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In other words, Bernie's a dick

The image to your left deliberately mirrors a reactionary graphic that circulated after Vietnam. I recall it well, although I can't find an example online. (The WWI version is here.)

Apparently, this image has deep and profound meaning for the BernieBullies. My god -- do these clownish cultists actually think that MSNBC has given Bernie Sanders insufficiently respectful treatment?

For many months, MSNBC has stood for Master Sanders Needs Bootlicking and Compliance. The so-called "liberal" network has offered no substantive discussion of the problems outlined in my piece "50 Reasons why Sanders would lose all 50 states." Yet the BernieBullies complain that the network's fellation of Dear Leader has not gone all the way down to the root: "I wanna hear CHOKING sounds! I wanna see pubic hair in your TEETH!"

The BernieBully attacks on Rachel Maddow have been particularly obnoxious, and have carried more than a whiff of misogyny.

In this stab-in-the-back image, two names are conspicuous by their absence: Not even the most brain-dead Berner could make the case that Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski have not been fighting on behalf of Dear Leader.

If Bernie is running to Hillary's left, why is he endorsed by Scarborough -- MSNBC's very own Republican -- and the proud daughter of Zbigniew "worse-than-Kissinger" Brezinksi? If I were running for the Democratic nomination, I'd rather have Rachel Maddow and Chris Hayes on my side.

The BernOut movement have tossed the "Establishment shill" canard at Paul Krugman, Jerry Brown, Al Franken, Rachel Maddow, Chris Hayes, Planned Parenthood and Elizabeth Warren. Actual BernieBully quote on Warren: "Next time Warren runs for office, whatever that office may be, let's not forget how she didn't stand up for the progressive candidate during this election when it counted." (The same BernieBully then suggested raising money for her foes.)

Meanwhile, who has been helping Bernie? Well, we have the asshole pseudoliberals who conspired to give us Dubya: Michael Moore, Tom Tomorrow, Ralph Nader, Maureen Dowd. I'll say it again: Whenever you see a movement that assails Paul Krugman while applauding Dowd, vote the other way.

Notice to Michael Moore: I ain't paying money for your movies if you keep working for the Republicans -- Dubya 2000, Trump 2016. You're the "sicko," bub -- and the name of your sickness is Clinton Derangement Syndrome.

Did Sanders supporters steal ballot boxes? The Hill published a remarkable story on the Puerto Rico election (which Hillary won in a landslide)...
The head of the Democratic Party of Puerto Rico slammed the Sanders campaign on Saturday for accusing it of unfairly denying poll workers access to prisons to help inmates vote.

"I am appalled at the remarks from the spokesperson of the Bernie Sanders Campaign in Puerto Rico, Ms. Betsy Franceschini," local Democratic Party president Roberto Prats said in a statement.

Franceschini had accused party officials in Puerto Rico of witholding certifications from Sanders officials, initially preventing them from organizing voters in prisons.

"The claim that the Democratic Party is delaying the certification of the Sanders' poll workers is preposterous. The first complete set of pollworkers for tomorrow's primary we have certified were all from the Sander's Campaign."

Prats also said that certifying poll workers is out of the hands of the party and that the Sanders campaign did not allow much time before they began accusing the party of fraud.

"Inmate voting is handled not by the Democratic Party but by the Commonwealth's Absentee and Advance Vote Administrative Board," Prats said. "I have been told that the Sanders campaign submitted their prison pollworker list at 6:10 pm on the evening prior to inmate voting and began complaining early in the following morning that the Board had not completed their pollworker's certification. But in the end, despite the late submittal, the Sanders campaign had representatives at the prison voting places."

He also accused the Sanders campaign of stealing two boxes of ballots that had been cast by prisoners before delivering them to an election office.
Classic Bernie! The Sanders campaign commits election fraud, and they cover their tracks with bombastic and baseless accusation that Sanders was slighted. We've seen this before, when Team Sanders stole confidential voter data from the Hillary campaign. When the theft was discovered, Sanders -- in what we now know to be a characteristic move -- went into high dudgeon, claiming that the DNC was trying to suppress him. What more evidence do we need? Bernie Sanders is one devious sunvabitch.

Here's another telling exchange with one of Bernies' deranged cultists:

Yes. Because everyone knows that Donald Trump is all about lower rents. And everyone knows that the Supreme Court has no impact on "real issues." And everyone knows that President Sanders would have the magic power to lower everyone's rent.

Erect and engorged: Sasha Stone has written a remarkably good piece which deserves to be read in full. I can't resist quoting a few choice bits:
The famously obstinate and “holier than thou” temperament Sanders projected was off-putting to his colleagues. Well, to most of them. Not, as it turns out, to an ally who is now the sole focus of his ire — Hillary Clinton. Clinton was a Senator who COULD work with everyone, and still does. As fellow senators, they were on cordial terms, voting along the same lines 93% of the time. They remained friends for over a decade — until the pain of losing to his former colleague became too much for Sanders to bear.
All the same, it must have irked Sanders that this woman who had gained prominence as the wife of Bill Clinton rose so fast to be elected Senator from New York and then swiftly proceeded to get things done. She was only in the Senate for two terms, but she accomplished more in that time than Sanders had done during twice as many years in D.C. He would claim that’s because she’s “establishment” — he’d say they’re all establishment, everyone but him. Yes, they are. That’s our government. That’s how it was designed in the Constitution. Three branches, very much established. You can lay blame or credit for solidifying that establishment on FDR, who was as establishment as they come. (You, Senator Sanders, are no FDR).
Precisely. I wish I had enough spit in my guts to drench the faces of all the ill-read dolts who claim that Bernie is the new FDR. No. He's not. He's the new incarnation of those fools who repeatedly called FDR a capitalist tool. The "democratic socialists" of FDR's day wanted the Republicans to win, on the grounds that worsening conditions might speed along their sick dreams of revolution.
Like Trump, whose entire campaign has been based on four catch-phrase words: Make America Great Again, the Sanders campaign latched onto a few key terms that are easy to chant: Oligarchy, Billionaires, Wall Street, Goldman Sachs. He cleverly distinguished himself from Clinton and other Democrats by making them not Trump, the enemy. Essentially trying to equate Democrats with the GOP. In consequence, Hillary Clinton came to represent, to Bernie’s followers, all those things that he railed against — he did his best to depict her as the walking embodiment of everything wrong with America.

Because the Clinton campaign was taken aback by Bernie Sanders’ “artful smear” that quickly turned into a full-blown campaign of destruction, and because her long-term goal was party unity, she avoided branding Sanders with insidious words meant to injure. Her supporters would not stoop to the level of Trump supporters or, as it turned out, Bernie supporters to match insult for insult. Just as Trump has “Crooked Hillary,” Bernie stans have labels like $hillary or Hildebeast. As of now, the only thing that really separates your average Bernie supporter from your average Trump supporter is one word: Benghazi.
Though it will take some time for his most rabid supporters to be deprogrammed, what will finally stand as the biggest stain on the Sanders legacy is the way he directly tried to undermine Clinton on the same day she went after Donald Trump most forcefully — in what will certainly be remembered not only as her best speech to date, but probably among the best political speeches ever given.

You see, for Bernie, it’s still all about Bernie. It’s still about a god’s rise. He can’t accept Hillary’s rise and triumph — even if his denial risks the fate of the country. Has any politician in recent memory ever abandoned so much to achieve so little?

The old Bernie many of us once respected is gone. He doesn’t exist anymore and maybe he never did. After all, in the end, men are men. White male rage has been awakened on both the right and the left — it is erect, it is engorged, and it is now seeking release.
In other words, Bernie's a dick.
I'm a Swiss living in Paris and I don't care a lot about Bernie but as oppose to you I don' like Hillary who's scaring me about foreign policy.

This from “Sic Semper Tyrannis” (retired colonel Pat Lang from DIA):
Bernie is waiting, waiting for the FBI ...

In this case it does appear that where there is smoke, there will be fire.  IMO the FBI is losing patience with AG Lynch and whatever inclination she has (with or without instructions from Obama) to avoid indicting HC on a variety of charges of violations of federal law.  The State Department dealt with violations of the federal records act, but there are more serious matters pending.
• If as alleged in the articles below she and her staff repeatedly transmitted Top Secret Special Access Program material on her unclassified and unencrypted e-mail system this is very likely to be a violation of several laws regarding the safeguarding of such material .
• It may well be true that her staff were not cleared for access to this material since such material is often couriered directly to the named recipient (in this case HC) on the basis that uncleared staff will not see it.  Giving them unauthorized access would be an additional violation.
• There is an ongoing FBI investigation of the Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) with regard to money laundering and sale of influence to donors.  Discussion of the CGI investigation has now appeared in many places on the internet.
HC and her campaign staff are putting on a brave face but they must be worried sick about these investigations.  Bernie waits to see what turns up.  People will say that Obama will protect her but even the narcissist prez must realize that the policemen at the FBI know very well how to leak artistically if they are sufficiently angered.  HC has a long history of brusque haughtiness in dealing with "the little people" in government.  These chickens may be about to come home to roost.  pl
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and also that from a talented young student :

and what about that :

And I hope your dog will feel better


Free college education would result in skyrocketing housing. "You wanna rent here to go to that free college 1/4 mile from here, it's gonna cost you…"
Philippe, the kind words about my dog are the only thing that stopped me from deleting your message. You are either ignorant or deliberately lying.

The bottom line is, you've been reading a lot of crap. You may not know that the American right-wing (of which the Bernie movement is a key component) has been spreading damnable lies about the Clintons since 1992. It is literally the case that hundreds of people have been paid to spew disinformation about the Clintons over the years.

Read "The Hunting of the President," by Conason and Lyons. Until you get that book under your belt, keep your goddamned mouth off the Clintons.

You don't seem to be awre that I've spoken about the emails at MASSIVE length in the past. One reason I tend to censor guys like you is that you keep repeating the same lies, and I am disinclined to repeat the same 1000-word essay every damned day.

First, it is really cute to see the Bernie Bros pretend to get all choked up about national security. Aren't these the guys who insist that they want to see the system burn down?

Second, although it is in nobody's political interest to admit it, even a cursory glance of the case makes it clear that the email system was set up to gather intelligence from Sydney Blumenthal and Tyler Drumheller -- both of whom are HATED by the neocons. Blumenthal is the father of Max Blumental, the single most effective critic of Israel in the world today.

(And before you say "But Max has criticized Hillary...!" --- PLEASE LOOK UP WHAT I'VE WRITTEN BEFORE ON THAT TOPIC. As I said: I can't stand propagandists who insist that I rewrite and rewrite and rewrite the same 1000-word essay every day.)

Tyler Drumheller was the guy who was "axed" to leave the CIA because he exposed the lies of Curveball.

In other words, Hillary did a GOOD thing when she set up that email system. She set it up to get a viewpoint that differed from the neocon consensus which has a stranglehold on Washington. I applaud her for doing it.

What the hell is wrong with YOU, Philippe, that you are bothered by her arranging a line to two praiseworthy anti-neocons? What the hell is wrong with you that you are suddenly so concerned about American national security (which was not actually harmed)? What are you, a Republican?

Facts: There was no intent to do criminal wrongdoing, there was no law broken, there was no harm done -- and, as I have demonstrated ENDLESSLY, no classified materials were shared. Read what I've written previously before you shoot your mouth off about things you don't know about.

This is -- for now -- a pro-Hillary blog. I know how the astroturf works: If I let one commenter get a foot in the door, that triggers a mechanism, and suddenly this blog gets spammed with dozens of mindless Hill-hate comments every hour. That's how it happens. I dislike censoring the comments, but if I don't practice censorship, my own blog -- into which I've pored many unpaid hours -- will become an advertising platform for people I cannot stand.

Thus, I can't allow even well-meaning people (as you seem to be) get a foot in the door.

If your next comment goes unpublished...well, I've just now explained why.

Good rebuttal to our kinda-troll. Love the bottom line you arrived at in the post.
HI Joseph,
Thank you to have post my comment. It was made first to have your opinion.
I don't think colonel Pat Lang is a right wing lover.
I discovered him by chance (like you) and read him because even if I not always agree with him (like you) I find him interesting (like you). What I like with Pat Lang is his geopolitical point of view (not always against Putin and even finding that he has a good international politic), different from mainstream views. He is also a cultivated man.
I like to read as well "Moon of Alabama" and a lot of others.
If I live in America and have to vote, I think I would vote white.
But I vote in Switzerland and we don't only choice to elect representatives but we vote to decide laws. Not like you Americans (and not like the French).
My problem with Hillary is her international politics. I think that R2P is the same as the Neocons. I'm really afraid of the danger of another worldwide war, nuclear this time ( By the way I don't think Sanders would be better. For Trump (a asshole I know) I don't know , like Susan Sarandon ;-), I'm kidding.
I don' care if you do not published my comment. I write this for you. And if you want answer me you can do it here :
Best regards,
There is no evidence of any investigation into the Clinton global initiative charity. Generally I like chussodovskys work but this is some other guy working with him and he did not back it up at all.

I repeat, there is nothing which says the global initiative is being investigated. And how would that one guy know anyway?

Go glance at Karl Rove's Crossroads site. (I could only manage to glance at the headlines) You will see the very words "Crooked Hillary" employed everywhere by Sanders' minions doing Rove's bidding.

Thanks for calling out the concern troll, Joseph. All too often foreign.

Also thanks for the link to the angry white male article....great conclusion! haha
I'm really liking Medium.
Thanks for the link to Sasha Stone, Joe.
"White male rage has been awakened on both the right and the left — it is erect, it is engorged, and it is now seeking release."

Where's Lorena Bobbitt when you need her? ;)
Great work on Roger Stone, Joe!!! I have friends who have fallen under his spell, including the absurd book about LBJ and the assassination. Not surprisingly, the friend voted for Nader in 2000. Stone is able to play left-leaning "independents" like a fiddle, since they don't know the history of the long, hard struggle of the Left in this country, nor the very real danger posed by American neofascists.

This time around, the neofascists have broken cover, and are running the real deal, without any lipstick. The sheer historical ignorance of the lefty independents just stuns me ... don't they know that when things get really bad, it's the fascists who take over in corrupt, failing democracies? That's the real danger, and always has been.
Joe is all about the right wing dissing of the Clintons as if that established Clintons bona fides and his own as a left progressive/populist.
The antidote to all that is "No One Left To Lie To," which he pretends doesn't exist.
Gene Lyons (one of the authors of The Hunting of the President) bashes Bernie.
Joseph, I went to the Sasha Stone link you provided and this last sentence was not included. "After all, in the end, men are men. White male rage has been awakened on both the right and the left — it is erect, it is engorged, and it is now seeking release." I thought I could trust Medium; Guess I'll have to be wary.
Alice...they changed it? Maybe the author decided that the end of her piece went too far.

I often change my own posts after initial publication, mostly to improve style or to fix errors of grammar and spelling. Every so often I change the order of paragraphs to improve organization. Sometimes I strike out a paragraph that seems unnecessary. I alert the readers to such changes when are major, or if meaning is affected. But I see no reason to annoy the reader every time I decide that "clobbered" works better than "struck."

There's a very serious post over at by Dave Niewert at Orcinus:

For the last ten years, Dave Niewert has been watching Rush Limbaugh, and the entire hate-radio network, slowly transform into a nationwide neofascist brownshirt movement.

White Bernie and his pals have their little snit, the real danger to the Republic looms ahead. Even my lefty friends have their heads in the sand. With 2,000 nuclear weapons ready for immediate launch, and another 5,000 in reserve, the danger is as close as January 2017. Unlike the national media, I don't see any comedy in the situation at all.
Joseph, you missed the first 'z' in Brzezinski.

I make the same mistake so often I know to look it up to get it right.

Sasha Stone’s Salon article, claiming progressive liberal viewpoints, articulates self-delusional arguments which are a sad feature of the present political moment.

She seems to suggest that Obama could not get single-payer health care past a Republican congress, when in fact it was the Democratic Party itself which took it off the table before any Congressional test was even attempted, and prevented any Democratic Congresspersons from even bringing it up. She suggests that attempts to rein in the big banks, which have ruined the lives of so many due to toxic criminal activities, would amount to dismantling “America’s financial system”. And she claims that Clinton’s San Diego speech - which pledged loyalty to a neoconservative national security agenda based on American exceptionalism - was “among the best political speeches ever given”. This blithe acceptance of the current establishment order is far from progressive.
Dear Anonymous Concern Trolls:

Those of us who will be voting in the November Presidential election will not be given a choice between Hillary Clinton and some ideal Pwogwessive Dear Leader figure.

We will be given a choice between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

What part of that do you lot not understand?
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