Thursday, November 21, 2019

Fiona Hill

She was going to write about the Protocols hoax before working for Trump? That's a commitment to field research.

And then she brings it back to Firtash. I love this woman!
Thank goodness you are on the case. At the risk of being trite, I truly and humbly thank you for your service.
Fiona Hill is straight from central casting. She's by far my favorite witness. She's awesome.
nemdam, I want her to run for something. She can never be president, but she can be anything else. I think she's a Maryland resident, though I'm far from sure. It would be an honor to vote for her -- for the House, for the Senate, for any state office.
Maryland... Jamie Raskin is another hero of mine.
Nothing about her working for Lyndon LaRouch?

Sorry, Larouche. It was a reference to her co authoring a book on Putin with Gaddy. I admit that I could never be attracted to a neo con cold warriors, but then I had never seen a brilliant one with a sexy accent before.
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