Thursday, November 21, 2019

The hypocrisy of Devin MOOnes

Devin Nunes has been bringing up the Steel Dossier, as if that has anything to do with this. If it's so damned wrong for a campaign to look for oppo information, why did the meeting in Trump Tower happen? Why did Nunes himself go off with Lev Parnas in search of smears AT TAXPAYER EXPENSE? 

Fusion GPS used private funds (first from a Republican, then from the Dems) to hire a respected former MI6 agent reputed to have excellent Russian sources. Parnas, by contrast, is an international grifter who works for Dmitry Firtash, an oligarch/crook who rose up as part of the notorious Semion Mogelivich organization. Yet Nunes considers Steele risible and Parnas honorable.

Nunes is cowshit. Actually, that metaphor is not fair to cowshit: Cowshit is always genuine; it never pretends to be other than what it is. Nunes is the quintessence of hypocrisy, the epitome of falseness.

For example, everything he says about Nellie Ohr is a lie.
Agreed, but you have to admit that Cow Boy is able to expound the FUX Party line better than they do.
It's a running joke at Wonkette that Nunes is romantically involved with one or more of his cows (ALLEGEDLY).
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