Monday, August 12, 2019

"The Storm" really IS coming

I know what's about to hit us. Hell, I can see it so clearly that it seems to have already happened. To me, the future might as well be past: The end of democracy is an accomplished thing.

The task of writing a political blog -- hell, of reading the news -- has become an emetic. Can you blame me for wanting to turn away? For weeks, I have been reliving my teen years, when all I cared about was watching great movies and reading books and drawin' pitchers and making a deep study of that month's Playboy.

After the first attack on Jeff Epstein in prison, I knew that one of two things would happen: He would either be "suicided" or he would go along with a smear story directed against Bill Clinton. Obviously, Epstein did not get with the program. He probably thought he could beat the rap again. Thus, he had to be eliminated.

Now, we are being prepped for the greatest smear in history.
During our conversation, Mr. Epstein made no secret of his own scandalous past — he’d pleaded guilty to state charges of soliciting prostitution from underage girls and was a registered sex offender — and acknowledged to me that he was a pariah in polite society. At the same time, he seemed unapologetic. His very notoriety, he said, was what made so many people willing to confide in him. Everyone, he suggested, has secrets and, he added, compared with his own, they seemed innocuous. People confided in him without feeling awkward or embarrassed, he claimed.
When the smear hits -- when the "evidence" against Clinton seems beyond dispute -- never forget: The Trumpist Right has firmly established control of the Justice Department and the intelligence community. Trump also has aid from Russia, Israel, and Saudi Arabia, not to mention the considerable power wielded by the resurgent forces of international fascism.

The Barr Justice Department will be in charge of the investigation.
Task force investigators with the U.S. Attorney's Office for the Southern District of New York are looking for evidence of Epstein's inner circle, sources told ABC News.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office in the U.S. Virgin Islands has declined to comment on the nature of the operation. The U.S. Attorney's Office in the Southern District of New York also declined to comment, but in a weekend statement the U.S. Attorney, Geoffrey Berman, said the investigation into Epstein’s alleged sex trafficking "remains ongoing."

Under heightened pressure from lawmakers over Epstein's death, Attorney General William Barr said on Monday that Epstein's alleged co-conspirators "should not rest easy" just because Epstein won't have his day in court.

"Let me assure you that case will continue on against anyone who was complicit with Epstein," Barr said in remarks to a law enforcement group in New Orleans on Monday. "Any co-conspirators should not rest easy. Victims deserve justice and will get it."
Translation: Bill Barr is going to plant evidence against Clinton and other Democrats.

If there were any chance that Trump could be tarnished, Barr would not say such things and do such things. Note that the conspirators have had weeks to plant evidence.

(Did you notice? They've changed the original story that Epstein was found dead in his cell. I guess someone realized that they had to account for the photo which shows efforts to revive him. Shouldn't his face be discolored? I certainly don't see any signs of petechiae. Just sayin'.)

The coming storm will not tarnish Trump. He'll come out of it smelling like an orange rose, even though Virginia Roberts worked for Trump at Mar-A-Lago, even though her dad works for Trump, and even though Ghislaine Maxwell (a Trump friend) recruited Virginia and other girls while they were working at Mar-A-Lago. I strongly doubt that she could have done so without Trump's knowledge.

Virginia carefully left the Trump connection out of her original Complaint. I wonder why? Has she been working for Trump all this time? I'm pretty sure that she is now, though probably not of her free will.

One must marvel at the gymnastics of the right-wing press, which has managed to use Virginia's deposition as a weapon against Clinton but not against Alan Dershowitz, even though she pointed the accusatory finger at Dershowitz while exonerating the former president.

You should follow the websites run by the Alt Rightists. They are going nuts. They're shrieking and scampering like mice in Cheeseland. Here's an example from Red State.
After Epstein Arrest, Which Powerful People – and Foundations – Could be Implicated?
For the benefit of those who insist on missing the obvious, I'll spell it out: They're trying to imply that the Clinton Foundation was the power behind the Epstein operation.

That smear will soon take hold. Even liberals will believe it. Anyone who doubts the "evidence" will be decried as a monster. Critical thinking goes bye-bye whenever weepy women make accusations against men. If I learned one lesson from my abortive attempt to study SRA claims back in the '90s, I learned this: A woman's tears are more powerful than an atom bomb.

Tears do not necessarily signify truth. Trust me. 

Call it the Big Smear. I've known that something like this was in the works since QAnon first began QAnoning. For more than a decade, the Al Right has pushed the big lie that any Democrat -- and any Bush-faction Republican -- must be a pedophile. They have pushed that propaganda line relentlessly.

In doing so, they signaled their long-term plan. The Big Smear is how they will install permanent far right control. They intend to destroy democracy itself.

Trump, who always signals an upcoming play, has practically confessed the existence of this conspiracy to smear the Dems. I'm not talking about his infamous "Clinton killed Epstein" tweet. Before that tweet, he told reporters to check out the people who visited Epstein's island. Obviously, he was talking about Clinton.

The right has published any number of stories claiming that Clinton flew there, even though the flight logs for Epstein's aircraft show that he never made such a trip. I've looked up every airport Clinton landed at, as shown in those logs. Most people have not done this homework, yet they claim to "know" things that I don't.

Quite predictably, planted "evidence" has fingered Clinton associates -- Bill Richardson (once considered a presidential possibility), Democrat George Mitchell, and Glenn Dubin, who has donated to Democrats. We may even get a "confession" from one of these men, if either the carrot or the stick proves sufficiently persuasive.

Remember when a woman was offered $20,000 to launch a sex smear against Mueller? That amateurish operation failed only because the conspirators offered chicken feed. Imagine what the Alt Right conspirators will buy with millions. Billions.

Expect lots more stories like this one.

Barr controls this investigation, just as the Nazis controlled the investigation into the Reichstag fire. Once you understand that the Epstein story is being managed and manipulated, that ALL of the evidence is tainted by the Trumpists, you'll know how to interpret stories like this one.
JEFFREY Epstein kept “meticulously detailed” diaries of his friendships which could come back to haunt his powerful pals, reports claim.
He is understood to have kept a secret diary detailing his friendships with the rich and famous as an “insurance policy”, according to the Mirror.
Lee Harvey Oswald allegedly kept a "Historic Diary," which I believe was written in just a few sittings. Falsifications of this sort are easier to accomplish in the digital age, because nobody writes in cursive anymore.

Arthur Bremer, the man who shot George Wallace (thereby removing a threat to Nixon), also kept a diary. Gore Vidal once toyed with the theory that this diary was actually written by E. Howard Hunt, the CIA man who fancied himself a writer:
Although H.H. is a self-admitted forger of state papers I do not think that he actually had a hand in writing Bremer's diary on the ground that the journal is a brilliant if flawed job of work, and beyond H.H.'s known literary competence.
Roger Stone, perhaps? He was on the job back then. The reader may decide whether the "literary competence" argument applies in his case.

History proves that conspiracies do happen. One of these days, I'll tell you the story of Harvey Matusow, an out-of-work actor hired to testify falsely against liberals and union leaders during the heyday of McCarthyism. The man who hired him? Roy Cohn, mentor to both Roger Stone and Donald Trump.

Real conspiracies are always perpetrated by the right, not by the left.

Ghislaine Maxwell will "confirm" the anti-Clinton smears. She has no choice. She knows what happened to her dad -- and to Epstein. I have little doubt that she has long worked for Mossad as a sayan, as did her father. (Robert Maxwell's links to Mossad have been established beyond the point of reasonable debate.)

She also has the example of Epstein's own fate to terrorize her into compliance.

If you want to know about Ghislaine's real history, I would suggest Googling the names "Ghislaine Maxwell" and "Semion Mogilevich." Mogilevich -- arguably the most vile mobster in history -- controls much of the eastern European sex trade, and there are many articles linking him to the use of underaged prostitutes in order to blackmail VIPs. Frankly, the simplest explanation for the mystery of Jeffrey Epstein's wealth is the proposition that he laundered money for the Mogilevich operation.

If I continue this blog, I'll talk in further detail about all of that.

Yes, yes, I admit it: This post has hopped wildly from one topic to another. It's not an essay; it's a brain dump. Apologies. One should not write while upset. But right now, there's no other option.

What to do, what to do? Two choices confront me: I can do what I little I can to fight the coming storm, or I can retreat into happy memories. These past weeks, it has been great fun -- reading good books, trying to make art, watching great old movies. It's possible to persuade oneself that Trump does not exist and that the world is not about to become Hell.

Do I really want to enter into a hopeless battle?

The greatest smear in history is coming. The smear will be backstopped by "evidence" which will seem incontrovertible. Bill Clinton will go down in history as a child molester. Liberals will believe it. Every feminist will scream like an air raid siren. This smear will tarnish Joe Biden (who has a ridiculous scandal of his own that he refuses to discuss). It will tarnish all Dems.

Even if the economy sours, Trump will win. He may even attain a 40-state victory in 2020, if the economic winds blow favorably. But he'll definitely win. Of that, I'm certain.

What I don't know is whether we will have any elections worthy of the name in the years to come.


Gus said...

I have been seeing the notion that Epstein isn't dead at all, and is enjoying cocktails on a beach in Israel. I think it's fair to say that he also did work for Mossad (and probably other intelligence agencies as well, who would all have great interest in such blackmail material as Epstein obviously possessed). I can't imagine, with all him money, Epstein didn't have a back up plan in the event he would be "suicided". No way to know for sure though, I guess. But you are correct about the Clinton smear that is coming and unfortunately about the coming storm, no doubt. I think Trump is just along for the ride, but that distinction won't really matter in the end. Democracy, at least in the USA, is coming to an end (if it ever really existed in the first place......I have my doubts about that).

OTE admin said...

Joseph, I strongly recommend you watch "The Jim Bakker Show" which deals in all kinds of conspiratorial nonsense that is designed to prop up Donald Trump. Bakker has officially fallen off the turnip truck, as he was never like this in the original PTL show with his late ex-wife, Tammy Faye. He studiously avoided politics. Now he and other televangelists make the claim Donald Trump "repealed" the IRS regulation that prohibited religious organizations and churches from openly politicking and advocating for candidates, though he did no such thing (he just asked the IRS to not aggressively go after these outfits). These days, Bakker and his guests, the guests largely being made up of dominionists, reconstructionists, and those of the so-called New Apostolic Reformation, are in the tank for Trump and believe he was "chosen by God" as a modern-day Cyrus. Millions are swallowing this crap, which is designed solely as a cover for the religious rights' hypocrisy in supporting an amoral, insane president. It is crackpot nonsense complete with ads for Bakker selling items for the coming "last days." Everybody should be watching this to know what the extreme on "the other side" are doing. This is nothing but the western, "Christian" version of Sharia.

OTE admin said...

Jim Bakker Show link:

nemdam said...

What? You don't believe Bernie is on the cusp of a historic comeback in the Dem primary that will usher in a landslide victory against Trump? You don't think America is ready to embrace socialism? If only the vile and corrupt DNC could stop rigging everything.

Stephen Morgan said...

After the FBI raid was announced, but before it was carried out, I saw some drone photos taken through the window of the house, from different days. The place had been cleaned out.