Friday, May 11, 2018


Prediction: Within a month, the ratfuckers are going to "Me Too" Michael Avenatti.

I don't know how they will do it. I don't know much about the guy. But the Smearmasters always find a way.

Maybe they'll find (or invent) the log of some sexy chat he had on AOL in 1997 -- a chat in which he played online BDSM games with some random female he never physcially met. Maybe said female now needs to have her home mortgage paid off. Maybe she will claim that Avenatti just started to say the most horrible things to her without her consent. She was shocked beyond words. She has been traumatized ever since. Years of therapy. Avenatti should pay for her therapy bill.

After this news comes out, events will follow a predictable course. With a telling immediacy, Kos and DU will be flooded with posts claiming "He's gotta go!" That's the catch-phrase commonly employed whenever Me Too fixates on a new target. Avenatti is, of course, not a public servant -- but that won't stop the "liberals" from repeating the phrase "He's gotta go!"

Behind the scenes, dozens of voices will quietly advise Avenatti: "Even if you didn't do it, just admit to it anyways. It'll soon go away." Like Al Franken, Avenatti will issue a statement which tries to split the difference, simultaneously conveying the messages "I'm very sorry" and (sotto voce) "Actually, these charges are bullshit." For a few days, the scandal will seem to disappear.

But it won't, because Woman 2 and Woman 3 (and perhaps Women 4 through 17) are waiting in the wings. The ratfuckers will pay off as many mortgages as it takes.

George Washington University Law School will rename its "Michael Avenatti award" (which it has bestowed since 2003). Then Stormy will get another lawyer. She will tell TV interviewers that Avenatti "manipulated" her, and that he was no better than any of the awful, manipulative men-monsters who dominate in the adult film industry. And after she recites her lines, she'll be handed the keys to her new mortgage-free home.

Watch it happen.

Watch Trump win.

As long as Democrats care more about demonizing straight white males than about defeating Trumpism, these tricks will prove infernally effective.
"Watch Trump win."

Come 2020, that's precisely what I'll be doing. I look forward to the destruction of the Democratic Party. As long as Democrats are utterly useless to labor, ya know, the people who work their asses off everyday to eke out a precarious living as the so-called 'precariats', the Dems will continue to lose.

It's not because the Republicans are awesome. It's because people love voting against their own interests, American people have little or no solidarity and absolutely love laissez-fair "free-market" ideology. Basically, they love capitalism to death. Literally their own deaths.

Did you see Hillary Clinton's recent excuse about why she lost? She blamed it on Capitalism. Not as an attack on capitalism, but rather her excuse was "I lost because I'm proudly capitalist". Trump and Clinton differ in style, not substance. That's the problem.
Wow, what a quick reflex! I predict that the ratfuckers will target Avenatti (and remember, I predicted the Franken hit days before) -- and immediately YOU go after Hillary, who has nothing to do with my post.

Apply hammer. Watch knee jerk.

There's a certain beauty to inevitability.
Michael Avenatti isn't Al Franken. If the Trumptards attempt a #metoo he won't lie down. If he's vulnerable it's what he did to get Cohen's banking information. Think Steele dossier poisoning the well.
Goddamn you're right. You're usually more pessimistic than me, but this prediction seems frighteningly obvious. You know the Trumpers are working 24/7 to find anything they can to discredit Avenatti. And if they find nothing, as you say, they'll just make something up.

The good news is when this happens, because Avenatti isn't a politician, he has no obligation to step down. If Stormy back him, he's fine. But if they get to Stormy...
You should read Al Franken’s book Giant of the Senate. It describes the woman problems he had during his senate race. There is a lot more dogging him than these recent accusations. You desire to whitewash him is understandable but there is some substance to the complaints.
You should read Al Franken's book, Giant of the Senate. He describes the problems with women that arose during his senate race. There is a lot more besides the recent allegations, which suggests there may be substance to the recent complaints. He is flawed. Either you care about women's issues or you don't, setting them aside when inconvenient.
Two different anonymous comments within ten minutes relaying the same smear? Yeah. Right.
i think Hedgefund had an Avenatti doomed article.
Regarding Al Franken. I happened to come across a cover photo of Robert Downey Jr. and Scarlett Johansson from USA weekend, December 24-26, 2010. We are attributing blame to people for taking the wrong kind of pictures and poses but this was a cover photo and would probably be universally condemned today.
The so called smear comes from his own book.
OR: somebody posted a comment, didn’t see it appear, and so, reposted because they thought the first was lost, when it was actually waiting in cue. Also, you are just so deeply, utterly wrong about “me too.” Of course people who are smearing or trying to take someone down will use any means at their disposal, but your overall unwillingness to comprehend social change is unfathomable to me.
OR: somebody didn't read the book, but got the keen insight from a fellow traveler at Breitbart or another bastion of serious conservative thought, and is passing along this bit of brilliance. My husband recently finished the book, and is mystified as to what Anonymous and Anonymous are talking about. Guess I'll have to jump "Giant of the Senate" to the head of my reading line...

I thought the exact same thing.
See Chapter 18 where he talks about the trouble caused by his semi-pornographic article and the rape joke. If you put that together with his USO photo and the groping it adds up to a pattern that is harder to defend. He describes this stuff himself, not Breitbart.
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