Thursday, November 14, 2019

Epstein: The Big Smear is coming

There has been a massive upsurge in Twitter bot activity promoting the idea that Epstein did not kill himself. I'm told that billboards have proclaimed this message. (Who paid for those billboards?) The National Review, which paid little or no attention to Epstein when Acosta and Dershowitz cut that infamous sweetheart deal, is now pushing Epstein in a big way. Epstein memes are raining all over the right side of the internet.

The conservatives coddled Epstein while he was alive, but they've figured out how to weaponize his corpse against the Dems.

And now, Syria's Bashar Assad -- who is in a very weak position vis-a-vis Russia -- is talking Epstein. Assad went on Russian TV to warn that Epstein was murdered to protect powerful people.

This is not accidental.

Mine may be a lone voice in the wilderness, but I have been screaming for months that the conveniently dead Jeff Epstein will be at the center of the Mother of All Clinton Scandals. Frankly, the only reason I re-ignited this blog (after letting it lay dormant for quite a while) was to warn the world that the Big Smear was coming. Jeff Epstein will re-elect Trump.

Here's my first warning post. Here's a follow-up.

William Barr has loudly announced that he will go after Epstein's enablers. Barr didn't give a damn about Epstein until this election season. He certainly did not complain about Acosta's role in the Trump administration.

Right now, Barr is all about one thing and one thing only: Getting Trump re-elected.

These people will concoct evidence and pay for false testimony. You must prepare for it. Harden your heart right now. 

When some weepy female gets on teevee and caterwauls about how she was raped at the age of 15 by Evil Bill, do not believe her. Even if every feminist in the world tells you that you must believe her, do not believe her. Even if the supporting evidence seems conclusive, do not believe her.

It's all going to be a huge set-up. A deep fake. A diversion from Trump's crimes. An attempt to sully all Dems.

But that won't be all. Some time after the Big anti-Clinton Smear shakes everything up, then we will learn about Joe Biden's rather silly secret. What might otherwise be considered a minor personal sin (especially compared to Trump's outrageous history with women) will seem far worse than would otherwise be the case. As usual, the feminists will hop into bed with the far right in order to push the propaganda.

(If not for the feminist-far right alliance, I'd be volunteering for Al Franken's presidential election campaign right now. I will never forgive them. Why, you ask, did I turn against feminism? That's why.)

How do I know that this anti-Clinton Big Smear is coming? And how can I be so certain that the Big Smear will, in fact, be nothing but an elaborate con job?

Come on. Get serious. The signs could not be clearer.

The fact that right-wing trolls, Russian bots and Bashar Assad are all pushing "Epstein was murdered" stories tells you everything you need to know.

It's coming. It'll be big, it'll be shocking, it'll hurt the Dems, and it'll be a total hoax. When a massive, hard-sell propaganda campaign pushes a story, the truth lies elsewhere.
I've agreed with your view on this since that first post you made about it. It's been obvious since Epstein was arrested that he was going to be used to smear the left. Certain people on certain facebook groups that I frequent were talking about nothing but Clinton, how this would bring down the Clinton's and the Dems. These people were largely Bernie supporter types, by they way, though a few were obviously more right leaning. Anyway, I can see this coming as well.

Also, I have serious doubts that Epstein is even dead at all. I have suspicions that he was freed and the "suicide" was used as cover. I can't imagine someone like him didn't have a dead man's switch to be activated if he ever was "suicided". How could he not have, being the obvious intelligence asset he was to multiple agencies in different nations? No, I think he's still alive somewhere with a new identity, relishing the chaos that will result from the big smear that is coming.
It will be interesting to see the "legitimate" news media outlet that picks the Epstein narrative out of the Blog-O-Sewer and runs with it. Even if it's a "Some people are saying" type news item. My money is on Certainly Not News or the ever Democrat ratfucking New York Times.
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