Thursday, May 10, 2018

Relax. Trump's not going anywhere.

Yes, I know that everyone in the country has fixated on the burgeoning Michael Cohen scandal, in which we learn that companies or individuals hoping to curry favor with this administration felt obliged to toss a little baksheesh into the "bribe-the-bimbo" fund. These outrageous acts of corruption won't hurt the GOP in the 2018 election and it won't hurt Trump in 2020.

Allow me to quote from three current stories. First:
The Senate Intelligence Committee released a bipartisan report this evening which confirmed that Russian hackers did indeed penetrate the voter databases in several states before the election, and were in position to alter or delete voter registration data. So this explains it. The question all along has been how Russia could have hacked in on election day and changed the voting totals. Now we know they didn’t have to.

All these Russian hackers had to do was screw with the voter registration data for just enough registered Democrats, so that those people would be turned away on election day. In such circumstances, some people insist on casting a provisional vote, while others get frustrated or confused and simply leave without voting. By preventing these people from being able to cast a vote, Russia directly rigged the voting totals before the voting even began.
That's from Palmer, and I'm with him on this one. Here's a follow-up:
Look at Florida, and you can see the proof. With very heavy early voting, the only way Trump could win was cheating since he needed to win a massive 65% of Election Day votes. That was mathematically impossible. Trump had never polled over 40, not once ever, so how could he get a massive 25% bump over his BEST polling ever? He couldn’t. So, we know now it was rigged.
Now go here:
President Donald Trump’s national security team is weighing the elimination of the top White House cybersecurity job, multiple sources told POLITICO — a move that would come as the nation faces growing digital threats from adversaries such as Russia and Iran.

John Bolton, Trump’s hawkish new national security adviser, is leading the push to abolish the role of special assistant to the president and cybersecurity coordinator, currently held by the departing Rob Joyce, according to one current and two former U.S. officials with direct knowledge of the discussions.
The Fox guards the henhouse.

There is no hope.
Wanna know why it's the Great White Dope for 6 more years?
"We shouldn't talk impeachment because it will galvanize Trumptards to GOTV"
Never occurs to the DNC luminaries they got nothing to motivate Democratic Party voters.
That the rooskies could have messed with registrations doesn't prove that they did in fact change the results of the election. They might have. But proving it would take forensics. We don't do forensics. Why not? Because somebody (ies?) has already been hacking the actual tabulating of the vote counts, and elected officials don't want that exposed. Since at least 2004 we have not known who won the vote, only who won the hack.

Paper ballots, hand marked and hand-counted in public is the only way we'll actually ever know who wins the vote.

Old Hippie nails it. Joseph, my significant other (or "lady friend" if you prefer) hates my pessimism and I can understand this in our day to day life, so I do try to minimize it there. However, when it comes to politics and world affairs, I'm really starting to think your view is the only one that makes sense. Sadly.
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