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Infamy: Why is our media lying?

What we're witnessing right now is breathtaking, unprecedented and absurd. When was the last time we saw such a disconnect between what our news media tells us and what actually occurred?

In Odessa, in Ukraine, fascists from the group "Right Sector" burned a building with peaceful pro-Russian protesters inside. The proof is in the post below this one.

Here are the hard truths of the situation:

1. American neocons engineered a coup in Ukraine.
2. America installed a Nazi regime. America is allied with modern-day fascists.
3. Putin -- a man I never thought I would praise -- is completely innocent in this business.

Look at the video above. These Nazi thugs, the guys we are supporting, are chanting praise of Stepan Bandera, the fascist leader of Ukraine during World War II who murdered many Jews and Poles. (In the photo to your left, Bandera's image is being carried through the streets by modern Nazi skinheads.) Bandera was so vile he disgusted even Hitler. (Thanks to a reader for sending me the link.)

So how is NBC playing this? Get out your vomit bucket and have it nearby before you attempt to read this...
Pro-Russian Activists Attack Police Station in Odessa, Prisoners Freed
Anything there about that burning building and the people who were fried (and, if they tried to escape through a window, shot)? Well, not in the headline. But if we scroll down, we do get this...and seriously, I hope you have your vomit bucket close at hand...
Prime Minister Arseny Yatseniuk, speaking in Odessa, which is on the western, Black Sea stretch of Ukraine's coast, accused Russia of engineering Friday's clashes there that led to the deaths of more than 40 pro-Russian activists in a blazing building.
RUSSIA engineered that?

Where's the evidence? Our media analysts usually scoff at anything that reeks of conspiracy theory. But when Putin is the target, suddenly any paranoid accusation, however wacky, becomes permissible.

How did Russia create those crowds chanting Bandera's name? The perps were thugs wearing Right Sector insignia! You can easily find their images on the net, if you look. (Example to your right.)

Now check out this Slate piece by Lucian Kim. (He's a former "Moscow correspndent" -- and we know the history there.)
For Vladimir Putin, mimicking his opponents is a key element to keeping power. At home the Russian president oversees a democracy with sham elections and a loyal parliamentary opposition made up of stuffed shirts. His foreign policy can be best described as “condemn and copy.” Since 2007, when he assailed U.S. hegemony in a Munich speech, Putin has been raging against the West—and then committing his version of the sins he’s just condemned.
The article goes on and on like that. Basically, Kim is trying to convince us that any Ukrainians who don't want to be ruled by Nazi thugs must be pawns of Putin. Does Kim give us any proof that Putin is responsible the protests against the puppets we installed in Kiev? Well, you could say that he gives us proof by assertion.

Kim can't seem to understand why anyone in Ukraine would launch protests against the brownshirts who brought down a democratically-elected leader and installed a neocon puppet. (Victoria Nuland's infamous telephone call proves that "Yats" was picked by American right-wingers.)

My jaw literally dropped wide open as I read the following...
Nobody I’ve met at pro-Russia rallies has described any real threats or instances of repression. Asked what’s motivating them, they invariably turn to stock phrases that have been widely propagated on Russian state television: “Kiev junta,” “fascists,” “illegitimate government,” “referendum,” “federalization.” Follow-up questions rarely yield any enlightening answers. “Federalization means that Kiev listens to us,” Boris Dekhteryenko, a car mechanic from Makeyevka, explained to me. “We want independence within Russia.”

The confusion is understandable given that there is no repression of Russians or their language to begin with.
Gosh. Why would anyone object to be being ruled by a bunch of Nazified Bandera-worshippers? From Kim's point of view, the whole thing simply makes no sense!

And what about all those people who were burned? Apparently, they sacrificed their lives for a cause that, according to Kim, didn't really matter to them. Kim wants you to think that the protestors are protesting just for the hell of it, that they really have no valid complaints, that they really don't care about an American-engineered coup that put fascism in power.

So why did so many people risk their lives by going out into the streets to fight the fascists? Obviously, Putin has somehow hypnotized them. Yeah. Has to be. That's the only possible answer. It's all his fault.

And if your dog pees on your carpet, you should blame Putin for that as well.

Now let's talk about those Right Sector thugs who burned all of those people alive. According to most American journalists, the Right Sector is really just a wonderful, sweet bunch of patriots. Gosh, why would anyone complain about having a crew like that running rampant throughout your country?

The NYT is still telling readers that Russia "invaded" Crimea, even though everyone else knows that the Crimeans voted overwhelmingly to split from Ukraine and join Russia, thereby restoring an historical norm. The Crimeans speak Russian, and they (sensibly) want no part of the madness in Kiev. (They also don't want any interruption in the flow of gas.)

For the truth of what's happening now, go to Global Research.
Those of us who grew up in the west after WWII believed that supporting anything resembling fascism was unthinkable.

The moral degeneration of the U.S. state and its Nato allies since that time is almost beyond belief. So too is the degeneration of the Washington Post, New York Times, and other corporate media which have helped to delude large numbers of Americans into believing that Russia, which has killed or attacked no one, is somehow the aggressor in Ukraine.

In reality, and on the ground, the U.S. government – with no mandate from the American people - is supporting a fascist/oligarch unelected Ukrainian ‘government’ installed in a coup spear-headed by two openly fascist parties, Svoboda and Right sector.

Now, in actions highly reminiscent of Hitler and his brown shirts, Right-sector oriented hooligans aided by military forces have just beaten with chains and baseball bats, and burned to death in the Trade Unions building of Odessa 31 civilians who were engaged in a peaceful occupation in their own city – civilians who are opposed to, and do not recognize, the new oligarch/fascist ‘government’.
Yesterday, the day that U.S.-state-supported fascists beat civilians with chains and clubs and burned them to death in a trade union hall in the Ukraine – this also is a day that will live in infamy.
Our media lied incessantly about the Nicaraguan contras. Our media lied us into the invasion of Iraq.

Now this.

I've never seen this level of media manipulation before. Of course, we expect biased coverage from Fox News and similar outlets -- but the manipulators are particularly effective when they infiltrate centrist and liberal news organs. When will we stop buying the lies?
There's a new claim that Saudi Arabia is transferring some of their jihadists from Syria to Ukraine. (link)
Here read Zizek on the Ukraine violence.
I had to read your post twice because I loved it that much. My jaw is dropping with yours. I have nothing to add. Thanks for this powerful gust of sanity.
Q. Why is our media lying?
A. Because that's what they get paid to do.
Q. Why do we keep buying the lies?
A. I quit believing anything written by the NYT, WaPo, Time, etc. years ago. We already know the CIA was buying journalists 60 years ago. There's nothing new here, except the scale on which it's being practiced. With near infinite funds from Afghanistan heroin, you can buy anything you want. If there's a shortfall, the Federal Reserve can create trillions with a wave of the wand.
The sociopaths who have seized control of the shadow government, which is the only real government we have now, are determined to foment a war over Ukraine, or at least generate problems for the Russian government. The hired prostitutes we refer to as "journalists" will lie their way all the way to WWIII. RT reports that German sources (Bild) claim that FBI and CIA agents are active in the Ukraine to support the "government" of the Israeli banker, Yatsenyuk, which has been installed by the State Dept and the CIA. Don't expect to read this from US sources.
Insiders perspectives on the Ukrainian situation;

Anonymous fred said...

There's a new claim that Saudi Arabia is transferring some of their jihadists from Syria to Ukraine.

From fred's link;

"“A large number of terrorist Takfiri fighters in Syria, who bear Saudi and Chechnian nationalities and receive financial and military backup from the Saudi intelligence agency, have been transferred to the Ukrainian capital, Kiev, on several planes to help the Ukrainian army in its fight against the pro-Russian population,” an Arab security official told FNA on Sunday on the condition of anonymity due to the secrecy of the issue."

I'd say that these two quotes are related.

From my link above; Postcards From The Ukraine

"Ukrainian nationalists in Ukraine and Russia. They fought in Chechnya on the side of terrorists. They earned $3000 per month. Real bandits!"

And so WWIII begins to roll.
Global Research ran this interesting post from Moon of Alabama. The author speculates that the U.S.-NATO plan to force Putin into intervening will fail do to the competence of the Ukrainian people and resistance by informed Europeans. It is impressive that the author "b" doesn't fall into the trap of referring to the Ukrainians who are resisting the unconstitutionally installed government as being "pro Russian". Instead these people fighting for their country are called "federalists". And this is true. They aren't demonstrating and fighting for Russia. They are fighting to restore a legitimate federal government in Ukraine. Resisting a coup installed bunch of NeoNazis and IMF Banksters isn't by itself pro Russian. Language matters in the propaganda wars.
Wonder what Kim Philby would have to say about this.
Interesting thought, AMolloy. The world is so different now. I'm not sure WHAT he might have to say.
Just a thought, but have we got a second big split-off from the KGB here (the first being the Latin American one in the 1960s)?

Otherwise, where are the KGB (SVR) in western Ukraine? Completely fucked by US-backed and German-backed fascists? I doubt it.

The Ukrainian secret police, the SBU, go Banderist? The semblance is that by the start of the year that organisation was owned by the CIA. But things can't be that simple.

The Brit coverage is jaw-dropping too: it's as if they're salivating like hyenas at the prospect of war, talking up the chances of its outbreak as much as they can.

This is epochal, for sure.

Anyone following the Polish media take on this? Few in Poland can be pleased about the Banderist takeover next door.

And the Turkish media? Any move to ignore the Montreux convention will concern Turkey deeply.
Thanks for bringing this to the attention of many. When John Kerry started ridiculing Russia Today he gave it away. Those who watch/read RT get a whole different (and more believable) view of what is happening in Urkraine.

Crosstalk on RT is an enlightening show as well as Max Kaiser.

NYT even had to back peddle again because their reporters could find no Russians leading the protests in the SE.

Robert Parry, Consortium News has some great articles. I also like to listen/read Steven Cohen and William Engdahl.

I'm not advocating that any of those have all the right answers or the whole truth, but they give a different point of view to consider.
From what I've seen the Polish Govt is fully behind the Junta govt, USA, EU in Urkraine.

I haven't searched for info from the people.

Forbes is also spreading the propanganda unabashedly.
It may be very difficult for the US-backed Polish government to sell support for the Banderist government in Kiev to many Polish people.

Looking ahead a bit: how would the US get land or naval forces to the Ukraine?

(I said 'SVR' when I meant 'FSB' in the above post. In speech I just pronounce them both "kay gee bee"! :) )
Supposedly the Polish Attorney General is investigating the allegations that members of the Pravy Sector underwent military training in Poland before the coup.

Articles by George Eliason and Daniel Patrick Welsh describe the resistance by the people of Southeastern Ukraine against the ultranationalist "Banderovcy" forces attacking them. Are any of the citizens protesting the unconstitutional central government calling for annexation by Russia (as NATO propaganda would have it)or are they all simply voicing a desire for autonomy in a federated system to represent all the peoples of the larger Ukraine, not just the Gallicia banderites?

If the police and original Ukraine military are refusing to fire upon citizens then the NeoNazi central government may fail. But with NATO and the Saudis providing fighters maybe they can sustain the long civil war that would be such a boon to western war profiteers and forestall European-Russian economic integration, even if Putin can't be baited into a military intervention.

"Filter this in among the ludicrous and increasingly obvious slanders about “pro Russian separatists,” “pro Russian Russians” and other ill fitting and deliberately vilifying terms to synch up with the ginned-up Russophobia now polluting virtually all western airwaves. One might consider the similarly bizarre yet more honest term “pro self selves,” or “pro self humans.” Or simply, “People who object to being killed.”"
"Our media" is NOT our media.
How is "Our media" lying ?
- Using our wrong perception.
126 bodies found in the basement of the burned Trade Union Hall.
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