Tuesday, May 17, 2016


Above, you will see just a few of the thousands of messages sent by the Bernie zombies to Nevada Chairwoman Roberta Lange -- whose only "sin" was preventing the Sanders mobsters from breaking the rules and rigging the system.

The vile Sanders mob must now face the facts about what happened in Nevada. Despite the lying scenario published in Salon (a website run by a Goldman Sachs alum and owned by a hedge fund manager who will profit from a Trump win), the Sanders bots were completely in the wrong, while the Hillary campaign was totally innocent.

It's fair to ask: Why should I try to argue with anyone whose synapses have been fried by the Bern? It's like arguing with Creationists or global warming denialists: If you hit 'em with facts, they'll simply accuse you of being part of the Great Conspiracy.

Nevertheless, I must operate in the hope that there are some among the sickos who don't want to be sick any more. Here's your medicine, sickos:
It all comes down to simple math:

Based on the county convention results, Bernie Sanders had 2,124 delegate slots to the State Convention and Hillary Clinton had 1,722 delegate slots to the State Convention.

On Saturday at the State Convention, after all of the alternates were seated, Hillary Clinton filled 1,695 of her delegate slots and Bernie Sanders only filled 1,662 at the State Convention — giving Clinton a 33-delegate margin of victory.

Clinton only had 27 delegate positions vacant on Saturday. Sanders left 462 vacant. Clinton filled 98 percent of her available delegate slots at the State Convention, and Sanders only filled 78 percent of his available delegate slots.

In plain terms, the Clinton campaign organized and got nearly all of their delegates to the State Convention. The Sanders campaign did not.

On the false and wildly inaccurate accusations that there were 64 potential Sanders delegates in question who were “denied” by the State Convention’s Credentials Committee on Saturday:

Six of the 64 potential delegates were seated as delegates after investigation.

The remaining potential delegates were ineligible for two main reasons: 1) They were not registered Democratic voters in Nevada by May 1, 2016, and 2) Their information — such as address, date of birth and name — could not be found or identified, and they did not respond to requests from the party and campaigns to correct it.

Only eight of the ineligible delegates even attempted to register at the State Convention.

The so-called “minority report” about these ineligible delegates was not written by the Credentials Committee — it was written by national Sanders campaign staff on site. A member of Sanders’ National Delegate Operations Team drafted and arranged for a member of that committee to attempt to deliver an incendiary report that caused chaos and violence at the convention. It was inaccurate, misleading and subsequently discredited by the Credentials Committee.

The Credentials Committee, the panel that made decisions on these issues, was co-chaired by supporters of both campaigns and the membership of the committee was also equally divided between supporters of both campaigns. This was done to ensure that the entire process was fair, transparent and accountable for both campaigns and their supporters. The committee worked diligently and cooperatively all day, under incredibly trying circumstances, to be fair and impartial in its work.
Will any of this penetrate the consciouness of the Sanders fanatics? No. They are the Borg. Arguably, they are worse than the Borg -- because they think they can think. In fact, the "thoughts" that they believe are their own have actually been pumped into their noggins by a bunch of propagandists paid for by Roger Stone and hedge fund billionaire Bill Hambrecht.

Whether you blame the virus of fanaticism, or whether you blame the work of an outside manipulator like Stone (as I do), the results ain't pretty. The Lange in the following is Nevada chairwoman Roberta Lange:
“It’s been vile,” said Ms. Lange, who riled Sanders supporters by refusing their requests for rule changes at the event in Las Vegas. “It’s been threatening messages, threatening my family, threatening my life, threatening my grandchild.”
The backlash against Ms. Lange in Nevada echoes what happened in Colorado last month when supporters of Mr. Trump bombarded Steve House, the chairman of the State Republican Party, with complaints of disenfranchisement. He received thousands of calls after his cellphone number was disseminated online.

Supporters of Mr. Sanders used similar tactics to exert pressure on Ms. Lange, who has received more than 1,000 calls since Saturday night and as many as three text messages per minute. The threats, which came from men and women from across the country, were haunting and personal.

“Loved how you broke the system,” one person wrote in a text message that said he or she knew where Ms. Lange’s grandchildren went to school. “Prepare for hell. Calls won’t stop.”

Another person left a voice mail message saying he thought Ms. Lange should be “hung in public execution” for her actions.

“I’m scared for my family,” Ms. Lange said. “Scared for my kids.”
If Bernie Sanders had any class, by now he would have called Ms. Lange and personally apologized to her for the sufferings inflicted by his zealot legions.

Sanders has no class. He just does not care. Look at this. The man is a total coward who refuses to confront his own responsibility.

The Bern-Brains think that they've been conspired against simply because the party wouldn't let them rig the system. It's part of a pattern: They routinely scream that the Great Clinton Conspiracy controls MSNBC every time they run a story that treats Hillary with basic fairness.

Look at what you've done, BernieBots.

LOOK AT YOURSELVES. Have the simple goddamned human decency to engage in just one small moment of self-reflection and self doubt.

Are you even capable of doubt at this point? Or have you been so warped by all of that anti-Clinton propaganda that you are no longer even recognizably human?

Maybe it is pointless to talk to you freaks. Fanatics are fanatics. They never change. They are not capable of even a half-second's worth of hesitation. They never say to themselves: "Wait a moment. Pause. Maybe we should think this through anew."

All right then.

My Eye-talian blood comes to the fore at such moments -- and the fact that I've been listening to Verdi all day hasn't helped the situation. You know how we Italians are: With us, everything is grand opera. And vendetta: "Sì! Vendetta, tremenda vendetta!"


As in 2008, so now: PARTY UNITY MY ASS.

I do not want unity with the BernieBots. I want them dead.

I want those vile creatures tossed out of my goddamned party.

If Bernie wins the nomination I will work to oppose him. 

I will do so even if Trump explicitly runs on a platform of Total Nuclear Apocalypse Just For The Hell Of It. 

Better to see Earth dead than Bernie Sanders victorious.

That's how much I hate Bernie Sanders.

Whoa, Joe. You have really turned the corner! Not that I blame you because I've been reading far too many outrageous, hateful and misogynistic rants by the St Bernard Brigade. There are the True Believers, and then there are the agitators who frankly remind me of the Ron Paul gang.

Right about Salon, too. There are a select group of writers who cannot get their fill of Hillary hate. HA-HA Goodman has been very busy shouting that the Nevada delegate sham risks chaos at the Convention in Philly.

Number 1. Hillary won the damn caucus so all this frenzy over a handful of delegates makes no sense. Bernie lost the nomination. Super delegates are not going to switch to Bernie because he came in second in pledged delegates and in popular vote. Feel the Math!

Number 2 Exactly who benefits from chaos in Philly? Certainly not St Bernard whose remaining legacy would be forever trashed in the eyes of Democrats. I'm guessing it's someone whose name begins with 'T', the newly-minted Republican and his tribe of willing tricksters.

Number 3 I'm sick of this election and it hasn't even started. If Bernie Sanders had any leadership qualities, he would have condemned the violence in Nevada and on-going threats to leadership (this isn't new btw--super delegates have been harassed for months) instead of the half-baked, defensive, weasal-like comment he made today--"The accusation that my supporters have a penchant for violence is ridiculous."

No Bernie, you're supporters have a cult-like penchant for blind worship. And that frequently leads to violence. Time to pack it in, sir, and go home to Vermont.

Thanks for this Joe. Almost all of this in line with what I have read elsewhere. It also explains somethings I did not understand. One thing I raff wad that the rule about membership as of 1st may was part of the slate of temporary rules that was passed as temporary rules at a undocumented private meeting, and was subsequently confirmed as rules by a rather controversially voice vote.

I did also read a complaint about the venue. Apparently choosing a strip casino put a premium on early arrival to obtain parking. My guess is the kids didn't get the memo and struggle to get out of bed early. I suspect the HRC faction made sure to tell everyone to arrive early.

So that explains that. So everyone's elbows are sharpening nicely!

As for the impolite talk well its all very rude but I'm sure anything which crosses the line will leave the nasty child open to prosecution, much like that black actor from the wire.

I'm pleased to see it. This will train up a generation of progressives who will have very sharp elbows in years to come. They will lose this year and probably a good thing, but these little shits may ultimately prove suitable opposition to a future roger Stone and his dirty tricks. Let's hope they still want a single payer public option when they take power in 10 years time.


And once
I am close to agree with you that someone is holding a thing over his head. He isn't a man of strong character so I can see him cave so easily.
Have you seen his statement on his Nevada supporters?

Sanders truly is trying to blow up the Democratic party and I hope he gets to feel the burn of the party turning on him.
Well, I know this is a tense evening, but I don't believe we have to worry about this worst-case scenario. No way we'd have to support Bernie against Trump.

But, I do believe these assholes would and will disrupt the Convention in Philly. A Sky Dancing commentator has an interesting take: "As you have probably heard, the great Al Giordano has officially announced that if Bernie supporters disrupt the convention, thus making it more difficult for Hillary to defeat Donald Trump, Al will move back to Vermont and run against Bernie in the Senate primary in 2018."

lol, nice!
Damn, Joe. I wish you'd quit sugar-coating it and tell us how you really feel about St.Bernie The First And Only Leader Of White Leftists Everywhere (but, but what about Charles Manson?). Love seeing the PUMA motif drug out of the attic. I was still calling myself PUMA last year and may have to go back to it if Bernie somehow steals some recognition from the DNC. What they ought to do is primary his ass into oblivion, among other things. I wonder if they could deny his delegates entrance into the Convention. They could also not enter his name in nomination. What the Democratic Party cannot do is appear weak and allow a scrum of loud-mouthed louts to dictate policy or disrupt the Party's workings.
Keep your friends close, and your Bernenemies closer.
I keep hearing that Hillary Clinton is saving her money for the presidential election. She needs to win going away, not with Bernie winning primaries and closing the gap. Hillary Clinton has won more pledged delegates in each month through April, now is not the time to let Bernie have the momentum argument going forward.
I will take that pledge.
I'll visit Cannonfire again, after the election. See y'all in December.
Oh dear. This looks very bad to me. I suspect all these headlines about violent Bernie Bots are designed to provide cover for what could be quite a polarizing convention. I struggle a bit with the idea of a bunch of lentil eating progressives, mad on a desire for free state tuition, an end to drone assasinations, and a single payer public option, being a bunch of violent thugs. Obnoxious little shits, yes. Violent thugs no.
Most of them seem to be lawyers as far as I can tell from the videos. Either way, it seems that the DNC is setting up to deal with some very disappointed vegans. Which tells me that a HRC is planning to head right as per standard logic.

Trump is clearly heading left at an exceptional pace. I wonder if he will end up to the left of HRC at least in teems of his election promises?

No big deal either way. But thinking down the line, how does a Trump Clinton match up work out? Last time I checked HRC was a 76% favorite in the betting markets. That seems too high to me. Trump was an 18% chance for the WH. Any thoughts?


Bernie justified his continuing fight to win the nomination on his win in West VA but if you subtract the 39% of his voters who plan on voting for Trump in the fall and the 9% of Hilary votes who also plan on voting for Trump, Bernie looses the race to Hilary by 1000 votes. Note that West VA is an open primary state where Republicans can vote in the Democratic primary. California is also on open primary state where Trump supporters may tip the balance in Bernie's favour. If this happens the Bernie supporters will demand that he be declare the nominee at the convention. The only way to prevent this disruption will be for Bernie to concede before the convention. Let's hope he does.
The hand of Roger Stone is obvious by now. The people you see in the Nevada riot videos look exactly like the screaming, middle-aged gents in the Brooks Brothers riots of 2000, just dressed a little different. And we know that Roger Stone organized that riot, using the tried-and-true CIA/GOP method of rent-a-crowds.

Is Bernie unaware of the long history of infiltration of the Left by hostile Communist/Trotskyites or incognito agents of the police? This goes back to the original Red Scare in the 1910's. Surely any leftist (or progressive) with any awareness of history knows this has been going on for a very long time. The Left is not liked by the business community, and has long been a target by the national-security apparatus of many countries. This has been true for more than a century. Bernie should know this: it's History of the Left 101.
Joseph, Joseph, Joseph, I worry about your health. Take it easy, buddy. No way we'll have to choose between Bernie and Trump.
ugh, KY, really?

Yay, Louisville! Screw the media!
Lately, all of Lord Haw-Haw Goodman's columns boil down to this:

"Help me, Obi-Wan Comey. You're my only hope."
What if the perpetrators were Roger Stone's people?
Yikes! How long have you been off your medication? In the end.. none of this matters. The sooner it is over the better. Life Sucks! :-p
Scotty, I'd say you're a man after my own heart...but it's not worth much, these days.
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