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I wrote the preceding post before 6 AM and awoke just now to discover that the facts on the ground haven't changed -- one suspect is dead and another is on the run, despite an area-wide curfew. The 19 year-old fellow still at large seems pretty damned resourceful. At this moment, there are indications that he has taken a hostage. (Note: That link goes to a constantly-updated Reddit page maintained by someone who is listening in on the police scanners.)

But there's one stunning development: The alleged perps -- brothers Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev were Chechens. If you claim you saw that one coming, you're either a liar or a confederate. (Tamerlan, the elder brother, is the one who died last night.)

Speaking of confederates, I just saw a fascinating ABC interview with a mechanic who fixed a white Mercedes for one of the suspects. The most intriguing information did not seem to register with the interviewer, who asked no follow-up questions (as is par for the course in American journalism): The Tsarnaevs seemed to have plenty of money and plenty of friends. Those two facts speak to the likelihood of a wider conspiracy.

The brothers are legal residents who have been in the U.S. since 2002-2003. Earlier reports suggested that they had been here only a year.

We do not yet have a reasonable story concerning the events of last night. Apparently, the brothers set off an explosion, then robbed a 7-11 quite a few blocks away, killed an MIT cop some blocks away from that, then jacked a car and drove to Watertown. (They let the driver live; they deposited him in Cambridge after they helpfully identified themselves as the marathon bombers.)

If these guys had plenty of money, as the mechanic said -- and as is certainly indicated by the fact that they owned a Mercedes and lived in a ritzy area -- then why would they rob a 7-11?

The father of the two boys, Ansor Tsarnaev, lives in Makhachkala, Russia. (Actually, that city is the capital of Dagestan, which is a semi-autonomous region.) ABC reached him:
The father of suspected Boston Marathon bomber called on his son today to give up peacefully, but warned the U.S. that if his son is killed "all hell will break loose."
He thinks that his sons were not behind the bombings.
"If they kill my second child, I will know that it is an inside job, a hit job. The police are to blame," the father told ABC News. "Someone, some organization is out to get them."
Apparently, conspiracism has become a popular fallback position all over the world.

The brothers, like many other Chechens, have embraced Islam.
The brothers have substantial presences on social media. On Vkontakte, Russia’s most popular social media platform, the younger brother, Dzhokhar, describes his worldview as “Islam” and, asked to identify “the main thing in life,” answers “career and money.” He lists a series of affinity groups relating to Chechnya, and lists a verse from the Koran, “Do good, because Allah loves those who do good.”
The NYT gives us an interesting aspect of their history:
The older brother apparently traveled to Turkey in 2003. The Turkish interior minister, Muammer Guler, confirmed reports that he had arrived there on July 9, 2003, with three others carrying the same surname, and left the country 10 days later from Ankara, the capital, the semiofficial Anatolian News Agency reported.

“It is estimated that they were a family,” Mr. Guler said. “We established that they had no connection with Turkey.”
Remember the mechanic -- the one who fixed that white Mercedes? He said that the brothers told him that they came from Turkey.

A number of recent news accounts tell us that Al Qaeda has been active in Turkey. See here and here. The politics are bizarre, since Al Qaeda uses Turkey as a base for aiding the rebellion in Syria, a rebellion also aided by the U.S. -- which means, in essence, that America and Al Qaeda are secretly working together to oust the Assad government. Yet Al Qaeda sympathizers in Turkey have also plotted terrorist actions against U.S. and Israeli interests.

Here's a Turkish police website on Al Qaeda.
On November 15-20, 2003 four suicide attacks were performed in Istanbul against HSBC Bank, British Consulate and two Jewish Synagogues, Neve Şalom and Beth Israel, as a result of which, (61) people –among them (4) were suicide bombers- died and (647) people were injured.
That was a mere four months after Tamerlan's visit to Turkey. Could there be a connection? (Here is the Wikipedia page on the 2003 attacks.)

Update: Here's an important interview with the uncle of the two accused perpetrators. Ruslan Tsarni clearly doesn't much admire his nephews:
“He put a shame on the Tsarni family. He put a shame on the entire Chechen ethnicity,” the uncle raged. “It has nothing to do with Chechnya.” To reporters questions, he answered: “We’re Muslims, we’re ethnic Chechens,” and he went on: “Of course we’re ashamed. They’re children of my brother. Who had little influence of them.”

This wasn’t the classic testimony of a family member, declaring love for the accused and shock at the accusation. Although he hadn’t seen his nephews since 2009, Tsarni declared flatly:

“I didn’t like them. I just wanted my family to be away from them.”

And a second time, he attributed their alleged crime to “being losers. Not being able to settle themselves. And thereby just hating everyone who did. Anything else to do with religion, with Islam, it’s a fraud; it’s a fake.”
The uncle portrays the two as loser loners who didn't fit in. But the mechanic said that they had "lots of friends."

So who are these friends?

I guess Chechnya wasn't the country that first came to your mind. I can't think of what it was. Maybe Vatican City?
joseph, of all the oddballs who come here, you are definitely the oddest.
That was a thought I briefly considered, but I am an outlier, not a liar, Joseph.

Let me see if I have this; They don't know about surveillance cameras or facial recognition. They didn't see their faces on tv for two days. They stayed near the blast center for 4 days and finally bugged out last night having no money or escape plan, so they decided to go low-profile and rob a 7-11

The dots are not connecting...
Incidentally, they were born in Kyrgyzstan. The father left (not sure when) the US and there does appear to be a schism between the family. I don't think the Uncle particularly likes his brother-and I think that when the father moved it influenced the sons in some way. But- the Uncle is trying to explain that these were two losers-deflecting from Islam-and not about any real ideology.

I have read some tweets of his friends and listened to his school teachers say he was a nice kid-pretty normal in the usual young kid growing up kind of way. But I think something probably happened after high school with his father leaving etc. It sounds like his father is pretty anti-American. He probably didn't have much luck here, unlike his brother (uncle). I wouldn't totally dismiss the father's influence.
Here's a primer on the Chechnya region:

Oh yeah- not to be overlooked-they are 9/11 Truthers.
Who says they owned the Mercedes? Maybe it was just a prop for one of the photos taken by Johannes Hirn.

Have you seen any of those yet? John Young has put them up here.

There may have been other photos too among the ones removed from Hirn's account at Photoshelter.

Is that the Mercedes in photo 6?

Dr Johannes Hirn. Particle physicist. Video producer. Academic background in the US, Canada, France. And to judge from his blog, a man who knows about making up big stories. From his blog entry on 13 April 2013: "Did Newton make it up?" He's talking about Newton and the apple. Apparently he always lets on at the end, though, when he's made something up. Just a young guy trying to get on in his career?


Maybe wrong. 8 years' experience doing research in particle physics, according to his LinkedIn data. Fluent in English, French, and Spanish. Got his PhD in France. Had a postdoctoral fellowship at Yale. 20 academic publications. Interests include radiation, astrophysics, space science, and nuclear physics.

Meanwhile...Tsarnayev and Tsarni. So the two brothers use the Russified version of their surname, as does their father, but his brother, who describes his nephews as 'losers', doesn't.
The police now say they didn't rob the 7-11; that was someone else.

As to the friends, the younger brother, Dzhokhar (a/k/a Johar), reportedly had plenty at Cambridge Rindge and Latin High School, the public high school here (where my daughter goes). Check the coverage at; one of their reporters, Robin Young, met Dzhokhar when she hosted a prom party for her nephew, one of his good friends and a fellow member of the class of 2011.

Finally, this part of Norfolk Street is not in what anyone around here would call a ritzy area. In fact, the vicinity is where you would find auto parts stores and automobile junkyards and other reuse/recycling sorts of businesses. This is not to denigrate the people who live in the area, just to recognize that it's not wealthy.
Am I the only one who is concerned about the speed and ruthlessness that the FBI identified the suspects, posted their photos in order to bait them into a panic, and then dispatched them? Or at least 1 of them with the other soon to headed for ghosthood any minute now.

The FBI certainly had the technology to identify both suspects since both are immigrants and obviously they have green cards and are in the system. Did they really need to plaster their pictures everywhere and proclaim them to be suspects?

Seems to me that they could have quickly identified them and arrested them or killed them without putting more people at risk such as the unfortunate campus officer who lost his life.

Also, I now believe that we have turned the corner and have became a complete police state. There really is no reason why we don't proclaim ourselves to be one. At this point there is little difference between law enforcement and the military. Thing is, our law enforcement is pretty terrible at preventing crime but exceptionally effective at retaliation. They need to be much better at the prevention aspect rather than the "bringing the perpetrators to justice" aka killing aspect.
Has anyone been talking about the fact that these guys were Russian and in Cambridge Mass.? The Russian Illegals were in Cambridge. And the FBI SAIC of Boston handling the current bombing case was also handling the Russian Illegals case. In fact he flew over to Europe to meet with the Russians and make the exchange. Anyone looking at that angle? If the FBI has the goods on these guys, they need to produce the video of them dropping the bombs and then showing them go off... so we know this isn't a case of these guys being framed by lookalikes(The Indian man that Reddit was going on about, looked like a Doppleganger for the Chechynan, at least in the pictures where he has long hair). The FBI SAIC guy of Boston, what's his name... too lazy right now to drag my mouse 4 inches and hit google... but that guy is Roman Catholic and attended Roman Catholic Assumption in Boston area. Remember that Louis Freeh's FBI was penetrated by a Russian spy in 2001. A spy who was attended the very same Catholic church in Virginia. Something to think about. FBI needs to show the videos of these guys doing the bombing to prove they were not simply more FBI patsies other wise you got to wonder.
Johannes Hirn also appears to be behind the money quotes that the brothers were religios and didn't get along with Americans :

"In one of the captions in the photo essay reprinted by Slate, the man who appears to be Tamerlan is quoted as saying, "I don't have a single American friend, I don't understand them."

The man also described himself to Hirn as "very religious," according to the Slate reprinting of the photo caption, adding he's worried that "there are no values anymore" and "people can't control themselves."

The quote about his Islam convert girlfriend also came from Hirn. In fact alot of the money quotes about these brothers seem to have origin with Hirn.

Media saying Hirn is a "Toronto-based scientist and photographer",0,5500283.story
Hirn also lived in Switzerland for what its worth,.

The aunt of the brothers, Maret Tsarnaeva also lives in Toronto. Money quote from her says the brothers were Muslim losers essentially.

Name of Hirns Blog?

"Stories that TWIST YOUR MIND".

A quote from his blog:

"And that's the whole point of stories: they're memorable!

Anybody who heard that anecdote will remember the main idea, and will be able to reconstruct the whole story and tell it again. It's a package that neatly wraps the information in a palatable way, so it can be delivered again and again.

And remember, the best anecdotes involve the narrator and recent events,

Does it matter that it was a lie?

Well, if you can't find a relevant anecdote in your recent past, in my mind, it's OK to make up a fairy tale, as long as you tell people that it's just a story. Even if you only say so at the end, it's important to be honest!

Maybe I'm too picky, or maybe it's the journalist in me speaking, but as much as I love making up story, I always make it clear when they're bogus!"

I wonder if he wrote Luca Magnotta's phoney blogs?

So a dude who's blog clearly indicates he is down with making up fairy tales, is the main source of the information for the media stories on the Chechnyan brother's Muslim and Anti-American sentiments? Incredible.

I'd say the dots ARE connecting.
"there is little difference between law enforcement and the military." This is certainly one point the US authorities are driving home to the US population.

Johannes Hirn in Geneva, Switzerland - given his nuclear physics interests, was he at CERN?

He also has links to the English towns Brighton and Durham.

His gallery at Photoshelter is up again, without Tsarnayev photos.

What's Hirn's nationality?

His captions have been used all over the major media to 'tell the story' about Tamerlan Tsarnayev.
Gobble Gobble: it's Turkey time (commisserations if you get the reference). Some of the 9/11 hijackers were alleged to have been trained near a NATO base there by a man called Louai Sakka, who came out of prison looking rather different than he went in, if memeory serves.

Craig Murray, former UK ambassador to Uzbekistan, sees Russian hands at work, remembering the Chechnyan apartment false-flag bombings back in 2000 and 2001, which were used by Putin to justify retaliation.

Also, on their Chechnyan-ness, not only were they not born there (but in Kyrgyzstan), but one of them had "How to speak Chechnyan" books on his Amazon Wish List, along with books on vocal training and organised crime.

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