Thursday, July 28, 2016

Never forget who the Bernie Bros are REALLY working for.

The Bernie die-hards are going to do everything they can to ruin Hillary's speech tonight. Of course, we now know that Team Bernie was always part of the Russian conspiracy to put Trump into the White House. I'm not sufre if Bernie himself was cognizant of the scheme, but Bernie's campaign manager, Tad Devine, was part of the Stone/Manafort team operating on behalf of Vladimir Putin.

Let's take another look at a post of which I am particularly proud...

I did find Suaan McDougal's husband dying in jail just before his release somewhat suspicious. Bernie seems like the real deal to me. However, that does not mean that I don't believe in a Russian angle to subvert the american presidency. Kennedy's assassination by Oswald after the U.S. humiliated Russia over the Cuba Missile Crisis so going forward, sure, they probably have had a hand.
Hackers using auto reply functions for the comments section is a bit spooky.
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Could you imagine a foreign country using auto respond technology for the comments section of political articles to drive hate against a politician from another country to the point where that politician's life is in danger, all without ever leaving the country they reside in. That is scary shit.
Oswald was NOT working for the Russians, and didn't kill Kennedy. I'm sure Joseph knows this as well. That said, of course Putin wants someone sympathetic to him in the Presidency, but mainly probably wants to create chaos in America in general to take the eye off of him (which a Trump Presidency would assure).
Welcome back
Oswald was from Cuba.
if you bookmark DailyPUMA you would know when CannonFire has a new article out because the Cannonfire article title link would go to the top of the DailyPUMA column in which it is featured.
Glad to be reading you again, Joseph.
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