Sunday, June 05, 2016

Dog news

After a very bad week -- and after a particularly horrible day -- my pooch George seems to have made a decent recovery. He wants to thank everyone who has donated to the "George fund." My gratitude is profound and humbling.

The most persuasive argument in favor of religion is that belief in God gives you someone to thank when your dog recovers.

I know I've said it several times before, but -- how do you people with actual human children do it? How do you keep your equilibrium when your offspring get ill? If I had reproduced, I'd be out of my skull with worry every time the kid stubbed his or her toe.

Diabetes is a strange disease. The pancreas is such a delicate piece of equipment, supplying just enough insulin to meet the body's needs at any given moment. One would think that once-a-day or twice-a-day insulin injections would be a ridiculously poor substitute -- yet millions of people and animals manage to live well under this regimen. 

Yes, but great things are on the horizon for diabetics. There are trials of regenerative techniques that may be available for dogs.
I am so glad to hear George is doing better. I have dogs and I know how you feel.My dogs are my four legged furry kids.
I'm glad to hear about George's recovery, Joseph. Hope he continues to get better.

I don't have any children of my own, but I do know of the fear and worry when a child gets sick, having taken care of my niece during her early childhood. It can be nerve-wracking, and when they do get better, yes, there is a profound feeling of relief (and thanking a higher power--I'm not the most religious person on Earth, but I'm not an atheist).

First, there's a difference between kids and pets. Pets never grow up and learn to look after themselves, kids do.
Second, you adopt the Buddhist ideology when you have kids. Strong attachments to people are as dangerous as strong attachments to things.
Just kidding. I have one of those (kids). He is 31. I worry about him everyday.

Oh! I'm so happy he's feeling better!

It's not easy. My oldest is a 15 year old shepherd mix. Every week is a new adventure.

He's the best dog I've ever had. He's still enthused about life. Hard to not do the best I can for him.

Thanks for letting us know.
Thanks for the update - my best to you both.

Thank Dogness!

And lol to M!
Old Coastie: Treasure every moment with your shepherd mix. The oldest dog recorded (as of a few years ago) was a British pooch named Bella -- a name that resonated with me. THAT Bella reached the age of 28. And surprisingly, she was a good-sized dog...
Happy to hear he's better now. About the children, you never stop worrying. You just learn to manage it.
Right now I'm down to three dogs, two Corgis and an AB. It is extremely difficult to lose a beloved pet, and having a sick child is horrible, too. My daughter had to have surgery at six months. But I think the thing that gives you the most anxiety is having a child in combat. My son is right now in his 8th combat tour. (Yes, there is a rant waiting to vulcanize about that.) But I'm thrilled that another dog lover is getting some relief and his dog is doing better!
Dear Joseph:

I am so glad George seems to turning the corner, health wise. Every time my dog, Rudy, a handsome little Rat Terrier who looks very much like George, has a health issue I am overcome with the fear of losing him. I wish veterinarians didn't charge so much these days. My prayers are with you and George and his continued good health.
I have a hierarchy which puts the kids at the bottom, the dogs a step up and the grandkids at the top (my wife is a separate category based on her mood). The big difference between children and dogs is that we expect to outlive our dogs, but nobody expects (or wants) to outlive the kids.
Guys...thank you. Seriously, yesterday I practically needed a sedative. And most of the time, I don't let very much get to me...
So glad to hear your adorable doggie is getting better! They're really the light of our lives, aren't they?

As for kids ... well, you get desensitized (a little) after they leave home. Unlike dogs, adult children conceal smaller problems out of a desire for privacy, so you don't hear about problems until things have completely blown up and needs urgent intervention from the older and more experienced person (that's you). You discover a lot about yourself, and where your own attitudes come from.
Joseph I am so happy your dog is doing better!!!! there is almost nothing worse than a pet being that sick ----we are animal lovers in my family so I'm very happy to hear that !!!And thank you for your deep research you've done and your fantastic writing on these articles about the Bernie Sanders and this whole phenomenon of 2016 that's going on thank you!! Now, if Bernie has any decency at all, he will drop out--its beyond rudiculous and destructive for him to stay in the race---if that's indeed what he plans!!
All the best,
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