Sunday, November 08, 2015

The California mystery deepens

In the post below, we noted the fact that the military has forced LAX (temporarily) to re-route air traffic flying out of the airport. Jets always take off over water for reasons of safety and noise abatement: Now they can't, because the military is using those waters for some unspecified purpose. Even airport officials claimed not to know the reason.

Now we learn about an extremely bizarre light seen and photographed over the night skies of Los Angeles -- over coastal communities surrounding the airport. These aren't your usual hazy, spacey, unverifiable UFO sightings.
Multiple witnesses on Saturday evening reported seeing an unexplained light in the skies above Southern California.

Residents reported seeing the bright phenomenon in Anaheim, Temecula, Rancho Palos Verdes and Santa Monica.
Hundreds of photos and videos have been shared on social media.

KTLA has reached out to local authorities in an attempt to identify the mysterious object.
In a later broadcast, KTLA reported that the light resulted from the test of an unarmed missile fired by a Trident submarine.

More from CNN here.
But not to worry, U.S. military officials said. It was a planned missile test.

The Navy Strategic Systems Programs held a scheduled missile test flight at sea from USS Kentucky, which is a ballistic missile submarine. The test was conducted off the coast of Southern California, the Pentagon said in a statement.

It said the missile was not armed.

"The tests were part of a scheduled, ongoing system evaluation test," the statement said. "Launches are conducted on a frequent, recurring basis to ensure the continued reliability of the system. Each test activity provides valuable information about our systems, thus contributing to assurance in our capabilities."
CNN directly links this missile test to the LAX air traffic re-routing.

I'm not persuaded by the Navy's explanation, or half-explanation. I lived in that area for much of my life, and I cannot recall any similar event.

(True, Vandenburg would send up rockets and missiles which sometimes exploded, resulting in some very strange and beautiful displays at twilight. I have vivid boyhood memories of such sights. But this is different.)

I see no need for the Navy to conduct an unarmed missile test over this particular area. Why there? Why take the unprecedented step of re-routing all traffic out of LAX? That's a massive change, and I refuse to believe that the Navy would demand such a thing without an extremely pressing cause.

We are not being told the full story.

Note: A number of videos about the mystery light have shown up on YouTube within the past day. Some of these videos have oddball commentary from religious nuts. Ignore the wackytalk; focus on the "missile." Right now, I'd like to hear any conjecture as to why this test had to be conducted in this area and nowhere else.

Remember this?

The phony explanation then was that it was a commercial airliner which by some form of optical illusion seemed to be a missile! However everyone and their brother has access to Flight Aware and FlightRadar 24 etc., but no-one every ID'd the flight!. Tensions with China were high then as they are now. This is about China! I'm not sure exactly how.
@ 1:00 in that first video, someone shouts "Donald Trump". I do not think this is an accurate description of events.

The thumbnail image, which doesn't actually appear in the video, is a high-altitude rocket plume.

As for why there, well it's in American waters, it's near a major naval base, maybe that's enough. Although, it strikes me that it would be quite a good place for an orbital insertion.
Military test/propaganda and government psyops to impress the sheep. It wasn't the Russians, Chinese, or aliens since it was announced in advance by rerouting air traffic over LA. Why do it just after dark on a Saturday evening when millions are out travelling around? To get the most bang for the buck, the maximum value for the event. Goebbels would have approved.
In the previous thread a "Steve Devosion" (name is a play on Devo?) was quoted as saying, "...if it's a military thing, it's a good thing. That means they're making it safer for us...". Safer from what? Goat herders in Afghanistan? Safer from the psychopathic terrorists our government has created in Syria?
The whole thing was staged to show that the US military can do more than deliberately blow up hospitals, funeral processions, wedding parties and Syrian power plants when it isn't air dropping supplies, weapons, and more ammunition to ISIS, al-Qaeda etc. It's another example of glorification of the military and the armed might of a fascist state like the military funeral rituals at NFL games and the flyovers at state fairs. The Russian operations in Syria have succeeded in showing our military and government as being lying sacks of shit on multiple levels and guilty of war crimes to boot. Stunts like the one over California are damage control and an attempt to maintain the fa├žade of lies.
It's a missile launch, all right, and clearly visible at night. But ... maybe not by one of our submarines, thus all the hush-hush secrecy as the Navy tries to find the nation responsible for the provocation. Maybe the flights are being diverted so Navy sonar can listen better, or look for possible launch debris?

Then again, there are zillions of pleasure boats off the the coast of LA, fishing, goofing around, and going to and from Catalina Island, and I don't know what the Navy could do to restrict their activities. Also plenty of big container ships going in and out of the Port of LA all of the time, and no good way to restrict them either.

Maybe the nation responsible selected LA to scare the US military, and was using all the local boat and shipping activity to mask the presence of the submarine? That's about the only scenario that makes much sense. Who would be reckless enough to try a stunt like this? Only China and Russia come to mind, and seems like a lot of risk (the possibility of the sub being sunk and a major international incident). A rogue crew?

The most boring explanation is this is a US Navy operation intended to simulate the above scenario ... a sub-vs-sub hunt after the A Team does a missile launch right off the coast of Los Angeles.

I used to live in the LA back in the late Sixties. I remember many different aerospace and hush-hush factories, RAND and other subcontractors, seeing missiles under wraps going down the freeway, and all kinds of military bases up and down the coast. It's certainly one of the major hubs of military activity in the world.
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