Saturday, May 28, 2016

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Republican ratfucker or genuine asshole?

Republican ratfuckers or genuine nutcases?
Genuine asshole regardless of his political leanings. Actually someone tracked this character down. Presumably he's a calculus professor, who claimed it was 'all a joke.' As I recall, Hillary had a rally back in 2008 where someone yelled, "Iron my shirt." That was all a joke, too.

Of course, it's not sexism. Because it's never about sexism. We women simply fail to have a sense of humor.

Assholes are having a field day this election season. No wonder The Donald is so popular.

I added another example, Peggysue. I'd like to hear what you think of that one as well.
I reckon the guy in the picture is a Republican ratfucker. Certainly the people I know who either voted for Sanders in a primary or, being outside the US, buy into his style, wouldn't piss on a guy like that if he was on fire. Guys like that are the enemy.

The first commenter is probably a ratfucker too. The text reminds me of hasbara-style no-thought pasting.

The second commenter is probably just naive, neither a ratfucker nor an arsehole. Let's hope they wise up a bit.
I'll endorse Anon's view. #1 rodent #2 probably #3 somebody stoned or incapable of clear thought.
In the article photo the idiot teacher is wearing a Bernie shirt, but in the pictures in the links he is not.

Did this idiot show up a more than one event with his sign?
Ratfucker and asshole are not mutually exclusive positions.
IMHO, Joe, the second one is in the territory of Republican ratfucking and trolling. This idea that the primary was rigged, that Hillary's wins are fraudulent comes right out of the Republican playbook and right out of The Donald's mouth. The fact that Bernie Sanders repeats these lies is the most disappointing and aggravating of all. But the meme is meant to delegitimize Hillary Clinton's nomination and ultimately her bid for the WH.

The Donald is a pathological liar. Bernie Sanders? He belongs in the Hall of Shame.

1. Ratfucket
2. Not sure.

Oops, Anon 6.06pm was me. I get so damned flustered by these Captcha things sometimes, having to prove I'm a human, then staring into empty space for 10 seconds and finding I've got to do it again :)
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