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Keyser Soze and Bernie Sanders (updated)

The above feed came from this excellent post by John Cole. There you have it, the whole Bernie plan, out in the open: Elect Trump and destroy the Democratic party. Actually, though, it's not really Bernie's plan...

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A certain type of movie has a certain type of twist ending.

At the very end of the movie, we learn that an unassuming minor character was actually the arch-mastermind, the hidden string-puller, the Evil One in disguise. The protagonist suddenly realizes the truth. The film replays brief flashbacks, intercut with the hero's horrified expression: Oh my God... Now I understand...

The Usual Suspects pulls off this trick, as do Unbreakable, The Illusionist and a number of other films. Diabolique is probably the first -- and best -- example of this kind of twist ending, the kind that forces us to re-evaluate everything we've seen.

Reading up on Roger Stone has made me feel like I'm living in that kind of movie. Stone has been a recurrent "hidden" villain in the pages of this blog -- and I didn't even know it.

Stone did not create the PUMA movement of 2008 -- that happened on Riverdaughter's site, and I trust her thoroughly. But Stone's forces were quick to seize upon any fissures within the Democratic party.

It's an old gambit. In 1972, Nixon's men (of which Stone was one) sought to have the Democrat run against a black candidate, just to force the leading Dems to criticize that candidate. Within the black community, those criticisms would be portrayed as racist. Leftist whites would have been of immeasurable help in spreading this Nixonian propaganda.

(Do you recall the GEMSTONE plots from Watergate? This particular plan was code-named "coal." Cute, huh?)

In 2008, a black man was arrayed against a white woman. If the woman won, McCain would have picked a black veep. But the black guy won, so McCain picked a female.

That's how Stone thinks. That's how he operates. His number one ploy is to create divisions within the Dems.

Half the PUMA movement in 2008 (your humble host now understands, as flashback scenes play in the great cinema of his mind) was a Republican ratfucking operation. It's easy to tell who the real PUMAs were: They're the ones who support Hillary now. The ratfuckers were HillBuzz and No Quarter, run by Larry Johnson of the CIA.

Have you seen Johnson's site lately? Pure poison.

Birtherism originated on Johnsons' site. I'm proud to state that I was among the first to demonstrate that Johnson's evidence was a pack of lies.

And now, the Trump sites are claiming that the PUMA crowd (which they falsely construe as a bought-and-paid-for arm of the Clinton campaign) originated the birther trope. Another lie. Riverdaughter, Dakinikat, Alessandro Machi -- we were all opposed to that birther nonsense.

Birtherism was gifted to the world by the ratfucker PUMA sites, primarily No Quarter.

How do we know that No Quarter was working with Roger Stone? In a word: "Whitey."

There were only three sources for the rumor that Michelle Obama was caught on tape using the epithet "whitey" -- Larry Johnson, HillBuzz...and Roger Stone. Stone pushed the meme as hard as he could on TV.

HillBuzz went so far as to claim that Obama had made the outburst at a specific luncheon. I spent an entire day trying to track down people at that luncheon. When I finally got through to two journalists who were there, I found out that the claim was false.

That was my first "Oh my god -- Kevin Spacey was Keyser Soze all along!" moment.

I understood who Larry Johnson really was. (Okay, I had suspicions -- after all, look at the guy's resume. I even tried to trick him into showing his true colors. That's a long story best told another time.)

But I did not understand the Roger Stone connection to Johnson, even though it's obvious now. It was kind of brilliant -- introducing the birther meme on sites that could (superficially) be placed in the Clinton camp.

In truth, I should have understood the HillBuzz connection all along. They've been promoting the inane notion that Obama is gay. (Does that sound like Stone or what?) One site referred to "Mr. HillBuzz" as the "craziest homocon since Roy Cohn."

(That's a reference to Stone's mentor -- who, according to Stone, was not gay: "He just liked to have sex with men." Stone, I think, could do it with anything and anyone. That guy could lay a brick.)

Escorts. The flashbacks keep coming: Now I I understand... 

If you're a longtime reader, you know that I spoke at length with Deborah Jeane Palfrey, the so-called DC madam. She could not understand why she was singled out by the Bush Justice Department when other escort providers were allowed to go about their business unhindered. She thought that one of her girls had formed a relationship with a bigwig on the level of Dick Cheney.

But the facts laid out in the preceding post suggest an alternative scenario.

In order to comprehend my point fully, you should first understand that Stone has gone to amazing lengths to take down any Indian casinos which compete with Trump casinos. His attacks on the Seminoles in particular were quite obnoxious.

By taking down Deborah Jeane Palfrey (a.k.a. "Pamela Martin"), the Bush DOJ made sure that a competing agency -- which just happened to bear the name Trump International -- had a clear field.

Actually, there was another competitor called The Emperor's Club. That escort service was destroyed by the Eliot Spitzer scandal.

And how did that scandal come to light? Roger Stone somehow found out about Spitzer's bad habits and sicced the FBI on him. Funny thing: No-one really knows how Stone learned what he learned. And you certainly can't expect to get a straight story from Stone.

Bmaz at Emptywheel noted that the FBI's investigation into Spitzer pre-dated Stone's letter to the Bureau. I cannot say for sure what the sequence of events was, but I do know that the Bush administration owed a lot to Roger Stone. If not for Stone's "Brooks Brothers" riot, Al Gore might have been president.

We've all thought that Spitzer was the only target of that scandal. But what if it was a twofer? What if one main goal was taking down another competitor to Trump International Escorts?

Now, Roger Stone -- the man who brought down Eliot Spitzer, the worst enemy the Wall Street bandits ever faced -- is trying to portray Hillary Clinton as being in Wall Street's pocket.

Roger Stone is a master of the high hypocri-seas. He has played libertarians against establishment candidates and vice-versa -- at the same time. Everybody must get Stoned.

And that brings us to Bernie. This is not the big Bernie piece I've promised. But we must note that a headline like this one -- Amid Democratic infighting, polls are improving for Trump -- is precisely what Stone wants to see.

This is the reason why Stone created the Sanders movement, just as Stone previously created the movements of John Anderson, Ralph Nader and Al Sharpton. (True, the Sharpton thing kind of petered out prematurely: Roger Stone is not infallible.)

I've learned that the fight in Nevada broke out because Sanders couldn't provide delegates who were both Democrats and Nevada residents. The BernieBots brought in Republican ringers, then tried to force a last-minute rules change.

It's pretty obvious that Bernie Sanders is working with the Trumpian hordes. Why else would a "socialist" hire a hatchet man like Jeff Weaver -- who, according to a number of sites, is actually related to Karl Rove?

Josh Marshall says that the vile behavior of the Bernie movement traces to "the top," by which he means Sanders. No. Bernie is not the top. "Keyser Soze" is the top.

Y'know those shots fired into an empty Sanders HQ in Nevada? An obvious false flag. The idea may even have been whispered into Weaver's ear by his relative Karl Rove. (Remember when Rove bugged his own office to smear an opponent?)

The Clinton camp had nothing to gain from that broken window -- they were, in fact, making headway in portraying the Sanders supporters as maniacs (as in fact they are). Whenever you face a whodunnit of this sort, ask "cui bono?" and the answer quickly becomes pretty obvious.

Now let's go here:
Sean Spicer, the chief strategist and spokesman for the RNC, spent much of the evening tweeting Sanders-friendly commentary on the debate, often with the pro-Sanders hashtag #FeelTheBern. At one point, Spicer gently chided Sanders for what he deemed a poor response to a question and added, “come on we are trying to help u.”

After the debate, the Republican political action committee America Rising promoted the narrative that Sanders won the debate. “Clinton needed a win last night. Instead, everyone is talking about how well Bernie Sanders, her chief rival, did,” spokesman Jeff Bechdel wrote to reporters.

Meanwhile, American Crossroads, a group co-founded by Karl Rove, is airing an ad in Iowa bolstering a core tenet of Sanders’s case against Clinton: that she has received large sums of campaign contributions from Wall Street, and therefore can't be trusted to crack down on big banks. “Hillary rewarded Wall Street with a $700 billion bailout, then Wall Street made her a multi-millionaire,” a narrator in the ad says. “Does Iowa really want Wall Street in the White House?”

These Republican operatives are attempting to pick their Democratic opponent in the general election, and they’re making clear they’d rather face Sanders than Clinton. It is age-old political manipulation tactic, typically used with some subtlety.
Now go here:
The theft of highly valued, early state Hillary Clinton voter data by the Bernie Sanders campaign was unethical, absolutely worthy of DNC sanction, and possibly criminal.

The Sanders’ campaign response to the exposure of getting caught was, on the other hand, surprising and, regrettably, worse than the theft itself. Instead of quickly taking responsibility, mitigating damage, and moving forward, Bernie himself was nowhere to be found [Update: directly challenged at the debate, Sanders apologized], while Jeff Weaver relished the role of a Democratic Karl Rove, projecting the fault of the accused onto the accuser.

Worse still, Weaver carried this message of reverse victimization to Sanders’ supporters, creating an epistemic closure narrative worthy of the worst of conservative media.
From Toobin's classic piece on Stone:
Stone’s rules: “Attack, attack, attack—never defend” and “Admit nothing, deny everything, launch counterattack.”
That's what Weaver and his tools (I'm looking at you, Salon) do all the freakin' time. If Weaver is a lefty, why is he using the Stone playbook?

I've met a few socialists similar to Sanders in my time. They are usually harmless. They've never before been capable of this sort of vileness. No real socialist would ever get within ten feet of a consummate creep like Jeff Weaver.

Now go here for a discussion of Stone's days with NCPAC (a group he helped found):
They would help Ron Paul win his first election in Texas; they would take down John Culver of Iowa, George McGovern of South Dakota, Frank Church of Idaho, and Birch Bayh of of Indiana. It was not about ideology, it was about you winning and the other guy losing. “We want people to hate Birch Bayh without even knowing why,” explained Dolan.
Sound familiar?

(We haven't even begun to look into the spooky links to Stone's ops. Church was the worst enemy the CIA ever had.)

Keyser Soze, I now believe, was the one who rigged the comments of every left-leaning blog in 2008, pitting black against white, male against female.

Keyser Soze is the one rigging the comments now. Keyser Soze freakin' owns Reddit.

Throughout so many years, I've tried -- in my own small way -- to do battle with an enemy whose name I did not know and whose face I could not recognize. Belatedly, I understand.

I know who Keyser Soze is.

And yet Obama got elected. That suggests this attempt to hijack the election can be thwarted too. Hillary's approach of relentlessly communicating her positive plans, accomplishments and experience will win over the people who are not connected to the internet political culture. She has a lot of good will that cannot be dissipated by the kinds of attacks Stone is capable of. I think Trump's efforts to smear her will backfire. You cannot debate the specifics or reveal the conspiracy but you can convince people she is the better candidate on the face of her obvious strengths. These are what stand out to low information voters and most people are low information voters. We can trust that there are more of them than people likely to be influenced by Stone, in my opinion. If that turns out to be untrue, you are welcome to visit me in Canada.
Who is Keyser Soze? Sorry, I don't get it.
I still say Clinton will pull this off handily. Trump can't debate his way out of a paper bag. He will be massacred in a debate with Clinton, one of the smartest people in the country. He will be like a fish out of water trying to talk policy with her.

I don't believe the polls showing Trump is beating her. It is just b.s.
Anon, if that was a joke -- very dry.

If you are being serious -- please excuse me while I bash my head against the wall. Back in the days of CRTs, I would bash my head against the monitor, which was much more convenient. But now I have to get up out of my chair and walk over to the wall.
Joe - I thought in 2008 after Obama won the Democratic nomination you said you wanted the Republican candidate McCain to win the presidency. Which is what the ratfuckers wanted too, right, only far more vigorously?

One big problem with the analysis expressed in the first comment that you quote is that it doesn't make any predictions for what will happen if Sanders doesn't run as an independent.

Do you think Putin really wants Trump to win, or does Putin's message just say "Big swinging pair of balls! Yeah!"
Maybe Anon understands that you mean Roger Stone, but does not understand the reference to "Keyser Soze", whom I assume is a fictional character, to whom you are comparing Stone.

I guess I will need to look up KS when I have time, because while I understand you meant Stone, I don't know who the fictional character to whom you compared Stone is, either.

I haven't been to a theater to see a movie in over 20 years, and I rarely watch them on TV or DVD, either. Maybe Anon is like me.
Is there two Roger Stones? The picture looks like the one I had on mind,but that guy doesn't sound like he is capable of all that. In fact he sounded down right an idiot.
While this plan is workable with a semi-upright candidate like W (who could fall back on his family name) Trump is so dumb that he can't be expected to offer any coherent political plans to the enraged white working class. Thus, the next 6 months are going to be more bombast while Faux News and the right-wing internet massage the message and "catapult the propaganda".

This takes on the twist ending if Bernie Sanders decides to Nader the Democrats and runs as an idependent.
"But we must note that a headline like this one -- Amid Democratic infighting, polls are improving for Trump -- is precisely what Stone wants to see."

I was listening to classical music on the radio yesterday when the public-radioesque news cut in, sotto voice, to insert this into the air: some drivel about how good Trump's choices for Supreme Court were, followed by the newsflash that Democratic infighting might implode the party.

I could not follow in detail because during the first bit I was WTFing too loudly and when the second bit started, I left the room.

Earlier that morning the same news let people know that Bernie won Oregon. Nary a word about KY.


Please keep connecting the dots and looking for the source, Joseph! The problem is, it would be impossible to explain all of this to the terminally butthurt Ber-lievers...who definitely have moved on to hating the Democratic party, as a whole.

Joseph, thanks for letting me know I've been had. You had already swayed me, but this is the most convincing evidence yet. I really wanted to believe that Bernie was genuine, that he really had a chance, that there was really a possibility that we could have real change in America. Of course, there was always the nagging sensation that I'd been led down that path before. I was always suspicious of Obama's rise from nowhere, but you gave me the evidence I needed to confirm those suspicious. Now you've done it again (only this time, I was much more resistant). I'm just not sure how to deal with my friends who are mostly still Bernie supporters. I get the sense that most of them will still vote for Hillary (they are generally sane, and have never liked Trump), but they are totally buying into the notion that the DNC is deliberately "fixing" things for Hillary. I fear that if Sanders does do a 3rd party run, they will all vote for him and basically make it more likely for Trump to win.

On the other hand, I'm still nearly convinced that Hillary is meant to be President this time around, will of the people be damned. That's the cynical conspiracy minded me, so I could be wrong. As I said before though, at this point I'll be happy if she gets in, because I really think Trump would be the death of America. At least with Hillary, you deal with the devil you know. I suspect Trump would be much like Reagan and Bush Jr........a suit controlled by more seasoned players (i.e. hard core neo-cons). We'll see. In any case, thanks for the research, keep up the good work.
Bernie and Trump have not released their taxes. Who says Trump will debate? Unless Bernie pulls a Nader and they can tag team Hillary. Bernie and the butthurt boys are not going away, I fear.

b and Corby, Obama was installed: selected, not elected, and Grung-E, it's a huge (or as St Bernard says, hyuuuuuuge) mistake to harp on about "Faux News" when PUBLIC RADIO is touting not just Trump, but also the demise of the Dem party.

I'm now solidly in the Cannon camp of Trump is going to be installed as our next president. It NEVER was only Fox News. Back in 2000, every last station was calling Gore a liar, stiff, inventor of the internet, it was insane what they had to do to level that playing field between a seasoned politician/environmental champion and Dim Son. If Gore went to a state and praised their school system solutions, it was screeched about as if he were attacking teachers. On normal TV! Not just Fox.

The entire 2000 election was run from George Bush's POV, and they even cut into the returns to talk to the Bush family, on air, in live time, when Florida wasn't coming back as expected. Before the all the results were in. Where was the precedent for that?

This entire election, on every channel, it's been Trump 24/7....and now NPR is on board. They are telling us how it's going to unfold. "Trump makes good choices for Supreme Court." "The Dem party is in turmoil," it's over.

Back when I organized protests in Boston (and NYC and DC) I tried to get people to protest what matters: the media. Unfortunately, people aren't conceptual. They can't get worked up about concepts. They're all still in their lizard brains and into religion, sports....and kings.

We've got a "democracy" and people still only care about the one on top, and treat the presidency as an office for magic, wizardry or royalty.

Like Joseph, I hope I'm wrong. But this smells too much like 2000.

Damn! Riverdaughter is on fire---the fire of a thousand suns!! "It’s unrealistic because as I pointed out before, you can still win California by 10 points and lose the nomination. If the media is on your side, you can be carried to the nomination in a sedan chair. And although the media is having a field day watching this pie fight, I see no indication that they are backing Bernie the way they slavishly fellated Obama in 2008."

Joe - who would you support if it was John Kasich against Bernie Sanders? If the answer is "John Kasich, because Sanders has caused so much damage to the Democrats", then I don't get it.

If Sanders "Naders" the Democrats, the ratfucker thesis will stand tall. But he may just tell his supporters to calm down and back Clinton.

If I were a US citizen, I would vote for whoever is the Democratic presidential candidate in this election.
Am I wrong to think the DNC will sacrifice DWS on the alter of the most high Bernie to set things to right?

You dont get your candidate and you dont get anything from your platform. But we will sacrifice the DWS for the greater glory of your Master Bernie.

Im just guessing from a couple of celebrity liberals on CNN and MSNBC. Im just surprised to hear it.

Great work, Joseph. Keep it up. We need you.
The name of the movie is The Usual Suspects. Easier to find and watch if you have the right name.
There are several well know PUMA backers in 2008 who DO NOT want Hillary Clinton as president now. Lambert Strether, Larry CIA Johnson, Marc Rubin (who was the founder of the Denver Group and runs the Blog "Tom in Paine", his wife might have been involved as well). Will Bower and Daraugh Murphy were publicized by Fox News. There's probably a couple more that I have missed.
@Corby: Thanks.

*dons freshly folded, outrageously stylish chapeau de Reynolds Wrap*

I had been assuming that the other oligarchs would not want The Donald to become a quasi-monarch, who could lord it over even them, so they would somehow block his rise to the Presidency.

I realized something this morning. If the other oligarchs can get a safe, right-wing Establishment figure named as Trump's running mate, then all they need to do is get Trump elected, and then arrange a "lone nut" or a "heart attack" or something else of that nature for Trump--and they'll have a safe, controllable Republican as President.

Indeed, I wonder if that was what was supposed to happen in 1981, and if trauma medicine had not advanced greatly between 1963 and 1981, would have happened. Remember that Reagan's Veep had been head of a Certain Interesting Agency.

I hope Hillary's voters, who probably tend to spend less time on Da Intertoobz than Bernouts or Trump Chumps, will prove to be the true "silent majority" this time.
Corby, I'm really annoyed with myself for writing the wrong title. Don't know how it happened. I saw a preview screening of that film before it came out and spent a couple of months spreading the word.

Alessandro, lamberth is on the level. I don't agree with him right now, but he's not a fake. Larry Johnson is and always was completely bogus. I never trusted Daraugh Murphy. I noticed that Greenwald and Tom Tomorrow are contributing to her Twitter feed. That fucking penguin ALWAYS makes the wrong choice -- 2000 for example. Why should Greenwald care if Trump is elected? He doesn't even live in this country.

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