Sunday, May 04, 2014

The Odessa massacre

"Right sector" fascists in Odessa murdered dozens of people. Forty-six people were burnt alive.

Everyone in that city knows full well who did what. There is no question. The Right Sector thugs were wearing insignia and chanting death threats.

Nevertheless, our own media is trying to pretend that the identity of the killers is unknown.
Very carefully worded commentary on the tragedy in Odessa came from the mainstream Western media, as if they were trying to avoid assigning the blame to those who actually set the building on fire. Their coverage of the event was heavily reliant on statements from Kiev that blamed the violence on pro-autonomy activists, as well as witness accounts given by the nationalist Right Sector members.

Based on their reports, it may seem that the House of Trade Unions just caught fire.
Actually, it's worse than that. Look at Time's coverage. Utterly vile stuff, this. People skimming the story might actually get the impression that Putin set the fire!
Michael McFaul, who served as President Obama’s ambassador to Moscow until February, has warned that the Ukraine crisis is approaching a state of war that could trigger a large scale invasion by Russian military forces.

“The last 24 hours was a major escalation,” McFaul told TIME in a Friday interview, as Ukraine’s military began an operation to reclaim eastern cities and towns taken over by pro-Russia militants.
Amid reports that pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine are urging Russia’s military to intervene on their behalf, McFaul says he’s now reconsidering the widely-shared assumption that Russian President Vladimir Putin would prefer to destabilize Ukraine from a distance, without staging a cross-border invasion that would compel the west to take new retaliatory steps, possibly including arming the Ukrainian military.

“It would be very costly for Russia to invade Ukraine,” McFaul said. “It’ll be real fight — maybe guerrilla warfare for years. That’s not something one does lightly. But it got a lot more likely in the last 12 hours.”
This is pure, concentrated propaganda. Not a single mention of the Right Sector. The wording conveys the impression that Pro-Russian forces set the fire, and that the victims were Ukrainian nationalists.

Have you ever seen this level of press control before? The only comparison goes to -- well, to Russia. Under Stalin.
It seems we are at a tipping point. Those referencing alternate media know that the Ukraine situation is a product of the United States. But those who get all their news from television are being fooled into supporting a new war against Putin the new Hitler. This lie won't fly on college campuses but the great American middle sits transfixed by events on the big flatscreen in their living rooms.

Even after Iraq, will they succeed in leading us into a war with Russia? By their lies the press have shown their hand. Will this require censoring the internet? Or are the majority of us just so distracted or complacent that the small number who keep themselves informed just don't matter?

With war comes social control to eliminate dissent. This truly appears to be the beginning of the end game.
"A total of 46 people died in Odessa’s violence on Friday and almost 200 others sustained injuries, Odessa Region prosecutor Igor Borshulyak told journalists on Saturday.

39 of the dead lost their lives in the fire at the Odessa Trade Unions House, according to the Ukrainian emergencies agency, which released a statement saying that “31 of the dead were found inside the building, eight more were found outside by law enforcement officers.”"

Some of those outside the building could have been beaten to death after escaping the fire.
Powerful video of what's going down in Ukraine;

Many times in the video you'll see and hear ultranationalist demonstrators chanting "Hail Bandera." To learn who Bandera was, read this essay if you have the stomach for it. George Eliason, the author was posting on Op ED News about his homeland Ukraine quite regularly, but hasn't been heard from now for a number of weeks.
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