPO?


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