Monday, March 18, 2013

Why I'm still a Dem

Boy, the Dems really ARE the corporate party, aren't they? What I don't understand is why folks who are heavily invested in the stock market tend to vote R.

By the way, I didn't make this graphic. The typo is not my fault.
Typos. :)

Don't mind me, I'm still steamed because not only does Poppy, the CNN reporter covering the juvenile rape trial in Ohio not take responsibility for sympathizing with the rapists, she doesn't know the difference between to lay and to lie. Grrr.

I do so wish that the young brats making these meme graphics would take at least a second glance at them, or ask someone older and wiser to "debug" them of their grammatical errors.

That map really loses it in the eastern half of the United States.
If only the President were a Democrat, too!
1520 days of Obama with no Wall Street prosecutions.
When stocks go up, bonds go down, and vise versa. Obviously Republicans serve the Big Money bond holders.
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