Monday, April 15, 2013

The explosions

I'll have a proper post up about the explosions in Boston later today. In the meantime, I would note that Alex Jones is already saying that this event is an attempt to frame the Tea Party -- as if anyone would take such a risk to smear a group that fewer and fewer people like.

So far, the right-wing conspiratard reaction is exactly what you would expect. These people are robots.

However...if the Alex Jonesians and their paranoid compatriots go beyond the standard right-wing yada-yada and start to propound a more specific scenario -- and if this scenario comes backed by evidence that seems (at first blush) to be at least somewhat credible -- then pay attention.

I'm not saying you should believe them. I'm simply saying what Arthur Miller once said: Attention, attention must be paid to such men. Remember our rules:

Rule no. 1: Alex Jones is always wrong.

Rule no, 2: Fake stories are concocted to dupe guys like Jones. Of course, nobody would go to the trouble of concocting a fake story unless there were a real one hidden in a wrapper of untruth. (The great exception, of course, would be a fake yarn published on April 1.)

Right now, and speaking very provisionally, I don't think this matter will go that deep. Jones will probably continue to spew his standard claptrap, backed by lots of high-decibel screeching and no evidence whatsoever. The guy is utterly predictable.

There's already some talk of a hospitalized Saudi National who may be a suspect in the explosions.

Jones aside, the die has been cast for the conspiracy mode. But it doesn't matter, Authoritarians will see this as a cautionary tale for voluntarily reducing civil rights.

The close proximity of persons at such an occurance makes it inherently dangerous to have public events. It's too easy to double-up on the casualties and the bomber doesn't even have to reload.

Then there's those pesky high capacity magazines.

Ben Snark
So, Joseph, you think that Jones can be easily fooled, huh?

You actually give him the benefit of the doubt for possibly being SINCERE BUT MISTAKEN in his daily rants?

Such naivete is unbecoming to such an old hand at sniffing out duplicitous scumbags as you (or at least as you used to be)!

Jones knows exactly what he's doing and who calls the tune to which he dances.

Of course he's evil, as he daily stokes his resentment-addled followers for a coming insurrection, but he's certainly no fool.
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