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Alex Jones conspires to destroy evidence. Plus: Blue wave? Don't make me laugh!

Alex Jones proves what I've always said: Real conspiracies do exist, and right-wing conspiracy theorists are the primary practitioners. Turns out that AJ and his compatriots have conspired to destroy evidence in the upcoming Sandy Hook case.
After CNN published a story pointing out specific tweets and videos on Alex Jones’ Twitter accounts that were in violation of the social-media platform’s policies, the content was removed from the site, the outlet reported Wednesday evening. The tweets in question—which include posts saying “no one [was] killed” during the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, that Parkland shooting survivor David Hogg was a Nazi, and that same-sex marriage legalization would open the door for pedophilia—were all removed after the report pointed out how they had violated Twitter’s rules.
Also see here.
The latest court action against him, filed in Travis County, Texas and first reported by the New York Times, alleges that Infowars "intentionally deleted a variety of social media pages and video content relating to the Sandy Hook shooting." Lawyers for the Sandy Hook families discovered the intentional destruction of evidence earlier this month, according to the court motion.

The pages and the videos were being sought as evidence against Jones in the ongoing defamation cases. Jones had been informed by lawyers for the plaintiffs that he was required by law to preserve the information as part of standard evidence rules in court cases, the motion said.

"Relevant evidence has been lost," lawyers for the families said in the court filing. "As pressure mounted . . . Mr. Jones chose to destroy the evidence of his actual malice and defamatory conduct."
I'd call Jones a pig, but pigs are cuter and they oink instead of lying. His actions prove once again my core beliefs, beliefs which this blog has espoused since 2004:

There are NO left-wing conspiracies. 
All such claims are right-wing projections and obfuscations.
Only the right conspires.
Fascists MUST conspire to attain power.

Why I think Manafort will walk. Looks like the jury has been threatened. The story at the other end of that link no doubt offers only a glimpse of what is really going on. All it takes is one juror with a mortgage that needs paying or a skeleton that needs to stay closeted.

Why there is no hope. Stories like this one keep popping up, yet writers and teevee pundits keep yakking as if our elections were clean.
Sen. Bill Nelson, a Florida Democrat, has reaped the political whirlwind in the 10 days since he proclaimed that Russian hackers had "penetrated" some of his state's county voting systems.
However, three people familiar with the intelligence tell NBC News that there is a classified basis for Nelson's assertion, which he made at a public event after being given information from the leaders of the Senate Intelligence Committee. The extent and seriousness of the threat remains unclear, shrouded for reasons of national security.
A February report by the left-leaning Center for American Progress gave Florida an "F" grade for election security, one of only five states that received a failing grade. Florida was one of 21 states notified by DHS that it had been targeted by hackers in the 2016 election.

NBC's sources declined to provide the exact details of what Nelson was attempting to describe, because they remain classified. They said Nelson was talking about intelligence related to ongoing repercussions stemming from a 2016 hack of a Florida elections vendor, VR Systems, based in Tallahassee. They said the intelligence had been described to Nelson by Sens. Richard Burr, R-N.C., the chairman of the Senate intelligence committee, and Mark Warner of Virginia, the ranking Democrat.

A Top Secret National Security Agency document leaked last year to the Intercept website said that VR Systems had been penetrated in August 2016 by hackers working for Russian military intelligence, and that the hackers "likely used data obtained from that operation to … launch a voter registration-themed spear-phishing campaign targeting U.S. local government organizations."
Fake polls are a necessary part of the process, since they help skew the polling averages. This, in turn, will make the rigged electoral results seem more plausible.

I was no Obama fan. Perhaps his greatest error occurred when his administration announced that the 2016 results would be clean. That announcement was made in response to Trump's baseless claims of pro-Clinton rigging. Fear of the right-wing media continually gulls Democrats into a self-destructive placidity.

Americans like boldness. Obama should have been bold enough to say "If there's any rigging, it will be done by Mr. Trump's Russian pals."

Increasingly, I suspect that vote-rigging is the reason why Trump maintains such a hammerlock on the Republican party, even though people like Paul Ryan and Ted Cruz clearly could not stand him. I've suspected since 2004 that the GOP has been tampering with the vote tabulators. Roger Stone, Trump's best friend, knows all the dirt, including the dirtiest dirt. If Trump goes down, the Big Damn Secret of Election Rigging comes out, and the entire GOP will suffer.

(The other great manipulative tool is, of course, sexual kompromat. Stone is openly into swinging and BDSM. Nothing wrong with that per se, but his fellow Republicans are not so open. I imagine some of those people have been to the same parties Stone has attended.)

My heart does not sing when I read stories like this one, which speaks of polling favorable to Dems. Remember when liberals were discussing the color of the drapes in Hillary's Oval Office?

The Republicans will (illegitimately) prevail in November. I am as certain of that as I was of Trump's 2016 victory.

Right now, the only thing holding back the complete triumph of fascism is our Justice system -- and Trump is rapidly taking control of that. Check it out: "Trump Is Making the Department of Justice Into His Own Private Goon Squad."

There's a big push now to smear DOJ official Bruce Ohr, whose wife worked for Fusion GPS (and never mind the fact that Fusion worked both sides of the aisle, taking Russian money to combat the Magnitsky act).

The honorable people are being cleared out of the DOJ. Rachel Maddow has been tracking this ominous development, but even she does not comprehend the full import. One day, the new FBI may soon come for the Clintons -- and for Rachel Maddow -- and for you, and for me.

Open fascism is coming.

The problem is not Russia. The problem is fascism. We are being destroyed by an international fascist conspiracy.
Talking about vote rigging gives me the same blank stares I got when I talked about the Russian conspiracy a year and a half ago. No one assumed I was serious or they thought I should go to the looney bin. I hope history is not repeating itself. I have no idea what's going to happen but talking about vote rigging is not crazy and is definitely a possibility.

My only quibble is that I don't it's going to happen in a way that keeps Republican control of Congress. My guess if it happens is they will do something that allows them to question the legitimacy of the Democrats win like rig a small number of votes/voter registration tables in swing districts. Then they can say "Who knows who really won?" which allows them to undermine the Democrats legitimacy so they can do things like delay the new session of Congress, defy Democratic oversight, and assume more executive power. (Note I think this was the plan in 2016 if Hillary won.) But it's really scary and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. I don't care how good the polling is, I am not looking forward to this election because I don't know WTF is going to happen. I'm actually winding down the amount of news I follow (Don't worry. Cannonfire is still in the rotation!) because it's too anxiety provoking and almost no one is accurately understanding what is going on or the stakes.
Sorry for the double post, but almost right on cue, I just read two tweets that summed up my feelings perfectly. Note that he's talking Russia hacking the vote. I should also note that these tweets were in response to Dave Weigal mocking Bill Nelson saying that a Florida voting system had been hacked both because Weigal thinks it isn't true and because he thinks voters don't care.

Centrism Fan Acct
‏ @Wilson__Valdez
26m26 minutes ago

The way a lot of the media is treating this reminds me so, so much of how they treated the Russia story during the 2016 election- everyone who brought it up (especially Clinton camp.) was tarred as if they were crazy & were just trying to distract from the *real* issues).

Centrism Fan Acct
‏ @Wilson__Valdez
25m25 minutes ago

And then we'd learn several days/weeks/months later that everything the Clinton camp./Dems were saying was exactly right. In this case, it only took a few days...yet the damage is done. They've learned absolutely nothing.
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