Monday, June 06, 2016


Carolyn Kay just sent me a link to the most mind-blowing story I've seen in a while.
Ex-Colleague of Two Top Trump Allies Launches Pro-Clinton Group
Craig Snyder, who worked with Trump's campaign manager and an adviser, is now chairing Republicans for Hillary 2016.
Guess who Snyder counts among his past associates?
Snyder, who is chairing the group, co-founded Ikon Public Affairs along with Roger Stone, a Trump ally and informal adviser.
Snyder was also chief of staff for Arlen "Single Bullet" Specter. When Arlen was facing his toughest election, he called upon Roger Stone to put him over the top.

(Despite the Specter/Stone team-up, there are still some young dolts who take Stone's JFK assassination book seriously.)
During the 1996 presidential election, Snyder reported to Paul Manafort, now Trump's campaign chairman, in the effort to elect GOP candidate Bob Dole.
Manafort is Stone's long-time partner. Stone can't openly chair Trump's campaign because Stone's outrageous polyamorous "swinger" lifestyle caused problems for Bob Dole in 1996. (Everyone knows that the widely-reported Trump-Stone "breakup" was pure theater.)
Snyder says he plans to use targeted digital and broadcast advertising in markets where there are persuadable Republican voters. He cites suburban married women as one constituency that has traditionally voted Republican but may be scared off by Trump.
Here's Craig's website.

So what's the deal here? Maybe it's simply a way to rob Republicans who might want to support an actual pro-Clinton effort.

It is true Snyder praised Clinton a few months ago, due to her positions on health issues. (I am convinced that Snyder's interest in autism is quite genuine.) So maybe he genuinely holds her in high regard.

But I doubt it. I smell mischief. Snyder was a partner of the King of Political Deceit, so it's safe to bet that he has something up his sleeve other than his elbow.

Snyder has been involved in deception operations before...
In 2004, there were two incidents involving Arlen Specter’s campaign which felt eerily similar to those long ago Nixon dirty tricks. Specter was facing a hard fight in the Republican primary against a more conservative challenger, Pat Toomey. Snyder assembled a PAC called Pennsylvanians for Honest Politics, which put together a radio ad that attacked Toomey for failing, during an interview on Hardball with Chris Matthews, to call for criminal sanctions against a woman who gets an abortion. “Somebody who claims to be on our side had the opportunity to say abortion is murder,” screeched the ad. “Instead of showing the nation real pro-life leadership, Toomey shrunk like a frightened turtle.” Specter would pull off a narrow win, doing far better in conservative counties than expected.
Toomey -- a staunch abortion foe -- was made to seem insufficiently staunch. His support on the right was thus weakened, garnering a narrow win for Specter (who was not an abortion opponent).

Note the pattern. Today, there is a campaign to make Hillary -- the most liberal presidential candidate since FDR -- seem insufficiently liberal. The goal is to weaken her support among Democrats and thus toss the election to Trump.
Well, they've just called the nomination for Hillary....not sure if it's a trap, too, something for the Beriebots to whine about, but Obama called Bernie on Sunday and word is his team is somber.

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