Monday, April 15, 2013

Sick, sicker, sickest...

Let's take a look at how the right has been covering the explosions in Boston. If you want crazy, Moonbattery brings it by the bucketful:
Coordinated violence, presumably motivated by evil as an end in itself. Why am I thinking of the Religion of Peace? After all, we appeased Muslims by electing Barack Hussein Obama, so they all love us now.
Right. We re-elected the guy who killed Osama Bin Laden in order to appease the Muslims. That was our motive.
Fort Hood was workplace violence. Benghazi was a YouTube video from California. We’ll see how Obama and his media lackeys spin this one.
But that reaction is sane compared to the comments...
could also be the work of the Occupy folks or a radical enviro-group like Earth First or PETA or...
"The Occupy folks." Sure. As if they had compiled a violent record. If you view events in right-wing-vision, it's always acceptable to blame Occupy, even if you have no evidence to present. But if you're in the media, and if you dare to suggest that we may be dealing with a latter-day Tim McVeigh, you're obviously an Illuminati spawn paid to brainwash the public.
breaking :false flag…….Army Personnel/
participants pulled from race just before explosions
Wow. I wonder how long it will take before we hear someone claim that Mossad warned all Jews not to participate in the Boston Marathon?
MSM will conjecture it’s the right-wing…

…if it’s actually libtards, we’ve got some future college professors

Islamtards.. think Middle East Studies Profs and Future Nobel Peace Price Winners.
Y'know, the kind of disjointed writing we see in the right-wing blogs always reminds me of Joyce. Not James Joyce. His schizy daughter Lucia.

Whether you like it or not, libs!

USA terrorist attacks under Bush: ZERO
USA terrorist attacks under Obama: SIX...
Is anyone besides me seeing a pattern emerging?
Um...9/11? (And how did this guy get six incidents?)
Lots of rather easy references to white supremacists, joseph.

won't bother to link. Colorado, Texas and yesterday in Idaho.

Can't say more for fear of being conspiratorial.

Funny how no one credits Bush with allowing the greatest attack on our soil to occur. I remember my jaw hanging open with people praising him at that time instead of properly blaming him.

I did hear one of the nutcases actually get a false flag question in on TV this evening but they cut away from the press conference.

Today is so sad...and I fear this will become about as common as our homegrown mass shootings.

The conspiracy theory I've been seeing is that our government set off this distraction to divert attention from an errant drone bomb that killed 30 at a wedding in Afghanistan today (reported by Daily Mail). I don't buy it because the Obots have already given their Boyfriend in the White House a pass on his daily bombing....including the double tapping which targets funerals.

On the other hand, over at Democratic Underground there's a thread suggesting that Sarah Palin is responsible for the bombings, another blaming "teabaggers", and another blaming "freepers".

Assholes come in every political persuasion.
Not just 9/11, there was that suicide bombing in Oklahoma, too, in 2005. But that wasn't an "Islamtard", so it doesn't get much mention.
114Nice try, numskull, but no one suggested Palin had anything to do with it. It was joked about in both left and right wing sites, but not one person entertained that as a theory. Troll.
To judge by the proportion of reported injuries to people's feet and legs, it's possible that the perpetrators got the angle wrong and were aiming to murder far more people than they did.
Nevermind 2005...what about the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995 by homegrown terrorist Timothy's never mentioned.
Latest in the fray...Westboro will protest the funerals in Boston, saying gay marriage caused the bombings. Ugh,
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