Saturday, August 18, 2018

Of Manafort and Antifa

The right is pushing the Big Lie that Democrats have threatened either the judge or the jury in the Manafort case. See here and here, and that's just for starters. A coordinated propaganda barrage indicates that something is afoot.

Here's a possibility: Perhaps we will soon learn that someone from Antifa allegedly tried to intimidate people connected with this trial. If such a thing happens, it will, of course, be a classic false flag operation.

There has been a strong surge of propaganda designed to convey the impression that Antifa is uncontrollably violent, and that extreme counter-violence is perfectly justified. Grab yer guns, patriots, 'cause Antifa's gonna rape yer women and eat your children!

Venture onto the right side of the web and you'll see what I mean. Everywhere you go, it's Antifa this and Antifa that. Something is a-brewin'.

In reality, Antifa is filled with naive ninnies who don't know the meaning of the phrase agent provocateur. Personally, I wish the group would disband. They mean well but cannot do any good at this point.

When we go to open fascism -- and it looks as though that day may come soon -- the "threat" of Antifa will be used to round up lefties and to justify violence against anyone who opposes Trump. All we need is a new atrocity -- a bombed building, an assassination. The blame will fall on some poor schlub like this guy.

That's when the monsters will come.

As for Manafort: He'll probably walk, and if he doesn't, he'll be pardoned. We need state-level charges. Anything else is a joke. 
There may be an issue with state-level charges, at least in New York. New York law, not the US Constitution, has some limitations on state-level criminal charges based on an analogy to double jeopardy. Thus, it is quite possible that New York will not give us another opportunity to go after various Trumpians if there is some sort of adjudication on the federal level. The state charges would have to be different enough not to run afoul of this provision of New York law. I have read that there is an effort to repeal this law, but I don't believe it has happened yet.
I thought money landering was illegal, yet Trump has been money landering for more than twenty years. Why wasn't he arrested, tried and jailed years ago?
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