Saturday, May 28, 2016

Right or left: Which team is more idiotic?

Some blog posts ask "Whodunnit?" This post asks: "Who dummer?"

The case for Team Right. World Net Daily claims that Barack Obama just admitted that he is a Muslim. The evidence? This statement by Obama in Turkey:
“I think, on one hand, non-Muslims cannot stereotype,” Obama said, “but I also think the Muslim community has to think about how we make sure that children are not being affected with this twisted notion that somehow they can kill innocent people.”
To the right-wing mind, these words constitute an admission that the president is a Muslim.

I don't know how to respond to such a stupefying non-argument.

The case for Team Left. Here are some actual messages which Bernie supporters sent to the superdelegates. For weeks now, the supers have been Bernie's only hope. One would presume that the Sanders people would beg, plead, flatter and cajole. Instead...
Maria Cantwell from WA received this message publicly as a Facebook comment:

“We are watching you, Sen. Maria Cantwell. Don’t even think about going against the majority and backing HRC when your state wants Bernie Sanders.”

So she's definitely not even thinking about going against the majority and backing Hillary after getting Facebanked.

Rick Larsen of WA dared to wish people "Happy Easter" without also wishing them a "Happy Bernie Endorsement," so also received the Facebanking treatment:

“Enjoy your last Easter in office. The people have spoken,” wrote a man from Bellingham in a reply to Larsen. “Wake up voters and vote this schmuck out of office,” raged another from Coupeville.

Akilah Ensley of NC (and low info voter) was also Facebanked:

“How dare you vote against your own interests as an African-American woman. I expected you would be smarter than that.”

The BernieBro using that incredible line of reasoning has shown her what's best for her as a black woman, so her simple mind is no longer going to allow her to vote with her vagina, +1 for Bernie.

Nancy Schumacher from MN has been put on notice not to vote wrong:

“Some of the [phone and email] messages called me names. Some of them called Hillary names. And others said I was a stupid bitch and something bad will happen to me.”

So that's another one that'll flip to Bernie. Y'know, or else.
Jocelyn Bucaro of OH has been put on notice to stop subverting the will of the people:
“Their arguments are mostly to follow the will of the voters of Ohio,” said Ms. Bucaro. She said it made her “giggle” because Mrs. Clinton won Ohio by a wide margin.
Once she realizes only young white kids count in "the will of the voters" or those investigations for voter fraud in Ohio are concluded, she'll switch.
Kim Metcalfe of AK was also given the Twitter treatment even after shutting down her social media presence:

She was called "a LOSER," "an embarrassment," "a #pathetic #bimbo," "shameful, irresponsible & disgustingly patronizing;" they cursed at her, and made memes about her.

Since she has been made the subject of memes (memes being the most compelling argument in any democracy), surely she will want to flip to Bernie now.
There are many further examples. Apparently, the BernieBullies consider insults and threats to be the best way to win friends.

Back to Team Right. When I saw how the BernieBullies have been talking to the superdelegates, I became convinced that "progressives" possess an unparalleled capacity for inane and self-destructive behavior. But now we come to Donald Trump, who has committed an act so inane and so self-destructive that any 14 year-old might have warned him against it.

Donald Trump insulted a judge overseeing a case to which he is party.

Trump has been involved in how many lawsuits? I don't know the number offhand, but I'm quite sure that this is not his first rodeo. And yet this big, burbling man-child hasn't learned by now that one must never insult the judge. 

We are talking about the lawsuit (one of several) brought against Trump by people who say that his crooked pseudo-university was nothing but a big con. In response to Trump's racist insults, Gonzalo Curiel took a logical step: He issued an order "unsealing a series of internal Trump University documents that Trump's lawyers asked be kept from the public."

Dirty laundry, meet fresh air.

Donald Trump just won the Idiocy Super Bowl for Team Right.
And guess what? The judge decided to release all the documents to the press ( HA ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!!!!!!
As idiotic as the Sanders' campaign has been with the super delegate hypocrisy and the Bernie Bro bullying, Donald Trump's campaign & the GOP rolling over to the Don takes the prize for pure garbage. Now The Donald is bashing judges, calling out a judge by name because . . . he's Mexican. This is too close to SA despots for comfort where judges and police chiefs are marked and eliminated if they don't get with the program.

Bernie is a hypocrite, a man turned cranky and bitter because he lost a primary.

Donald Trump is dangerous, a master of lies and chaos. There is a difference.

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