Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Watch this space

Behind-the-scenes problems have been solved (I think). Stay tuned...
Good to hear from you.

LOVE your new header!

New Trump campaign logo? ;)
Good. Nice to see a return.

That's not Trump's new logo, Putin would never allow a logo that looks like Trump is penetrating him.
Soooooo happy to see you're back! Can't wait to see your posts on TraitorTrump!
Glad your problems have been solved, Joseph!

You've been missed!
Rapprochement with Russia would be good for the country. Serious question: What's the worst that could come of it? And please don't recite recent nonsense written by Josh at TPM.
Great to see you back Joseph!! I'm not convinced that Trump was saying what the Dems seem to be implying. I mean, he's an idiot and shouldn't have said what he did, but it does sound like an actual request to hack. Still, he just continues to show how clueless he is about what running for and being President of the USA is all about.
Daily check-ins rewarded at last. Good to see you back.
Russian URL's suddenly account for 75% of DailyPUMA's hits, what's up with that?
If you dare, would be interesting to temporarily remove the comment curation just so we can see what it is you don't let through.
The new banner is sharp! Welcome back.
I knew you couldn't stay away, not with the shit about Trump.
First time commenter, long time lurker.
I am glad to see you back!
Great banner headline! The connections between shady Russian oligarchs with money that needs laundering, Putin's KGB/FSB destabilizing the West through finance of far-right politicians, and a certain American not-billionaire who is deeply in debt should be most interesting. The fact that the not-billionaire can only get credit outside the country ... after burning all his bridges here ... and has many shell businesses that need a constant rollover to stay afloat tells us a lot about how serious his financial situation must be. He's a politically active Ponzi artist, and has to keep all the balls in motion to keep the scam going.
Sing along..."Happy Days are here again..."
The world is not without grace.

I'm so glad you're back.
I am thrilled to see your page active again! I've been thinking about you since the Russian hacking story came out, how you called this one ages ago. Hot dog, hope you're back for a while.
Good have you back. I sent $25 bucks via paypal to help the cause!
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