Monday, June 06, 2016

Crooked Bernie Sanders

Tommy Christopher (no doubt one of those paid shills for Hillary we hear so much about) reveals that the Bernie campaign tried to rig the Puerto Rico vote -- and then accused the Clinton campaign of being up to no good.
The Bernie Sanders presidential campaign, which doesn’t seem to have ever met anyone who wasn’t trying to rig the election against them, now stands accused of slashing the number of polling places for the Puerto Rico Democratic primary, from a planned 1,510 stations to only 432. On Sunday night, MSNBC’s Tony Dokoupil reported that National Committeewoman of the Democratic Party of Puerto Rico and Superdelegate Liza Ortiz claimed that the rduction in polling places came at the request of the Sanders campaign, which did not have enough volunteers to staff poll watchers at 1,500 stations...
The Sanders campaign denied any wrongdoing, of course. Also see here.
When word of the poll reductions first spread, many Bernie Sanders supporters online accused Hillary Clinton’s camp of orchestrating the move in order to suppress voters. There have been widespread conspiracy theories that Clinton’s backers and Clinton herself have been responsible for a series of voting irregularities, from closed poll places in Arizona to voters taken off the rolls in Brooklyn.

There was no evidence to connect Clinton to any of these — and in fact there was often clear evidence of local election boards and state legislatures behind the moves — but it didn’t stop Bernie Sanders supporters from alleging that Clinton was committing massive election fraud.
But on Sunday, for the first time, there was evidence of one party directly intervening to reduce poll places — and it was allegedly Bernie Sanders who did it. Nate Cohn of the New York Times tweeted that it was actually Sanders who asked for a reduction in polling places as they did not have sufficient volunteers to fill their role of monitoring voting counts.
Note the double standards. To the BernieBullies, any accusation against Hillary should be considered valid -- never mind the lack of proof. See, for example, the work of Libertarian ratfucker H.A. Goodman (now pretending to be a progressive), who has been predicting a Hillary indictment any day now the past six months.

Remember: The FEC never fingered Hillary for campaign violations -- they fingered Bernie (who still can't explain where $23 million came from). Bernie's people stole DNC data and then pretended that they were being unfairly targeted. Bernie still refuses to release his taxes -- an obvious indication that he is hiding something. Bernie promised to run a positive, issues-based campaign -- and ended up running on smears.

And yet we are continually told not to trust Hillary.

Young, dumb and full of Trump. Remember when we were told that the millennials were all hip, cool, anti-racist socialists? Well, the Reddit political channel is the home of the millennials, and last time I checked, it was all Trump Trump Trump.

Millennials are not socialists. They are not anti-racism. They don't care that Trump wants to continue draconian law enforcement efforts in black communities. They don't care about the minimum wage or affordable housing. They don't care about the TPP treaty. They don't care about income inequality. They don't care that Trump will give Wall Street the go go go signal. They don't care that Trump seeks war with Iran. They don't care that Trump is Sheldon Adelson's boy. They don't care about Trump's links to Joseph Schmitz, Waled Phares and other ultra-neocons.

The only thing that millennials care about is A) pot and B) any conspiracy theory that demonizes either the Clintons or the Democrats.

Can we now finally all admit that it was ludicrous to posit that millennial voters were sufficient to put Bernie in the Oval Office and then bring a wave of socialists into college? That idea must be the single most insane notion I've heard in all my years of watching politics -- and yet smart people like Robert Reich bought into it!

At best, only 55% of millennials approved of Sanders -- and approval does not necessarily translate into votes. And many of those who registered their approval could be turned around, if subjected to the right sort of propaganda campaign. The young are sooooooo gullible.

In fact, I would go so far as to posit that millennials are the most reactionary sector of the electorate.

Why? Because they have displayed the greatest gullibility when it comes to truly bonkers conspiracy theories. Not all conspiracy theories enter from stage right, but in my experience (and I've been studying this area for more three decades), the worst theories invariably burble up from the tar pits of reactionary politics. How can anyone expect common sense from a generation of nitwits trained to embrace any idea, however ill-founded, that flies in the face of received wisdom?

You think we're done with Bernie? Think again. I cannot agree with Bostonboomer over on Skydancing...
Of course we still have to deal with Old Mr. Nasty, Bernie Sanders; but nothing he does after tomorrow will make any difference. He is going to find himself shunned and ignored if he continues his path of attacking the Democratic nominee. The man is on his last legs.
Oh, there sure as hell is one thing he can do that will make a difference: Run as an independent -- as a write-in candidate, if need be.

I'm predicting that he will do just that.


I know that this claim sounds like an off-the-wall One day, I will be vindicated.

This election is, in some ways, a replay of 1980. Back then, every John Anderson supporter would have scoffed at the idea that his "independent" run was a creation of Republican ratfuckers. Yet so it was.
In an interview with KABC-TV 7 News, Sanders was asked about the offer from Green Party candidate Jill Stein for Sanders to fill the party’s ticket.

His answer was far from a definitive “no.”

“Right now, our goal is to win the Democratic nomination,” Sanders said.
My predictions: Bernie will run as an independent, citing as justification some non-existent outrage committed by the DNC. In the coming months, Sanders will continue to receive almost entirely positive press, while Clinton will receive nothing but smears.

End result: Trump will win the general, with Bernie coming in second.

I hope I'm wrong. If I am, I will positively savor the taste of crow. But right now, you have my forecast.
I'm buying the Old Crow right now. It will work either way, but you are right.

Another clue? Maybe it's just for bucks that the news media works overtime to create a horserace. But they will work overtime and they have already been working overtime to fluff Trump 24-7.

(Remember how hard they had to work to fluff Dubya, and the entire election narrative was from his POV.)

What's past is present.

Aren't there a bunch of sore loser laws in many states?

He better get busy - time is short for getting on the ballot.

I also think he is out of money. Rove is going to have to raise some more.
I think it's too late for Bernie Bundy to run as an Independent. He's too lazy to figure out the process, deadlines and rules for each state and his minions are too ignorant. I agree that he will not go away. I predict Bernie Bundy and his cult will "occupy" the DNC convention and tweet demands that the DNC provides snacks. I'm only half kidding.
The television media has been pushing Trump for a long time, and as fellow "entertainers", regard him as one of their own. It's all about the tribalism.

Meanwhile, the "liberal" NYT and WaPo have been going after the Clintons since the early Nineties, while forgetting their shilling for the Iraq War during the GWB years. Hillary's Senate vote for the AUMF had little consequence one way or the other, but the steady drumbeat of fictional articles in the NYT and WaPo were absolutely essential in getting the War through the Congress. No apologies whatever from the NYT and WaPo for what they did.

Moving forward, the litmus test for Bernie is what he does after he gets the inevitable conversation with the President. If he really is Stone's captive, he'll became the Nader Pied Piper for 2016. If Stone has captured his campaign manager, Bernie will cut him loose after the money grift runs dry. So we will see what happens.
And I forgot to say I agree that he's working for Roger Stone who's working for ????

But Bernie Bundy felt like a rodent procreator to me from day 1. I knew some vile force was propping him up.
Not going to happen. Clinton will be elected president.
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