Sunday, June 19, 2016

Pipe dreams

First, I want to thank everyone who contributed to "the George fund." I'll take down the ad when I've enough energy to re-work the template. I managed to pay back what I owe, though not as rapidly as promised. This leaves me in the doghouse, figuratively, though we still have a dog in the house, literally. And for this I am truly grateful.

From time to time, I wrestle with the notion of closing down shop, and the call beckons now. Forgive me if I seem cryptic.

Last night, I got a blast from the past, a message from someone mad enough to head into the final stretch of his life still operating under the delusion of his own importance. I once had the same fantasy, but was forced to shrug it off years ago. He's a huge failure, but won't admit it. I'm an even greater one, and I have had no choice but to 'fess up.

You see, I grew up in a family of people who assured me that I was destined to be the next Michelangelo, and that if I didn't use this allegedly God-given talent to paint my own reply to the Sistine Chapel, I'd commit the only sin worthy of the label. And now here I am in my late fifties, with no Sistine Chapels on the resume. In fact, whatever small skill I once possessed seems to have evaporated. At this late date, I have retreated to the drawing primers of Andrew Loomis, wondering why the same lessons seemed so easy when I was eighteen and so terrifying now.

Now that, my friends, is failure.

My failures as a writer are even more impressive. If I had committed manslaughter in my twenties I'd have have been released from jail in my early 40s. But write a bad book or choose the wrong companions and the world offers no forgiveness.  Nor should it.

Line from a movie: "You may be done with the past, but the past isn't done with you." Facing the past may rob one of one's future. So be it. The future was always a pipe dream anyway, right?

I stayed up all night watching The Iceman Cometh, John Frankenheimer's superb 1973 film of the play, which I'd not seen since the year it came out. If you've never seen it, it's on YouTube, although someone lopped an hour from the online version. The abbreviated version plays well; you won't miss the truncated subplots. Unquestionably, this is the best-acted film ever: Lee Marvin, Robert Ryan and Frederic March offer performances that make everything else they ever did seem trite. So does a young Jeff Bridges.

I watched the film stone sober. Not recommended. Vodka surely helps.

Only the shallow consider this play a tale about alcoholism. There are many types of addictions. Paranoia, for example. In modern times, fear has become our trendiest, deadliest smack -- America's leading export. Our paranoia addiction made Trump possible; it fuels the very fascism we all claim to abhor.

Our other addiction is hubris. We have become a nation of small men pretending to be giants, of human wrecks posing as citadels. In secret, we spend each day trapped in a straightjacket of humiliation -- the proud man’s contumely, the pangs of despised love, the law’s delay, the insolence of office. These humiliations make us hate the very idea of speaking humbly -- in other words, we hate the one virtue worthy of the label. Unable to confess either our failures or our insignificance, we lose ourselves in a daydream of hyper-competent manliness and unearned smugness, and we reject anyone who reminds us our ridiculousness.

This addiction to haughtiness is another factor that made Trump popular. He shouts his magnificence without shame, and he'd rather bite off his own nipples than admit to even the slightest failing. These character flaws are the secret of his popularity. Small men (and women) watch Trump perform his bogus billionaire act and they enter into a phantasmagoria of self-confidence and certainty.

So do the anti-Trumpers, in their own self-righteous way.

Fear and pride. Those are our addictions. Those are our pipe dreams.

Iceman is about the pipe dreams that torture us by keeping us alive.

I've never had more empathy for any character in fiction than I had for Robert Ryan at the end of the film: "By God, there’s no hope! I’ll never be a success in the grandstand, or anywhere else. Life is too much for me. I’ll be a weak fool looking with pity at the two sides of everything till the day I die."
Well, good morning, Sunshine! So much for our Sunday light reading!

Nice piece, I feel every day. I once upon a time had two agents, for two different fields, each one assuring me I was going to be rich. Now all the muggles are congratulating me on getting a job, out of desperation, and every day feels like failure. All one has time for on one's "day off" from slavery is doing the laundry.

It sucks not being the smartest witch of one's generation!

The problem doesn't seem to be the absence of success, but the desire for success.

When I was young, I was also expected to be a success. I was accomplished enough in mathematics that my primary school had to order more advanced textbooks, and I spent some months there doing nothing while everyone else was working, because they had nothing to give me. I was offered free entry into the local private school, which produced a cabinet minister in the last government, because of my merits and poverty. I chose to play truant from the local comprehensive instead, and am very happy with that decision. Hence my greatest achievement is that I have, have had, and desire no lands or wealth or power over any other person.

All else is vanity.
We tend to forget how much of a part luck plays in "success" (, especially huge success. But lack of fame and fortune doesn't mean we haven't made a contribution.
Joeseph, whatever happened to Chalice?
Do what you love, Joe. It's the only lasting success any of us get. You look (and unfortunately listen) to someone like Trump and all you see and hear is insecurity and neediness. Despite all the material success and notoriety, the man has a dark, ragged hole at his center.

Better yet, snuggle up to George. He'll set you right. Puppies know the heart better than we do.

I haven't made a contribution. Some mornings I feel it worse than others.

Good post.

I failed, Gary. Didn't I make that clear? I'm a crummy artist. I told myself for years that I had talent, but now I can't even work through the exercises in Loomis. But don't worry. I'll get what I deserve for letting people down -- almost got it last Christmas, and it was wonderful. I'll stop letting people down soon enough.
I'll be blunt. I hope you are not hinting about killing yourself. Please know how many people love you, your writing and your ideas.
And Gary -- thanks. It was precisely what was needed.
Yeah, what Cathie said.

"Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem."--I don't know who said this.

You know what you need to cheer you up? A Tomato Musher!

I think you are experiencing a bad case of male menopause. With women it is physical, men, emotioal and mental. They question their age and what they have accomplished and it seems to play on the negative, not the positive. The resultstaff I have seen are varied; leaving the family for a "younger model", an expensive "toy", or quitting their job. This happened to me when my husband decision we would live a rural life in an inhospitable environment but he would find honest people and true happiness. He found the exact opposite and our marriage has never been the same. Fortunately, we moved to the Bay area and I have a job and many enjoyable interests but although still married. I miss the pre-menopausal husband I knew.

Please don'the leave us, I look forward to reading you, your intelligent thoughts, words and research....and George needs you. My cats have been a great comfort to me during these often times trying years..but I'must still here and think I see a new beginning.
Time for the pity party to be over. You don't have to change everyone or everything, just change one person. Teach one child to paint, help one child express himself through art and your life has been a success. Lots of kids in Baltimore could use a mentor. There is a story in Chess Life last month about Emory Tate, who died recently. He wasn't a superstar chess player and will not be remembered in a hundred years. But he taught inner city kids to play chess. A successful life.
Thanks for the post, Joseph. An interesting take on the hidden nature of human aspiration and failed hopes. We do what we do. I had a complex life(mostly on my own) with many mistakes and I won't bore you with the details. But I learned immensely -- mostly how people think badly, and how they place a ridiculous level of trust in their funny little game plans. Nearing the end of my time I feel a real joy. Largely because whatever bad life decisions I have made I have always chosen what I perceived to be the highest road for me and followed it. So, in that way, no regrets. I found a lot of peace along the way just suited to me. I hope other people can find their own peace in their own way.

Life Commandment 1: stay away from negative people.
Life Commandment 2: the best part of yourself was always worth it and will carry you through.

Go easy on yourself, Joseph.
My childhood was violent and I don't recall anyone other than my 8th grade science teacher telling me I had any future. (He told me I was doomed to be a teacher. Psychic, that man.) I do recall my 10th grade counselor telling me I was an animal and I would soon be locked in a cage. So I can I count a successful life as one thus far survived, though I have achieved few of my dreams. I plod on. And dream.
That was cold...with a twist of bitters on the side. Understanding ones motives, if they are not your own is not always easy. As you age, you often realize-there is no turning chose your path, so you best embrace it.
Yours is a voice I would miss.
I started a film club at Cal State Northridge back in the 80's. One day I happened to ask how many people had also applied to USC and UCLA films schools, EVERYBODY raised their hand. No matter where you are, there are people around you that either were once a big shot, just missed being one, wanted to hang out with big shots, or who are very accomplished but have no avenue in which to express their talents. I think you fall into the final category.
If you want to increase your income, based on YOUR EXISTING TALENT, I can show you how to do it for one dollar a day, you just don't want to do it because it involves facebook.
Nice comments felix. Bob, you seem so non violent on your blog and on your facebook page.
Joseph, did you draw the images in this article you wrote?
Bro Redux
How the Bro Stole the Country
Joseph, I've just been reading your comment at 1:29. Please be clear. Whatever else is going on in your life you are NOT "letting people down." You are not letting anybody down as far as I can see.

Dump everything to one side if you have to. But talk through your ideas with 10 counselors -- if only to prove that they are all wrong and you really have been "letting people down." I'll bet you none of them say that.

Go to a crowded shopping mall, a fair showgrounds or crowded football stadium. Spend a whole day swimming in the noise and personalities of others, be overwhelmed by their presence, and then come back and see how you feel.

A lot of feelings are just mental noise. They don't actually mean anything, even though they insist they do.

Your only responsibility is to yourself, not "the people." Take care and take it easy.
Joseph, count me as another person who failed to live up to what others regarded as my early childhood promise. I lacked not only great talent, but the driving determination to achieve my goals no matter what. Along the way I let many people down.

I look back on my life sometimes with regret and melancholy, but while it was not all the things it might have been, it was NOT NOTHING.

I have also done good work, I have stood by friends, I write a blog that is not much in the total scheme of things, but is NOT NOTHING. I perform acts of kindness that partly offset my failures to be kind in earlier parts of my life.

I don't know much about your life, but I feel sure it is NOT NOTHING. You write a blog that I read every day and that adds positively to the sum total of human knowledge and insight. Your dog GEORGE has a truer friend than many humans do.

Your voice is important.
Regrets and failure are common in all humans experiences. You are somebody you are not nothing. I value you and so a lot of your readers so stop it
Reading the comments here almost put me into tears. I never suspected there were so many kind-hearted people frequenting here. You should be thankful Joe that you have people showing you so much love. It's an old fashioned thing these days, it seems, but wow would I like to run off with everyone and do a drum circle or something similarly hippified. Thanks to all you for letting me know a small slice of your selves. And, Joe, hang on bro. (Machi-- thanks for the shout-out. You da man.)
Hey, Joe, in our hearts, most of us are sure that by external standards, we're miserable, shameful failures. Still, some of those other failures love us, and need us. Our pets aren't even failures, and they love and need us. Be there for them until you can be there for you.
Forget the art, unless it's just for fun. You know what a crazy shark-tank the New York fine-art world is, don't you? You want to succeed there? Flip the image upside-down. Just suppose, for a moment, you were an amazing success in the art world. Is that the high-pressure, high-wire life you'd really want? Are you sure about that?

What you really are is a world-class political writer. Sure, it sucks the best writers don't get the cushy gigs at the Atlantic or the New York Times, but we all knew that going in, didn't we? Just like the New York-based world of fine art, you gotta know somebody to become famous.

Don't sell your writing and analytic gifts short. You're really good at this. As a semi-pro writer myself, I admire the sheer amount of work and research you put into your blog. It ain't no small thing, and you've been doing it for quite a while. Respect and honor all that hard work. You've had more influence than you realize.
I read your "Sistine Chapel" everyday. It's beautiful!
I know I was not alone in terribly missing your voice the last time the blog went on hiatus (a deserved vacation). If memory serves it was also towards the end of an election cycle. Aside from the larger life story-arc issues, these short term negatives do take a toll, and this election is so not redeemable. With the ticker and child stress issues you've had this spring I believe a vacation from your perceived obligation to write for us wouldn't hurt. But for me you will always be the ironman of writers. You've endured regularly creating new content for so long now that few storied newspaper columnists have topped it. Wow.
Joe, you are a fantastic blogger that I've followed for many years. You've made me think, made me reconsider my positions, made me laugh out loud. I consider that a success (as I know you've done that for many others). Success is overrated anyway, because once you have it, people just expect more and more of it from you. Never give up yourself or life. You've got a lot left to write, and probably more than that.
Btw, Joe. Not to get all pop-psychology on you but . . . major funks/depression are quite common after a major heart event. I've both worked with someone who experienced this and read that these waves of self-doubt are more the norm than the exception. And yes, it does interfere with work and daily life, trying to carry on while pushing through a very heavy, dark cloud. Keep the faith--in your work, your life (as in breathing in and out) and everything/everyone you love. Including George. If the sense of futility and doubt persists, I'd suggest talking to your doctor. Yes, I know this is somewhat embarrassing but there are medications that can get you over the hump. Even natural remedies which might work for you. You can, indeed, get to the other side. I suffered from depression as a teenager and young adult. It's no picnic. But it can be controlled.

You're a huge let down to thousands of people, Joe.
Try reading Agatha Christie's autobiography -she had a very interesting outlook on life and on careers-I'll let her tell you all about it if you like.
Ah c'mon, Joe! At least wait until after the election to retire.

This is all too (almost deliciously) awful to watch! Oh! The posts you could write!

Joseph, was hoping to have your take on the youtube "hoax" videos about the Orlando Shooting.

We can't expect credit for what we've done, especially not when most of what we've done in the last ten years is just--despite a bipartisan agenda opposing us--to make the world a little bit less bad.

Here's an example. A friend signed on for a video project opposing the oil trains running on century-old bridges down canyons feeding vital California water supplies.
He was told at the time by a qualified witness in the area that perhaps his presence as a videographer was inhibiting rail traffic in the area. The video never came off. Will my friend get credit for a video that never came off? We also serve, who only stand and wait. Credit is beside the point.

You're important, Joe. I'm impatiently looking forward to the end of the election so you can return to longer-term concerns.

Joseph, I've put some thoughts here. If they help, fine. If not feel free to ignore. Cheers.
Some of your best writing, Joe—I know it's a mixed blessing when it comes from such a melancholic place.

For some reason, this reminded me of a piece by Malcolm Gladwell (I know...) about Picasso and Cezanne, and the difference in their manners of artistic success. Essentially, Picasso's most "meaningful" works were made before he was 40, and Cezanne's most meaningful were made from his mid-50s on. Also thinking about how Will Eisner said that he was a bad painter and a bad writer, so he made comics... Which reminds me of your recent Bernie comic (which was great (nicely rendered hands))—what was with that Shirley Chisholm reference? I always thought she was pretty righteous.

Eat some veggies. Maybe learn mindfulness meditation. Just... don't let the bastards wear you down, Joe. I don't always agree with you, but I find your presence vital. Please—keep on keepin' on.
as a long time reader I would like to add my voice to the chorus of voices saying how brilliant & important your work is, including your artwork & videography - & especially now that Michael Caputo has joined Roger Stone in the shadows. see, I did read part 10 of Italkyoubored about R Stone & I bet a lot of other people did too. we need you to help the world connect all the dots & defeat the Repugs in November
Please come back--when you're ready....
Hey, Joe's ladyfriend! We all love him here, and we know he's either unwilling or unable to post. We respect that. I for one am not saying "come back and post" and "we need you to post". It would be great if he did, but if he wants to take it easy, for however long, then that's what he should do. Only if posting here again helps him, in all the circumstances, should he do it. Maybe a post a week might help. I dunno. Less analytical energy or care for wit, no problem. As I said, we all love Joe here. It's been the best blog on the internet and we're grateful. Why I'm writing now is to ask for a situation report. How's the old curmudgeon doing?
Unfortunately the realization of emptiness and powerlessness leads many into lifestyle choices of alcoholism and other addictions.
How about just two words. I am ok. then take a vacation
Anon, I am NOT okay. I'm in a kind of battle with a ghost from my past. If the ghost backs down, then things will be okay. Right now, things are in flux.
I have visited your blog every day for over 8 years. That has given me a least some idea of your character.
Based on that knowledge, I believe that you can battle any ghost and win. However, there is one senario where you would lose.
You cannot win if you do not fight with everything you have. That is how you have managed to collect such loyal readers. We admire your toughness and your grit.
So, take your time and fight the ghost and win. We will wait for you.
We're all with you, Joseph.

Joseph, agree with Peg......we are all with you.

I realized this week that I don't actually read other political blogs (I do read other non-political blogs). I used to read others, until I found yours. Don't know if that counts for anything, but for whatever it is worth, I find your blog the only one worth reading daily (I do usually always read blog posts you link to, so I realize there are other decent ones out there.......I just find yours is my go to and the only one I really need). Good luck with whatever it is you are dealing with, we will all be here if/when you are ready to blog again.
Kick the shit out of the ghost, Joe! We're all rooting for you!
In your corner.
If your ghost is financially driven, at least give us the opportunity to share leads with you. Just say the type of endeavor you would like to do, and see if we have any suggestions that might help.
We're with you.
Miss your voice, Joe. Hang in there, hope to see you back here soon.

Joseph, sorry if my previous posting was over the top. I felt a kinship with you and only wished to express support.

Not sure if you've seen this article, but know that it concerns an area of interest of yours, and mine:

Happy 4th of July! Joe!
Joseph, there's nothing wrong with seeing both sides of an issue. It's essential to the functioning of a judge or a diplomat or a journalist--and even to an honest advocate on the issue.

By all means, take a break. You might consider gathering selected writings over the years into a book. E-books can be inexpensively self-published these days. I'd also invite you to look forward to 2018 and the 50-year anniversaries of the murders of MLK and RFK, the attack that took Wallace out of the race (RMN could not have won had Wallace been running in November) and anything else from that time that captures your attention.

I am the only true anon. Pay no attention to the imposters.
Joseph, I don't know what your ghost is, whether real or imagined. I really miss your posts, so I do have a selfish reason for urging you to come back, but I also have struggled with depression intermittently throughout my life. I have finally learned how to deal with it (won't take medication), but I recognize when it is coming on and know what I have to do to fight it off. I suffered through a really bad time about thirty years ago, and the only way I can put this is that I was sitting on the edge of the abyss, and I clearly remember realizing that I could either jump into it, in which case I would never come back, or I could turn my back on it. I decided to turn my back on it, and have refused to approach the edge again. I wouldn't know you if you walked in my front door, but I know this about you from reading your work: you are a realist, and you've got a slow-burning anger. Both of these qualities can save you from anything, real or unreal. None of us out here can save you -- only you can do it. We just have the belief that you can kick ass and come out the other end. Don't take too much more time, or "it" will defeat you before you rouse yourself to the task. Thoughts are with you.
Good luck.
Joseph, if you ever want to switch careers to Consumer Advocacy, I could give you about 5 to 10 cases of financial terrorism against consumers. Not sure it would make any money however.
The Trump phenomenon alone is depressing enough!

Some thoughts...

* Trump is running an exceptionally savvy campaign, as the makers of this short video show well. It's been polarisation PR and then some.

* Trump's pitch is likely to shift after the two big conventions. He has already called Clinton "Heartless Hillary". Sure, that was in a gun context, but we're not talking about logic here. His use of Twitter has been extremely effective.

* I'm a neophyte where US electoral politics is concerned, but from what I've read it seems too late for an independent or new-party candidate to start a run. It makes little sense to do it if rather than winning a majority in the electoral college the aim would be to ensure that it's hung. I think it may even be too late to get a possibility of achieving a plurality.

* If Sanders runs, it will be through an existing third party. This could happen. "Green party's Jill Stein invites Bernie Sanders to take over ticket".
Some updated thoughts:

* Sanders won't go third-party.

* Roger Stone may start helping Green candidate Jill Stein.

If Stein gets enough votes from Democrats who supported Sanders in the primaries, and if she gets enough media coverage, she could win a larger vote share than Ralph Nader's 3% in 2000 - and put Trump into office.

That could happen if she gets a place in one or more of the big TV debates. For that, she will need 15% in polls, a goal that Trump backer Rupert Murdoch may be eager to help her achieve.

Trump himself could also assist. A classic example of a major-party candidate boosting a minor candidate, even if in this case it happened in a TV debate, occurred in Britain in 2010 when Tory David Cameron expressed agreement with Liberal Democrat candidate Nick Clegg, uttering the words "I agree with Nick". The LibDems, established for generations as Britain's third party, soared in the polls, even taking first place in some. In the election they then won a higher vote-share than in any year since 1929, except for when they ran in alliance with the newly-formed Social Democratic Party in 1983. Their rise in support following the obviously planned "I agree with Nick" statement was the sensation of the 2010 election, described by some twits as a "Cleggasm".

Could there be a Steingasm?

* Trump would do best to choose a running-mate who is Hispanic, female or black. The black vote is usually more solidly Democratic than the Hispanic vote. An ideal choice may be Susana Martinez, governor of New Mexico. The New York Times's assertion, in the context of Trump's criticisms of Martinez, that Trump "cannot seem to contain his freewheeling, sometimes offensive riffs" is less than convincing.
Peter Gaffney at Salon says vote Stein so that Trump will win, which will help the Democratic party. (Yes, that's what he says.)
Everything is better Hillary with bernies backing.
I don't think most people who come here view you as selfish, but no matter what problem you are battling, why also be selfish? Just change the paradigm of your column. Instead of being about politics or all things political, why don't you announce a call for content, what is truly important to your readers. To just do nothing when you have built up a following when you could harness and alter your column's direction seems, unnecessarily selfish.
Hope you're feeling better and getting paid to do your creative stuff.
What does Roger Stone think when he reads this?
You crazy bastard. Now, where is the stuff? YOUR stuff. Waiting...

I'm not being selfish, Alessandro -- at least, I hope not. I may be close to solving my little problem.
I'm glad to hear from you.
"A group of left-leaning Clinton critics reportedly plans a "fart-in" at the Democratic convention. Organized by an anti-poverty activist who was Stein's Green party vice-presidential running mate in 2012, the group intends to sound its bean-fuelled displeasure over what it views as the Democratic nominee's hot air, by releasing some hot air of its own." (They mean Cheri Honkala.)

That's from a piece in the IFP on the increasing interest in Jill Stein.

A fart-in is straight out of Saul Alinsky.

Don't these young hacks know about anything that happened pre-Facebook?

Jill Stein told me the man she most fears is Joseph Cannon! (joke)

Glad to see your phantasm, Joe.
Glad to hear the Ghostbusters team is hard at work with the Roto-Rooter. Looking forward to your return, Joe!
I meant selfish in terms of wasteful by simply letting something sit unused that you have built up over a long time with no intention of continuing. IF you're on a leave of absence, then of course you are not being selfish.
Also, you work very hard at your column, if you only did one or two columns a week that would be better than working so hard yet feeling unfulfilled.
Glad you are starting to feel better, Joseph.
Hi Joseph,

Just wanted to let you know that I check your site every day to see if you have returned, and I will keep on do it until you do.

Your words mean a lot to so many of us.

Hope to hear from you again someday...whenever you are ready.
Thanks guys. You know, I THINK it is safe now to come out of hiding again. One of these days I'll tell the whole story, maybe. Sorry if I've seemed cryptic.

Right now, the big trouble is -- you folks know more about the news than I do. Every time I look at cable teevee or read the news sites on the web I just feel sick to my stomach. So I've been writing a book that has nothing to do with politics.

(Well, very little to do with politics. It's hard to avoid the political completely.)

Good god. It's a daily horror out there. All events seem to be working to Trump's benefit. And he's slowly gaining on Hillary. His numbers are very close to hers in Ohio, and Ohio IS the election.
Good God, I look away for half a day and Joseph is back!
Thank God though because I was rehearsing one of my rants about how dare you let people set expectations for you, don't you know how many people out there really care about who you are and like you as you are (well like doesn't always apply but respect does- just kidding), how can you go missing when all hell is breaking loose in the world not to mention in Amerika.
Thank God I don't have to write that- LOL
Now, as for all the news out there, I am listening to the goings on at the RNC convention and trying not to barf.
So let's move on. I read somewhere that Erdogan engineered the coup himself so he can tighten his grip on Turkey.
What are your thoughts on that?
Welcome back Joe
I think Melania fixed the Trump problem.
As I recall from past conventions, each party gains a "bump" from their own convention, so the democrats should get one as well. I still can't get over how white every republican convention has been, since who knows when.
Josh Marshall thinks Trump is on the payroll of Putin.
I look forward to when you emerge from hiding, Joe.

On Trump...

A Russian bank funds the French National Front. Brexit leader Boris Johnson was widely accused (source obscure - readers will know what that means) of being a "Kremlin apologist". He's now British Foreign Secretary - the first for 150 years to have no previous government experience, no experience even as a shadow minister, and no experience in foreign affairs. And by the way, he's a US citizen and a known liar and thug. That Russia was involved in funding the UK Independence Party and the Leave side in the Brexit referendum seems very likely. Meanwhile Trump's advisers Paul Manafort and Carter Page have close ties to oligarchs in Russia and the Ukraine.

Hillary Clinton's brand isn't pugilistic enough for her to call Trump a traitor. He can shift into the middle; she can't go out to the side. That makes it difficult for her either to defend or to attack. All she will be able to do is to present niceness and good sense, while trying not to shift the focus onto her performance when she was in office - because Trump already has his hooks in there. She is in trouble.

Trump's campaign is not shambolic. The next time I hear that said, I'll feel like vomiting. It is brilliant. His campaign is strapped for cash? He can't take Repuglican Party support for granted? That's all bullshit. Who the fuck else are the National Rifle Association going to back? Some words from the right-wing crook Conrad Black, Trump supporter and former controller of Hollinger International: "Trump will carpet-bomb the country in September and October with a billion dollars of reminders of Benghazi (she slept while her ambassador was murdered), the televised apology to the world’s Muslims, the FBI director’s non-indictment indictment; the malodorous conflicts of the Clinton Foundation entwined with the Clinton State Department."

Theresa May, Britain's new prime minister, launched her campaign at the Royal United Services Institute, who are pushing the line that a military confrontation with Russia in the Baltic area is a strong possibility in the near future. If that happens, millions can bend down and kiss their arses goodbye. NATO and Russia piling hardware into the Baltic states and Kaliningrad - a part of Russia separated from the rest by Lithuania and Latvia and from Belarus by Lithuania and Poland - is not going to increase either side's security. On the contrary, it is going to hasten the start of the armed conflict stage of WW3, in which the psychological warfare has already begun. By 2018, when the football world cup is supposed to be held in Moscow, St Petersburg and the aforementioned Kaliningrad, I doubt that many people will be thinking about football.

On her first appearance in parliament as prime minister, May avowed that she would be willing to give the order for 100,000 innocent people to be killed in a nuclear attack. That was one hell of an acceptance speech.

In a sign of just how interpenetrating the sides are - the sides that are taking the world towards a major war - the First Czech-Russian Bank, which lent the money to the French National Front, has just had its licence revoked by the Russian central bank.
@OldCoastie - I found that article by John Marshall. One interesting Trump client he mentions is Alexander Mashkevich. Marshall describes him as "a billionaire once charged in a corruption case involving fees paid by a Belgian company seeking business in Kazakhstan". Mashkevich is a bigger figure than that description conveys. From Kyrgyzstan, he is the moneybags behind the Kazakh dictator Nursultan Nazarbayev, and he owns much of Kazakhstan's economy - as much as 25% of it, some say, including the Eurasian Bank. He sometimes gets described nowadays as a "London-based Israeli", and he's a leading figure in the Eurasian Jewish Congress (sometimes called Euro-Asian), which he founded.

The idea of Eurasia is big in Kazakhstan. In the architecturally striking new capital city Astana, there's even a Eurasian National University (sic), once visited by Condoleezza Rice when she was US Secretary of State.



Know what I'm thinking?

(Some light relief by Alexander Dugin).
Terrific stuff, b.

"Theresa May, Britain's new prime minister, launched her campaign at the Royal United Services Institute, who are pushing the line that a military confrontation with Russia in the Baltic area is a strong possibility in the near future."

Eric Zuesse is pushing the same line (also PCR here). We can question the source but it's a damned serious issue and entirely possible.

Zuesse reports on a German newspaper leak of a Bundeswehr decision to declare Russia to be an "enemy nation" of Germany.

PCR says: "Zhirinovsky is the founder and leader of Russia’s Liberal Democratic Party and a vice chairman of the Russian parliament. In a confrontation with the editor of a German newspaper, Zhirinovsky tells him that German troops again on Russia's border will provoke a preventive strike after which nothing will remain of German and NATO troops. 'The more NATO soldiers in your territory, the faster you are going to die. To the last man. Remove NATO from your territory!'"

Conn Hallinan recounts the nuclear standoff history and says that the parties are currently in conflict mode. He especially notes that NATO is being deliberately opaque about any possible conflict tripwires:

"... to put the burden of the doubt on potential adversaries, exercises should not point at any specific nuclear thresholds."

It is official NATO policy to play chicken with nuclear weapons.
While Bernie himself seems to have finally gotten onside, if the first few hours of the Democratic convention are any invitation, a significant number of his crazed followers seem bound and determined to put Trump into office.

As too is Vladimir Putin...a fact you alerted us to months ago, Joseph.

Please, Please, PLEASE come back.

We desperately need your knowledge and insight!
dj, what can I do? In truth, I've pretty much solved my little "ghost from the past" problem -- I THINK. But my god, it's all so hopeless. Trump's going to win with Putin's help, just as I predicted months ago. Assange is turning out to be a Nazi. Hillary is becoming one of the most hated people in the country.

It's all so bloody depressing.
Trump has to win half the women in this country, some minorities and most of white men. I keep working the 270 to win map and I can't see a path for Donnie. There is a huge army of women in this country who are going to put Hillary in the White House. Don't give up yet!
Putin can do whatever he wants. He is not going to influence the election. The cat is out of the bag, and HRC will easily win in November. The demographics and electoral map make it impossible for Trump to win.
God damn Assange Nazi and Putin protects that Snowden traitor too. Nobody should pay any attention to those emails or anything Snowden said because it was obtained illegally. NSA rocks and nothing wrong with those emails. I hear and see nothing because I wasn't supposed to hear or see it...that's the kind of Patriot I am...I'm with you guys!

I think I will forgive that biotch GF too for cheating as I may have overstepped my boundaries to find the truth going that means it wasn't really true or should not matter. Thanks for the insight.

I must have no life as I am participating in comments on a Blog that isn't even active...Wow!
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