Friday, August 17, 2018

Why did Russia know before WE knew?

This is incredibly important. Share the link; spread the word. I can't see any innocent explanation.

How did this Russian know about Trump's purge of the intelligence community on JULY 24, 2018??? From the verified of Artem Klyushin, an advisor to Russian minister of culture who claims to have put Trump in the WH

This is proof of collusion. Not just collusion in 2016. Ongoing collusion between Russia and the White House.

Putin is calling the shots.

We now have further confirmation of this story from November of 2017.
Saw that yesterday, supposedly Trump is on record making the threat and listing who he would be going after before he met with Putin.
Got the time wrong Trump made the remark on July 23, three day before the date on the memo.
Rand Paul also mentioned it on Fox the day before this tweet.

Did news travel suspiciously fast, unless Russia is keeping 24/7 tabs on a certain network that's in the tank for Trump? Yeah. But is it conclusive evidence? Not really. The Sater emails to Cohen remain the single best bit of evidence for collusion.
I'm confused by part of that translation...are forbidden and forgiven very similar words in english and russian?
@Lenny - No, but "say goodbye" and "forgive oneself" are expressed with the same verb in Russian, just as in English you can politely "excuse yourself" or "make your excuses".

"Прощаются с доступами" should be translated as "(they) are saying goodbye to their access" or "(they) are losing their access", not as "(they) are forgiven for access". The translator is confusing "прощаться с" + instrumental (say goodbye to) with "прощаться за" + accusative (forgive oneself for).
B- Interesting, thank you. Now that makes more sense.
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