Friday, July 29, 2016

The love that dare not speak its name

It's nice to see so many people pounce on a story that this humble blog was exploring before anyone else.

By the way: I was surprised at how well Hillary did. Great speech


b said...

The western war party is already using Trump's Russia comments as fuel for promoting war with Russia:

Uri Friedman's piece in The Atlantic, for which he interviewed recently retired NATO general Richard Shirreff, whom I've mentioned before.

NATO stationing permanent combat forces in Poland and the Baltic states would seem to violate the NATO-Russia Founding Act of 1997. John Kornblum, the US undersecretary of state for European affairs who helped negotiate the agreement, now says "It’s not legally binding (...) (T)here’s nothing to violate."

Meanwhile Jens Stoltenberg, NATO Secretary-General, is a Steinerite nutter.

The Green Party's convention will be on 4-7 August. No prizes for which major candidate will get a bounce out of it.

Just a hunch, but is there a Steinerite presence in the US Greens?

A big connection with Triodos Bank would be ample evidence.

Here's one Steiner kook limbering up for an effort to "win" Sanders supporters for Stein, but he looks as though he's operating on his own.

Bob Harrison said...

So far the Stein supporters I've encountered seem almost as nutty and incapable of critical thinking as the Bros.

Anonymous said...

You do not need to have a sophisticated cyber warfare operation, to hack into an insecure server. In all likelihood dozens of foreign intelligence services have the contents of HRC's server (including the missing deleted emails).

Steve said...

I'm confused. I've been reading this blog now and then for many years and found it always Chock full of facts and research. Albeit, wikipedia style where if there is a link on the net, it is a fact once you link to it. Did that Nazi Trump guy commit treason? Why isn't he in jail or shot if he did this? Give me more details to read about how he sucks off other males...that's juicy! Thanks for catching me up.

Quite honestly, when I think about BJs, I think about Bill's speech where he described his storybook marriage to Hillary where either he left some chapters out or I was completely wrong about history.

BTW, I just saw a clip where Hillary said the Russians should hack into Trumps taxes and display those to everyone. Do you think there is some sort of hidden connection with Russians there or treason? It could maybe just be a funny comment/response that I am reading too much into.

Just sayin' everyone is entitled to their opinions but this blog used to be all about heavy research and facts...wasn't it?

Anonymous said...

how about voting machines . This is scary

Alessandro Machi said...

I think it's logical to say, don't write anything on a computer that you don't to be credited for. On the other hand, I wonder if the FBI is using Hillary Clinton as email bait, trying to get other countries to believe anything she ever wrote is truthful. Hillary Clinton is constantly accused of being a liar, yet we are to believe her emails are 100% the truth?
The FBI wants Hillary Clinton's emails found so that they can proclaim Hillary Clinton sent out truthful info that can damage the U.S.
This creates the precedent that all emails are truthful and allows for future U.S. officials to not tell the truth in their emails so that it confuses other countries into accept false data as true.

Corby said...

The computer that was hacked was the campaign computer, not Hillary's server that she used while Secretary of State. There is no evidence the latter was ever hacked. There is plenty of reason to believe her personal server was more secure than that of the State Department itself -- it cannot be characterized as an insecure server. Note also that her personal server was used for personal and non-sensitive communications so anything obtained by hacking it would not compromise national security. That has been attested to by the FBI (Comey) and the State Dept.

Clinton is the victim in this latest hacking event. It is similar to the access of her records by Bernie's campaign except this time it is Russian hackers breaking in. This is not because Clinton was careless or her computers were "insecure." It is because skilled professional hackers decided to attack her campaign. Whether they are Russians or someone else remains to be seen, but this has nothing to do with the other so-called email scandal.

Anonymous said...

Surprised that nobody's connected NATO General Breedlove's hacked emails to all this yet. Seems like a no-brainer.


Anonymous said...

i'm with Steve : 3:35 PM...
cheers james